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    Anyone find it hard to take Sylvanas seriously as Horde leader?

    She seems so weak and uninspiring compared to Anduin. The Horde needs a real leader like Thrall or Garrosh.

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    haha, no. She is the only one ive taken serious SINCE Thrall. Gary and "Smokin it" Vol Jin... yah what a joke.
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    Haha. Nice try OP
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    I think she's great as the Forsaken leader, but agree that she doesn't seem like much of a Warchief for the Horde.

    She receives constant character development though so we'll see where she goes.

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    Not anymore.

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    It's ridiculous. They made a 180° turn with her character in Legion. Before that it was even questioned if she cares about her own people or if she just uses them as a means to an end. Now she's all "For the Horde" 'n' stuff. Give me a break.

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    What, a character that's died three times and has displayed nothing but ruthless incompetence and an unflappable commitment to the same dull angsty character motivation her entire tenure doesn't make for a good leader?

    Say it ain't so.
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    She’s a rather weak character overall since mid-WotLK in my opinion. It was great to see her go banshee mode in the cinematic, but I can’t really take her seriously as a Warchief.

    It feels incredibly forced and alien. It’s like cooking food but sadly you bought one wrong ingredient and you just have to do your best with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nordolf View Post
    It's ridiculous. They made a 180° turn with her character in Legion. Before that it was even questioned if she cares about her own people or if she just uses them as a means to an end. Now she's all "For the Horde" 'n' stuff. Give me a break.
    She isn't all "for the Horde" she even said that she doesn't really care about the Horde. She's using the Horde for her own benefit. They never made a 180 turn with her.

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    Except that the Horde would've been decimated on the Broken Shore if it wasn't for her ''incapable ass'' to make the tough decision. She has something that Thrall had too. She cares for her people. She extended that care from the forsaken to the Horde, or at least she is going to during this expansion. I find that pretty solid character building. At the end of the day, is she the ideal warchief? No. Was she the best pick at the time? Hell yes.

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    I kinda agree, but really it all comes down to the place the forsaken has within the Horde overall. Back when WoW was released a lot of people questioned the whole idea of the forsaken being accepted into the horde, and we got the half-assed response that they were allowed in on a "an enemy of my enemy is my friend" basis. But there was always the issue of how the forsaken behaved and their use of plagues and other nasty stuff. Now it feels like that whole issue has somehow been swept under the rug, forsaken are just another race within the horde, and honestly that has watered down the whole identity of the forsaken because Blizz can't make them do things like they did during Wrath because then it's weird for them to be a part of the horde and Sylvanas to be Warchief, but if they don't do things like that their whole identity and purpose takes a blow.

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    I think the main problem is that Sylvanas was not "built" to be Horde leader, unlike Anduin for Alliance. For example, they focused a lot, during MoP, on Vol'jin and his revolution. A wasted effort, since he died without doing nothing "spectacular". Sadly the focus on Legion on Sylvanas was counter-productive: the arc with Genn just showed how Sylavanas is selfish for his forsaken. Maybe if they focused more on Sylvanas, as future Horde leader, during MoP and WoD and Legion, things cuold be different.
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    I don't mind her as the leader of the forsaken (although, I do feel like an actual undead human would make a better leader for a faction of undead humans), she did her job as the untrustworthy ally well enough.

    I DO have an issue with her being the leader of the Horde. Strength and honour, those are the core tenets of the Horde.
    Thrall showed strength and honour.
    Garrosh showed strength and honour.
    Vol'jin showed strength and honour... sort of.
    Sylvanas fights with underhanded tricks and selfishness. These aren't necessarily bad things and by no means is she bad character, but they aren't traits the figurehead of the Horde should have.


    Also, my opinion of her might improve if she wore something more fitting for a queen of the dead instead of dressing like a lowly edgelord scout. I hated Jaina until her redesign, it's amazing what a costume more fitting for one's position can do.
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    I don't take her seriously, as Blizzard constantly use her as symbol of PVP and I don't care about PVP, play on PVE server and treat all this crappy PVP-related quests (like starting quest line in Stormheim) and BFA cinematic as some kind of joke. Too much time and effort are being spent to build relations with another faction and some PVP-related crap, where we should feel some sort of rage and anger against enemy faction, kill other faction's NPCs - is just like it's from another planet and completely disjoined from main storyline.
    We play RPG - not adventure and/or platformer, like Tomb Rider or Assassin's Creed.
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    Flying - is like ability to turn PVP-flag off. It allows devs to design content purely for "PVPers" without risk of harming "PVEers".
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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWandchill View Post
    She seems so weak and uninspiring compared to Anduin. The Horde needs a real leader like Thrall or Garrosh.
    Nah, find it more right with her. Had a harder time to take Garrosh seriously as a Horde leader.
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    Should've been Lorthemar.

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    I think she is at least the right power level for a faction leader. She has special powers and is proficient at combat, yet she isn't the chosen one either, unlike some others like Tyrande who in lore is essentially under protection of Elune and can't be harmed, Thrall, who was the World Shaman and now Anduin, who is apprently the child of Light and is going to squash all evil in the universe one da and shows of on the battle field like the 25k year old Velen who is steeped in light. She is also not useless like certain other leaders who have nothing going for them, see Voljin and Garrosh essentially, not to mention Gallywix, Baine, to a degree Lor'themar (even though is at least strategically competent), the dwarf wankers or the gnome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWandchill View Post
    She seems so weak and uninspiring compared to Anduin. The Horde needs a real leader like Thrall or Garrosh.
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    I bet those poor schmucks in the siege engine took her seriously, right before she went all banshee crazy.

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    Well, voljin himself said he did not trust her when he appointed her warchief. So id say this thread is a sign that blizzard is achieving the goal they had set when they went this direction with her.

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