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    ADMielke World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Suggestions (340+)

    ADMielke World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Suggestions
    ~358 Total Ideas (+45 Lifewarden)

    Note: These are all NOT REAL! I'm going on speculation, my own creativity, and experience!

    Table of Contents
    Game Play: 47 Suggestions
    Player Interaction: 31 Suggestions
    Leveling: 31Suggestions
    Major Patches: 3 Suggestions
    Customization: 33 Suggestions
    Class Changes: 85 Suggestions
    Lifewarden (DISCONTINUED): 45 Suggestions
    Player vs Player: 14 Suggestions
    Professions: 30 Suggestions
    Transportation: 37 Suggestions
    Cataclysm Racials: 46 Suggestions

    Game Play
    47 Suggestions

    Basic Game Play
    Macro Size: Increase from 255 to 500.
    Hearthstones: Now a spell instead of an actual item.
    Continental Hearthstones: A hearthstone for each Northrend, Outlands, Eastern Kingdoms, and Kalimdor instead of just 1.
    Coat Rack: Hangs all of your tabards much like a key ring. This is at your bank.
    Backpack (Blizzcon 2009: backpack will be increased somehow.): Start with 8 slot with every 5 levels you gain 1 slot. At 80 you'll have 24, and at 85 you'll have a 25 slot bag.
    Bank Slots: There is room for another row of bank bag slots. Since each is 25 gold at the moment. Increase to 50 gold each for the bottom ones.
    Triple Talent Specialization: Same as dual specialization but when you enter an instance you change to a third build that is meant around raiding. Blizzcon 2009: third spec will be in the distant future.
    Racial Glyphs: At level 30 you gain a new glyph slot for augmenting your racial abilities. Author: ChaylbsLevitas.
    Open All Mail: Mail option to open all mail in your mailbox. There's CTMailMod but 1 less mod to download every major patch day is nice.
    In-Game Ticket: When a player creates a ticket for a Game Master the red question mark icon turns green. Click on this to open the regular options with a new button that opens your existing ticket. This will keep UI clutter down.
    Looting: Loot tab that's attached to your character window that gives you the option to loot only specific types of loot when auto looting (default as Shift + Click on a corpse) such as cloth, ore, leather, potions, gray items, white items, green, blue, purple, etc. Also able to specify the selected types with names.
    • Example: Selected green items and specified defias so I will loot only green items with the word 'defias' in the name.
    Auto Looting: When you toggle on this option you will automatically loot the corpse without needing to click the corpse.
    NPC Jumping: Watched Cruel Overseers near the mounted commanders for the argent tournament just outside of Icecrown Citadel jumping and seems like an interesting idea so I'd like to see more.
    Mature Filter (Not Profanity): Toggles a mature filter giving the game a more adult version. This version isn't more "indecently exposed" but adds blood, gore, and more of a horror scene where it is needed. This could be a great sale for Blizzard. Add a new mature version of the game or possibly just add in a mature filter close to the profanity filter.
    Stacking Materials: All but gear stack up to 100.
    Combine Dancing: When will Blizzard ever combine dances to every race and gender?
    Join Dance: Join a person dancing which lets you dance at the same time with that person.
    Attack and Cast Animations: Add an option to be able to move like a random race as your animation when you cast or attack. Therefore, when you cast with this activated you might move like a Night Elf or Troll casting but your character is a Dwarf. Options would be: random or any specific race. You will not change race physically but how you move.
    Climbing: Ladders, ropes and special areas can be climbed up. This would work perfecting in battlegrounds or indoors away from Flying areas. is artwork with "climbing" included to show that I'm not the only one that thinks of climbing should be implemented.
    Elf Jump: Every jump will flip or spin your character as a Night Elf or Blood Elf.

    • This would give Blizzard HUGE tax reductions not to mention lots of promotions from History channel, Discovery channel, etc.
    Real Life History: Add in a bit about real life history on this day. Possibly a weekly quest with that story's theme and outcome. People play this game too much so adding in some school is for the greater good.
    Mathematics: Calculate to determine strategies and find treasures, mini-games that need more thought than action, or calculate problems to hasten experience.
    Languages: Option to change a sentence in quest objectives or audio (with or without subtitles) in a selected foreign language.
    In-chat Dictionary: When typing out your message and misspell a word you will gain a red line under that incorrect word which when scrolled over will give the top 5 words that it might be. This red line will not show if entered into chat with a misspelled word.

    Servers and Realms
    Free For All (FFA): A total free for all. All races begin at their normal starting zone but able to travel where ever they want. Regular Alliance vs Horde events are the same but Wintergrasp is blue vs red. The blue and red teams are picked at random (join as group is considered one entry).
    Population Display: Display a rough population next to each realm name in the realm selection window of the active players playing and the amount of characters made to show the Played and Made radio.
    Population Balance: After every Wintergrasp (Tol Barad for Cataclysm) if a side has Tenacity then 50% of that bonus is returned as a world-wide buff for only that faction.
    • If Alliance has 10 stacks (180%) Tenacity and wins (or loses) then that side gains a 90% bonus to experience.

    Legendaries: These are basically heirlooms that level up the more content you defeat and explore. They level much slower than regular heirlooms. This is meant so legendary items will last at least 2 more raid dungeons. Such as Ulduar legendary lasting up into Icecrown Citadel after completing Trial of the Crusader.
    Keys: All keys needed to get into a dungeon or instance are indestructible and are located in your key ring. This also includes items such as Goblin Transponder for Gnomeregan.
    Low Level Defense Gear: Increase the effectiveness on defense at low level. At level 26 +6 defense gives 0.16% dodge, block and parry. Don't need to increase it much but about 10-20% would be best.
    Undead Shoulders: Increase undead shoulder size.
    Body Suits (shirt): A body suit that covers all of the skin minus the eyes. Colors: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, white, gray, and black. Each color has a dark and light color except white, gray, and black.
    Socket Bonuses: Single and Double socket bonuses gives a yellow, red, or blue only socket meaning you can't put a blue stamina gem in a yellow only socket. Triple socket bonuses give a prismatic socket.
    Hood Down or Up: Hooded cloaks (not all cloaks but some) have an option to put up the hood or leave down. When it is up you see only the face of your helmet or possibly your face minus helmet much like deactivating your helm in the interface options. Future cloaks could have this option but not old ones.
    Wrapped Cloaks: Cloaks that wrap around your shoulders much like Arthas in Culling of Stratholme.
    Male Draenei Shields: Increase the graphic size of shields on male draenei.

    Rare Spawns: Placed where no mount can be used and out of range of /target macros.
    Environment Hazards: Tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes being formed in specific zones dealing damage but only avoidable by invulnerability or running away. These are not seen near or around towns and roads. They do not chase players and could effect creatures.
    Holy Resistance: Holy is a new resistance and Human gains a 2% reduction in damage taken from Holy damage.

    Companion Pets
    Lil' Hogger: Drinks a random potion of either growth, shrink, change color, glow, or even death and he laughs if he gets a good potion and cries if he gets a bad potion.
    Lil' Stitches: Vomits the most but the best part is she will throw her overly large meat hook missing and hooking herself making her fall down and crying.
    Lil' Varian: Holding his head up high and fighting with you using either his bow or swords (depending on your role). If Lil' Garrosh gets nearby he will make a battle cry and fight him.
    Lil' Garrosh: Same as Varian but a Garrosh Hellscream graphic.

    Player Interaction
    31 Suggestions

    Universal Friends List (added with Real ID)[/i]: Every character on an account will have the same friends list. When a player selects another player as a friend it will add them to every character's friends list on that account and server.
    Field Activities: These are scattered throughout Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom and between a few invited friends. The activities include variations of tennis, basketball, archery, and fencing.
    Card Games: Play against your friends, other players or by yourself in the card games Hearts and Poker.

    Personal Note (PN): A third text box above 'Note' labeled 'Personal' in your guild page. This is a personal note that only the player can read. This let's every guild member add their own note to other members. Ex: Mordin's personal note could be, "Great gear, needs work on positioning."
    Guild Member Name Color: All guild member names have their name in a light purple as their name color. Much like friend names are a sky blue color when you run past them.
    Member Talent Display (similarities added in patch 4.0.1): In the Guild tab of the Social window there would be a "Display Talents" button of each member's player tab.
    Sponsor: Buy a Guild Ink from guild tabard vendor to attach it to any piece of armor to change the color(s) to your guild's colors.
    Guild Heirlooms (adding in Cataclysm): A guild talent that drops an NPC vendor giving a unique (1) heirloom. These heirlooms cost nothing at all but can only take 1. Author: hywelgould.
    Guild Unions: An accepted allegiance between guilds creating a missing link of unpopulated guilds needing a few extra to fill a 25 man without releasing their guild loyalty. Use /union or /u to talk in the chat window. This benefits every guild for guild advancements (Cataclysm) and let small or personal guilds become noticed giving players a chance for greatness and personality to the game.

    Dungeons and Raiding
    Player-in-Raid Information: Select a saved raid in your "Raid Info" button of your Raid tab, there is an "Extend Raid Lockout" and "Close" button. Between those 2 could be "Player-In-Raid Info" or simply "Players." This list will have every player's name and class in a list with the raid leader at the top. This will help put together unfinished raids from the previous night.
    Achievements From Another: Able to link achievements completed from another character, such as a main, to link. It will read "Achievement earned by <name>." But in red instead of gold. This will give PUG raid leaders a better chance at giving alternative characters a chance at raiding.
    Skip Intro: Have the choice to skip any intro (Ex: Saurfang or Culling of Stratholme). Takes too much time away from the actual playing.
    Main Tank Symbol: A white "M" with black outline symbol able to be put above someone's head to show that they're the main tank.

    Off Tank Symbols: A blue or red "O" with black outline symbol able to be put above someone's head to show that they're an off tank. Red or blue are off tank 1 or off tank 2. Pick a color.

    Raid Message: While in a raid, the raid leader can create a message that every raider can read. This can include Ventrilo information, loot rules, what role you're looking for, or who are the tanks and healers.
    Old Dungeon Heroics: Revamp or not but when 5 man dungeon is set to heroic all dungeons are increased to max level (80 for WotLK or 85 for Cataclysm). The Blackrock instances would have to be turned into a 10 man, shortened dramatically, or turned into more than 1 dungeon. Blackrock Depths could be split into: Cavern, Labyrinth, and Throne.
    Three Dungeon Difficulties: Three difficulties for all 5, 10 and 25 man dungeons.
    Regular: Easy.
    Heroic: Moderate.
    Nightmare: Hard.
    Disenchant Loot Option (added in patch 3.3): Create a "Disenchant" option in the loot pop-up menu which is below Green but above Pass.
    World Event LFG (added on 6/20/10): Under the Dungeon Finder window and if "Specific Dungeon" is selected there's an option for "World Event" which will be whatever the current world event is. If no event is current then it will be blanked out.
    Saved to Boss (added in patch 4.0.1 “Flexible Raid Lock”): Saved to the boss and not the run. You can join another Ulduar group if you've downed some bosses but you can't gain any achievements or loot from the saved boss. Able to also run an instance that you've already done every boss but you'll not get any loot or achievements. Only thing you gain is coin. This would work well for trial members of raiding guilds to test their inquiries.
    Obstacles: A raid area that evolves as you defeat obstacles. Destroy a barrier that lets go of tons of water, breaking stones that lead to a tunnel, a floor that breaks having everyone falling to their own fights or defeating a boss that bursts causing its blood to melt the ground (and players) that it lands on opening into a new and deeper section.
    Vault of Archavon: Fourth boss when season 8 comes out in February. Instead of being able to pick your own boss you're in need of killing every season boss to get to the last. Possibly have bosses older than 2 seasons ago be only rich in emblems (double the emblems) or have the previous season loot table and have the previous season boss (currently Koralon) drop that season's weapons.
    • Example: (currently) Toravon drops season 8 armor. Koralon drops season 7 weapons. Every boss before drops season 7 armor.

    Looking For Work: Able to utilize a LFW window much like LFG but with crafting. This could ease trade spam and hasten interactions.
    Chat Window Setup Toggle: Toggle an option to minimize chat labels from "[1:General] [Player]:" to "[1] [Player]:" making chat window less cluttered.
    Fixing Spam #1: Trade Channel is the only channel other than yell and say for Major Cities. Trade messages have a 6 second timer to be said again. According to Game Masters spam is labeled as, "Same message said more than once every 30 seconds."
    Fixing Spam #2: Changing the starting area to be a solo area until level 5 or you exit the starting area. This way you must be level 5 to get to the capital to use trade chat or use your bank and auction house.
    Chat Information Link: A link when you click on it opens a window with text. A player can put a large amount of text inside such as Loot Rules, what is on reserve for a raid, Ventrilo information, etc.
    Automatic Reply Message <ARM>: Message made when your character is replied. This is used when looking for more. Example: when a player whispers a character with an ARM it might reply with: "Gear check at Dalaran landing." This is much like Do Not Disturb minus the reason for DND.
    In-chat Dictionary: When typing out your message and misspell a word you will gain a red line under that incorrect word which when scrolled over will give the top 5 words that it might be. This red line will not show if entered into chat with a misspelled word.

    Quests and Leveling
    32 Suggestions

    Auto Accept: Toggle using shift click to auto accept quests. Just click on the quest link to automatically accept the quest.
    Quest Narrating: NPC's actually speak to you about the quest when the quest window is up to be accepted or canceled.
    Minimap Quest Arrow: Blizzard's new quest helper user interface option is great but adding in a minimap arrow for the selected quest would be very helpful. Possibly a gold arrow.
    Repeatable NPC Marks: Every NPC with a repeatable quest (not daily or weekly) available will have a Green mark instead of Blue.
    Raid NPC Marks: Every NPC with a raid quest available will have a Red mark instead of Gold.
    NPC Talk Window Marks: All quest marks will be colorized in the NPC text window.
    Battered Hilt: What I thought they should have done with it. Forge of Souls have a 10-20% chance to drop a starter quest. Complete it and gives you the availability of a 10-20% chance off each boss in Pit of Saron to drop a second quest chain. Complete it giving you the final quest chain which is another 10-20% chance off of any loot opportunity in Halls of Reflection. Not more than one can drop from each boss. Possibly one per boss per one giving Pit of Saron a chance to drop 3 each run.
    Previous Expansion Dailies: All previous expansion daily areas (i.e. Isle of Quel'Danas) have all of their daily quests combined into 1 daily to suppress quest log usage. Personally I think all daily questing areas should just have 1 quest giver with multiple objectives that you change NPCs when you gain a reputation or stage level (i.e. going from regular to crusader title).
    Dailies (added in 3.3.3): Multiply rewards and make them a weekly quests (reset on Tuesday). Just like the Wintergrasp ones. This gives casual players a chance at getting them done and gives the hardcore players a chance to go back and complete others or more time for current content. Also reduce the amount of weekly quests done from 25 to 10 every day and increase reputation by 7 fold but rewards by only 5 fold. Blizzard is experiencing the reward deficit with Wintergrasp.
    Class PvP Quest: Short quest chain that depends on your class. Rogues must infiltrate enemy major cities, warlocks have to summon a demon just outside of a major city, etc. Author: Elamdri.
    Quest Rewards: Have 3 scales for loot rewards for every quest that you can save your settings. The scales are: coin, experience, and item level.

    Class Quests
    Class Quest: Long unique quest chain leading to strong loot. Blizzcon 2009: brought up in Q&A that they are looking into this.
    Death Knight
    NPC: Teron Gorefiend.
    Location: Inside the Black Temple.
    Objective: Set free Teron from the clutches as a death knight.
    Reward: Everlasting prismatic necklace socket, Teron's flying horse.
    NPC: Malfurion Stormrage.
    Location: Ysera the Green, in Dragonblight gives a portal to the Emerald Dream.
    Objective: Purify the echo of The Lich King in dragonblight and the Emerald Dream.
    Reward: Everlasting prismatic necklace socket, green dragonkin flying mount.
    NPC: Tyrande Whisperwind (Alliance), Sylvanas (Horde).
    Location: Outbreak of Maraudon in Desolace.
    Objective: Clean out the evil lurking inside Maraudon.
    Reward: Everlasting prismatic necklace socket, ability to tame your own mount. *See Tame Mount in Hunter section.
    NPC: Rhonin.
    Location: Dalaran.
    Objective: Establish arcane prisons throughout Northrend.
    Reward: Everlasting prismatic necklace socket, Arcane saucer like in Eye of Eternity.
    Lifewarden {DISCONTUNUED}
    NPC: Freya.
    Location: Ulduar and Sholazar Basin.
    Objective: Set free Freya in Ulduar (a solo version) and defeat Algalon and Yogg-saron (a solo version).
    Reward: Everlasting prismatic necklace socket, Floral Drake (imagine a drake with branches and leaves).
    NPC: Tirion Fordring.
    Location: Heathglen and New Hearthglen.
    Objective: Establish the continuing of the Silver Hand.
    Reward: Everlasting prismatic necklace socket, Holy Phoenix.
    NPC: Prophet Velen (Alliance), Vol'jin (Horde).
    Location: Exodar, Orgrimmar.
    Objective: Mind control an enemy priest to aid the opposing side in their city.
    Reward: Everlasting prismatic necklace socket, Mirror Drake (imagine a drake with every scale being very shiny and almost reflective).
    NPC: Maiev Shadowsong.
    Location: The Black Temple.
    Objective: Defeat Illidan Stormrage (a solo version) and free Maiev Shadowsong.
    Reward: Everlasting prismatic necklace socket, and Maiev's Bladed Shadow Panther (imagine a panther with blades and very dark).
    NPC: Farseer Nobundo (Alliance), Thrall (Horde).
    Location: Exodar, Lordaeron.
    Objective: Assist your NPC to find new elements of power. (Possibly Thrall is in Lordaeron during the Cataclysm knowing that Grim Batol will be a main focus?)
    Reward: Everlasting prismatic necklace socket, Spirit Chimaerok.
    NPC: Gul'dan.
    Location: Shadowmoon Valley.
    Objective: Unpossess Medivh from Sargeras's grasp and lay trust between the two.
    Reward: Everlasting prismatic necklace socket, flying demon. Was posted in a World of Warcraft Forum:

    NPC: High Tinker Mekkatorque (Alliance), Garrosh Hellscream (Horde).
    Location: Outside of Gnomeregan, Orgrimmar's Arena.
    Objective: Retake Gnomeregan (Alliance), Defeat Garrosh Hellscream in the Arena using special tools made by rebels against Garrosh.
    Reward: Everlasting prismatic necklace socket, Mechanical Jet made by Mekkatorque (Alliance) or by the goblins in the rebellion (Horde).

    Rested Bonus Heirlooms: Purchase an heirloom giving 50% of your level's experience as rested bonus for easier level.
    Fast One Handed Heirloom: A fast one handed sword, axe or mace would be great to add to heirlooms.
    Heirloom Shields: Hopefully next time heirlooms come out there will be shields. These would have defense and block or spell power and mp5.
    Heirloom Tanking Gear: Add in plate gear with defense bonus as heirloom shoulders and chest.
    Heirloom Set Bonuses: Since it went Shoulders and Chest then mostly likely it will be Leggings or Helm then Gloves. Wish there were full sets of heirlooms I could spend emblems, seals and tokens on. This could have a 2 and 4 set bonus or 3 and 5 set bonus.

    Achievement Experience: Gain experience each time you gain an achievement.
    Starting Off Gear (implemented slightly): You obtain all currently trained weapons at start. This means a human paladin can start off with a two handed mace and one handed mace with shield.
    Have an 80? Start at 20!: If on the server you have a level 80 (or max level) character then you are able to talk to your trainer at level 1 to gain 19 levels starting at 20. At this level you are given green items with lower than normal stats (much like Death Knight greens when they start out except weapon is also uncommon).

    Vocation Dungeons
    Cataclysm based
    Description: The ravines created by Deathwing emerges underground caves. These caves are random due to the high extent from the force emerging caverns and paths.
    Layout: Three ways to complete this. After defeating the end boss all creatures inside flee. First hall has least creatures but higher strategy. Second has a medium amount of both creatures and strategy. Third has many creatures and absolutely no strategy. This creates different ways for different classes and players. A healer can solo the third hall from easy kills and low down time. A caster can defeat the second hall with higher damage but more down time. And a complete hybrid designed to solo flawlessly can defeat the first hall.
    Bosses: At the end of every tunnel is a boss which will make the other bosses flee including their minions inside their hall. After defeating a hall boss you encounter the end and final boss.
    Location: Three caves for both Horde and Alliance at max level (85 during Cataclysm) located at highest level zone (would be Icecrown for WotLK).
    Daily Quest: Destroy breakable objects, kill a number of creatures, collect items and slay a named Boss at the end.
    Reward: High gold and a highest level of emblem.

    Caverns of Time based
    Description: Deathwing's catastrophe has hit the Caverns of Time. Now, the Keepers of Time has asked to slay the messenger before it gets to his leader (Epoch Lord) to spread the news of destruction of the Caverns of Time and the lawlessness of time itself.
    Layout: Inside a town with a beginning and an end.
    Bosses: Messenger and the final boss (Epoch Lord).
    Location: Caverns of Time.
    Daily Quest: Defeat messenger before getting to the final boss. Chromie flies down after defeating the end boss to port you back.
    Reward: High gold and a highest level of emblem.

    Major Patches or Expansions
    3 Suggestions

    Crimson Scarlet
    Since day one there has been a dim scarlet threat. The prophet of the scarlet zealots has preached his obnoxious mind tricks and casts his master mind control over his territories. Controlling a large amount of people he attacks the Undercity and Silvermoon City. Making their way to the southern areas of the Eastern Kingdoms they reach Ironforge. Every day the Scarlet will attack more and more. The Horde and Alliance must fight back or be controlled by the righteous Prophet!

    New Country
    This would be considered the end of the World of Warcraft restoring battered lands and cities such as Shattrath, the Plaguelands, etc. Old raids reconquered and renewed. Each Country Renewed it is named by what's repaired. Example: the first would be New Country: Outlands.

    Civil Warcraft
    After all major threats are destroyed there is only civil war and rebellion. Introduce any race either faction leading to Tauren Alliance, Night Elf Horde, etc. When this content goes live it will give your character an option to change factions without changing race. Therefore, if you're a Gnome Warlock and changing to become Horde you'll stay a Gnome Warlock.

    Character Customization
    33 Suggestions

    • These Kingdoms (or Clans - Horde) do not start off in a new area but their designated race's starting zone. (Naming author: Zalorticus.)

    Name size: Increase to 15 or more maximum letters.
    Continued Letters in Name: Able to have 3 of the same letters continued instead of 2.
    • Example: Grimmmore instead of Grimmore.
    Alternative Character Titles: Select in the character screen who is your main and all other characters gain a title <Minion of [Main]>.
    Formally Known As: A title for people who've renamed their character through the renaming service. <Formally Known As (name)>.
    Age: Sets age of your character changing face and how hunched you are.
    Tattoos (possibly Cataclysm): Adds facial and body tattoos.
    Height: Make your character taller or short.
    Weight: Will your character have a beer belly?
    Muscle: Muscle definition or none at all [which would defeat purpose of a 'buff' troll race addition like Forest Trolls].
    Race-Specific: Add more race-specific parts (ex: bones for undead are shown less or more).
    Dual Character: Able to play 2 characters while inside any major city.
    Hair Styles: Combine all hair styles for both Horde and Alliance.

    Kingdoms and Clans (Sub-Races)
    Description of Tribes and Clans: These sub-races are nothing but more customization of your own character leading to different voice and appearance.
    • Pick any race to make them undead.
    Night Elf
    • Highborne were turned into the Naga but some might have survived. According to Highborne leader was Queen Azshara, Kael'thas, but now it's Prince Tortheldrin which is the Blood Elf leader. These can't be Night Elf. Also High Elf is the same as Highborne according to WoWwiki.
    Blood Elf
    • Highborne were turned into the Naga but some might have survived.
    • Vyrkul babies were discarded much like the Spartans if deformed or ill. Starting a Vyrkul could be as a child being discarded and growing up trying to evade execution.
    New Races

    Class Changes and Additions
    67 Suggestions

    • Because of Cataclysm's talent changes I've redone a little.

    All Talents that are a Proc: Able to macro into a spell as /cast (Talent Proc Name). Example: When Nightfall proc's using /cast Shadow Trance (not Nightfall) will use up the instant Shadowbolt.
    Aura Radius Increase: Increase radius of auras to either 60 or 80 yards.
    Training from 2-60: Spread out level 2 to 60 training so you at least have 1 thing to train every level like levels 61-80.

    Death Knight (7)
    Unholy Talent Tree: Change it to caster who summons an army of undead continuously.
    Blood Talent Tree: Change to a vampire type tree where you heal yourself and others with the damage you deal. Also the tanking tree.
    Raise Ally: Exploding now gives that player a chance to resurrect. Acts much like a Druid's Rebirth.
    Armorer: Toughness talent renamed also reducing durability cost when taking damage. This effect does not reduce durability cost when death occurs.
    Portal: Ebon Hold: Opens a portal to Ebon Hold for party and raid members and the Death Knight to use.
    Lichborne: (frost talent) Change the Death Knight into a lich for the duration.
    Raise Ghoul: (unholy talent) Saves parts of the corpse it was raised from. Maybe helmet, shoulders and weapon(s). Only affected from a player raised ghoul. Author: Wolfrayne. Personally I think that there should be generic armor for plate, mail, leather, and cloth and when you Raise Dead a corpse wearing leather the ghoul will be wearing that generic leather armor set.

    Druid (5)
    Fungal Growth: Change this talent to Overgrowth talent. Overgrowth: Gives your Entangling Roots spell a 50/100% chance to also root all enemies within 8 yards of the target.
    World Tree: Transform into a World Tree from a Tree of Life. During this time your healing is increased by 10% while it's cost is increased by 20%. Your movement is reduced by 100% and you create shade under your branches giving you and all allies a 20% reduction in damage taken. Lasts for 20 seconds. 3 minute timer.
    Tree of Life (being removed for Cataclysm by Blizzard): Shapeshift into the Tree of Life. While in this form you increase healing received by 15% for all party and raid members within 100 yards, and you can only cast Restoration spells in addition to Innervate, Barkskin, Nature's Grasp and Thorns spells. (Basically have Blizzard keep this shapeshifting form but make it that you NEED this form to heal effectively.)
    Portal: Moonglade: Opens a portal to Moonglade for party and raid members and the Druid to use. This is already implemented for the quest The Keeper's Favor.
    Tree of Life and Moonkin (Blizzard is wanting this): Update graphics like cat and bear forms from patch 3.2.

    Hunter (4)
    Misdirect: The current party or raid member targeted will receive the threat caused by your next damaging attack and all actions taken for 4 sec afterwards. Also increases the range of these attacks to 45 yards or 51 yards with Hawk Eye talent.
    Display Ranged: When a hunter's ranged weapon is sheathed it will show as a 2 handed weapon on their back with the quiver on the other side.
    Loyal Servitude: Damage the pet by 5% every 3 seconds giving it to the caster for 21 seconds and stunning it for the duration unless canceled. While this effect lasts it cannot effected by the healing of Mend Pet but can be effected by the talent Improved Mend Pet. This spell is channeled.
    Tame Mount: A second tame ability that tames any rid-able creature. Only able to tame one at a time. The speed depends on your training and will only add 1 mount earned towards mount achievement. This means you cannot re-tame more and more mounts getting further and further into the mount achievement. Author: Haimdall.

    Mage (4)
    Vacuum: Place an exit portal with Vacuum: Summon within 40 yards same way as Warlock's Demonic Portal: Summon spell. Target an enemy or friend then cast Vacuum: Teleport to blink them instantly to the Vacuum exit and stuns target for 2 seconds. Portal lasts 5 minutes. Instant cast. 2 minute cooldown. Unable to teleport self. After use it gives a 5 minute debuff on target immunity to Vacuum.
    Mirror Image: Conjures 3 mirror images of the mage dealing no damage or effects but increasing damage done by the mage by 20%.
    Glyph of Mirror Image: Increases the Mirror Image bonus by an extra 5%.
    Nexus of Elements: Cast this 2 second spell then channel afterwards making 3 explosions once every second over 3 seconds.
    • Nexus of Frost: Explosion causing frost damage and adding a chill effect. First effect after cast.
    • Nexus of Arcane: Explosion causing arcane damage and interrupting spell cast for 2 seconds. Second effect and 1 second after Nexus of Frost.
    • Nexus of Fire: Explosion causing fire damage and a fire damage over 3 seconds. Third effect and 1 second after Nexus of Arcane.
    Black Hole: Set a black hole after casting for 3 seconds pulling targets within and stunning target for 5 seconds if it hits the middle. 20 second duration and 12 yard radius. Stunning core is a 3 yard radius of the middle. If the black hole stuns a target the effect disappears but timer does not reset. 30 second timer.

    Paladin (3)
    Armorer: Toughness talent renamed also reducing durability cost when taking damage. This effect does not reduce durability cost when death occurs.
    Minor Glyph of Blessings: Reduces mana cost of all Blessings by 50%.
    Minor Glyph of Greater Blessing: Increases duration of all Blessings by 30 minutes. This includes greater blessings to an one hour duration.

    Priest (4)
    Prayer of Spirit: Increases spirit by 5%.
    Shadowform: (shadow talent) Change graphics to look like an Onslaught Raven Priest with the birds flying around.
    Improved Spirit of Redemption: (holy talent) Able to resurrect the priest after the effect wares with 100% reduction in healing and damage given for 1 minute.
    Phantasm: (shadow talent) Your direct damaging spells have a 5/10/15% chance to summon a short duration phantasm pet to only attack the target you were dealing damage to and will die if target dies.

    Rogue (5)
    Display Ranged: When a rogue's ranged weapon is sheathed it will show as a 2 handed weapon on their back with the quiver on the other side if a bow is used.
    Sink: (assassination talent) Next Eviscerate or Envenom deals no damage. The Eviscerate or Envenom after those will deal double damage. Must effect same target.
    Cold Blood: (assassination talent) When activated, increases the critical strike chance and hit chance of your next offensive ability by 100%.
    Quickening: Increases healing taken by 10/20%, increases movement speed by 7/15%, and increases mount speed by 10/20%.
    Poisons: Instant cast costing 50 energy. No more poison reagents.

    Shaman (9)
    Glyph of Aqua: Combines the minor glyphs of Water Walking and Water Breathing.
    Lightning Bolt: During the casting a dark cloud forms above the shaman and as the shaman lets go of the charged lightning it sends a bolt (not a squiggly white wrath graphic but like Chain Lightning spell) to the target. Author: TheWonderingSoul.
    Chain Lightning: During the casting a dark cloud forms above the shaman and as the shaman lets go of the charged lightning it sends the chain to the target and jumping to the nearby targets. Author: TheWonderingSoul.
    Earthquake (slightly implemented for Cataclysm): Loosen the earth in a selected area then use Aftermath. This area can be concentrated down to a 8 yard radius or up to a 30 yard radius but larger the are the less damage done.
    Aftermath: Lifts the heavy earthen material within the Earthquake area dealing damage there.
    Sovereign Elemental (rumored for Cataclysm): Enslaves an elemental.
    Forked Lightning: Drives a large amount of damage to the front of the shaman dealing damage to everyone caught and chaining to the nearest 2 targets.
    Thunder Strike: (enhancement talent) Melee attack dealing damage to everyone around them. Think of the Jedoga Shadowseeker's AoE but a whirl wind.
    Weapon Enhancements: Now a 1 hour duration.

    Warlock (17) talents
    Summon Voidcaller (Blizzard: “might add a new demon for warlocks.”): New warlock pet.
    Note: Mage tank.
    Teleport: Moves 10 yards away from their target if they're hit by a melee attack. 30 second recast.
    Invulnerability: Constant effect that reduces a spell type taken by 90% for 20 seconds with a 6 second recast.
    Mimic: Sends a bolt of magic effected by Invulnerability.
    • Fire: direct damage plus 5% damage over time.
    • Frost: direct damage plus 15% snare.
    • Shadow: direct damage, highest in damage.
    • Nature: direct damage, fast cast.
    • Arcane: direct damage with 8 yard area of effect.
    • Holy: direct damage plus 5% of damage pet heal.

    Summon Satyr (Blizzard: “might add a new demon for warlocks.”): New warlock pet.
    Note: Random colors: Purple, red, green, and blue.
    Backstab: Deals double weapon damage. Must be behind the target.
    Nightfall: Chance on hit to cast an instant Shadowbolt.
    Vanish: Satyr becomes stealthed for 2 seconds with the ability to still attack and 60% increased movement speed.

    Spellstone and Firestone: Change to instant cast buff without needing to conjure the stone.
    Pain Spike: Causes shadow damage every second for 10 seconds then 10 seconds after healing is reduced by 20%. 2 second cast. 20 second cooldown.
    Metamorphosis: (Cataclysm talent) **Check Talents Link**
    Nightfall: Your Corruption and Drain Soul damage has a 2/4% chance to cast a mana free instant Shadowbolt.
    Soul Revenge: (talent) Any corpse nearby will instantly spawn a weak Haunt attacking a nearby enemy affecting half of a regular Haunt spell.
    Improved Pets: When you spend all points into an improved summoned pet it changes its appearance. Have yet to decide what Succubus would look like.
    • Fel Imp
    • Firebolt looks larger.

      Void Anomaly
    • Larger than regular Voidwalker.

      Fel Horror (Felhunter)
    • Shadowbite is changed to a Shadowflame. Deals direct shadow damage plus fire damage over time in a frontal cone.
    Firestone: Instant buff lasting for 1 hour instead of it actually being an item to attack to your weapon. Think of it as a Shaman's weapon enhancement.
    Spellstone: Same changes as Firestone.
    Bane of Agony: (Cataclysm) Change from ticking every 3 seconds to every 1.
    Drain Existence: (Affliction talent) Combines Drain Soul, Drain Life, and Drain Mana into a spell known as Cesspool. All talents effect this spell.
    Haunt: You send a ghostly soul into the target, dealing Shadow damage and increasing all damage done by your Shadow effects by 15% for 12 sec. When the Haunt spell ends or is dispelled, the soul returns, healing you for 100% of the damage it did to the target. This helps with Affliction 5 man trash damage. By decreasing the extra damage done but make it all Shadow damage gives quick Shadowbolts extra damage. Cast Haunt, CoE (optional), and Shadowbolts will deal more quick damage.
    Raid Detect Invisibility: Gives entire raid and party detect invisibility.
    Blink Imp: Your imp blinks 20 yards towards their target or to their caster.
    Spines: Your felhunter shoots its spines reducing healing done by 20% on next heal taken within 5 seconds with a 3 minute cool down.
    Healthstones: Changed from a single use to three.

    Warrior (9)
    Juggernaut: Your Charge ability is now usable while in combat, but the cooldown on Charge is increased by 5 sec. Following a Charge, your next Slam or Mortal Strike has an additional 2% for every yard ran to critically hit if used within 10 sec.
    Bladestorm: 3.3.3 Nerfed this ability so they can be disarmed. Seems a bit unrealistic if a berserking warrior is spinning that you have a chance to disarm his flailing giant axe. I personally think that knockbacks would be more practical and not a disarm.
    Deflection: (arms talent) Increases chance to parry by 5% and when you parry you gain 2 rage.
    Anticipation: (protection talent) Increases chance to dodge by 5% and when you dodge you gain 2 rage.
    Armorer: (protection talent) Toughness talent renamed also reducing durability cost when taking damage. This effect does not reduce durability cost when death occurs.
    Vitality: (protection talent) Increases your total Strength and Stamina by 10% and your Expertise by 10. Warriors seem to have lower health standards than other tanks.
    Shouts: All shouts cost no rage but are aura and one aura per warrior can be active.
    Display Ranged: When a warrior's ranged weapon is sheathed it will show as a 2 handed weapon on their back with the quiver on the other side if a bow is used.
    Victory Rush added for Cataclysm: Instantly attack the target causing damage and heals for 20% of the damage done. Can only be used within 20 sec after you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor. Damage is based on your attack power.

    Lifewarden (class) (DISCONTINUED)
    45 Suggestions

    Lore: After Freya was saved from Yogg-Saron she left a gift, the Lifewardens. Specialized in giving life and taking lives by fertilizing soil to bring forth plant life and mysterious elements.

    Role: Using a scythe or spells to draw power from one of three special foliage. The Lifewarden is more dependent on this more than a demonology warlock but it is phase shifted. The lifewarden augment friendlies with the remedy of life, drains life from enemies using deadly poisons, and is a great absorber of damage using a duel shield ability. The scythe is the damager dealing ranged attacks only available off of melee attacks using a staff with a conjurered blade. Wardens draw power from their foliage to increase defensive capabilities dealing no damage by themselves but using hardened plant life to threaten. A pure Lifewarden is a living one. This type uses plant life, seeds, and the elements of nurturing to aid and bring the living stronger and better. This new hero class would be considered the "camping" class able to stay in a single spot but needs constant attention to maintain.
    Spell Types: Both shadow and nature curses are their main weakening abilities and their healing spells are all from nature.
    Foliage: Each direct damaging or direct healing spell needs foliage. These are immune to all damage and are phase shifted.
    Plants: Short duration pets.
    Quick Cast: Activate to create next spell cast to be able to run and cast.
    Blood: Secondary bar for Scythe and Warden with a maximum amount of 100. Builds much like Runic Power but is only used for Devour.
    Types of Lifewardens: Scythe (melee), Warden (tank), Living (healer).

    Basic Spells
    Poison Cloud: Creates a 8 yard poisonous cloud around every pet and a 12 yard cloud around Foliage for 10 seconds dealing damage. Can be improved to slow movement through talents.
    Prey: A delayed 20% damage and haste buff waiting for 5 seconds then lasting for 10 seconds.
    Dying Fungus: Grow a giant plant dealing nature damage to anyone within it's poisonous cloud. This fungus also shoots at visable enemies dealing minor nature damage. Able to control 3 at a time. Requires Scythe of the Harvest.
    Selfish Sacrifice: Destroys the lowest health pet and heals the caster for that exact amount over 8 seconds. Will not sacrifice Foliage.
    Poison Arteries: Douse the target with a poison that finds its way to the arteries of the enemy. Every action of the target deals damage to it. Greatest damage at beginning and lowers each second. Lasts 10 seconds.
    Great Tree: Spawn a thick plant dealing damage to caster's target. The threat from this is directed to the caster.
    Fertilise: Increases damage done by the caster pet's damage by 20% for 10 seconds.
    Haste Toxins: Mimic all pets which deals 50% more damage for 12 seconds.
    Stoneblooded: Morph into stone increasing armor by 20% for 8 seconds. 3 minute cool down and sharing a 20 second global cool down with similar Lifewarden effects. Requires any Foliage.
    Transplant: Change position with the target. If immune it pulls the caster to the target. If the target is friendly then the caster will teleport there (same as Intervene).
    Spawn Holly: Holly is a combination of a Renew and physical damage buff. Shares cooldown with other Spawn spells. Requires Shade Foliage.
    Spawn Tulip: Tulip decreases damage taken with the Renew. Shares cooldown with other Spawn spells. Requires Courage Foliage.
    Spawn Lily: Lily increases spell power with the Renew. Shares cooldown with other Spawn spells. Requires Living Foliage.

    Scythe: (melee DPS) Wielding a staff you call upon Freya to give the gift of the harvest conjuring a scythe. This scythe can attack large and light or near and heavy depending on your situation. This specializes in shadow and arcane damage. The abilities listed below are from talents.
    Foliage: This tree is of the shade. Casts area of effect damage and increases damage by the Scythe Lifewarden.

    Improved Holly: Increases the physical damage increase of the Spawn Holly spell.
    Scythe of the Harvest: Conjure an arcane blade filled with the natural powers of Freya turning your staff into a scythe. Spell power is increased and new abilities are gained.
    Devour (scythe): Uses up Blood to become enraged dealing 10% more damage and 10% haste every second per 5 points of blood. Requires Scythe of Freya.
    Improved Blood: Increases the maximum blood to 125/150.
    Grow (scythe): Increases the scythe blade dealing double magical damage but increasing attack speed by 100%. This increases the graphic of the scythe blade. Requires Shadow Foliage.
    Dwindle: The Defiler cuts into their prey and causes the next attack, spell or ability to cause no damage or effect. 10 minute cool down.
    Numbing Blow: Penetrate your target's living organisms dealing no damage but numbing these cells. Incapacitate for 10 seconds with a 100% healing reduction during the effect. Will be canceled if any damage is taken. Requires Shadow Foliage.

    Warden: (tank) Armored up to plate with talents and able to dual wield shields with deep warden talents. This tank is made to deal no damage by itself but being the defender of what it makes. Abilities below are from talents or gained from dual wielding shields.
    Foliage: This tree is of courage. It pulses dealing minor damage with higher than normal threat and a minor snare.

    Improved Tulip: Increases the damage reduction of the Spawn Tulip spell.
    Grow (warden): Increases warden's shields and chance to block by 100% and doubling block amount but reduces chance to dodge by 50%. Requires Courage Foliage.
    House of Steel: Enables dual wielding of shields. Since a Warden build does not deal damage themselves but through their plant life this gives them a huge defense bonus.
    Poisonous Spit: Causes all pets to spit a volley of poison at your target hiting anything within an 8 yard radius. Deals direct damage and a minor damage over time that stacks. Can't stack more than once per spit.
    Earthen Reapers: Bring forth a tunneling roots in an area dealing threatening damage and snare to any enemy caught in their grasps. Acts as a combination of Hunter's Frost and Explosive Traps.
    Liquify: Change to water increasing dodge change by 20% for 8 seconds. 3 minute cool down and sharing a 20 second global cool down with similar Lifewarden effects. Requires Courage Foliage.
    Devour (warden): Uses up your Blood giving the caster a 10% reduction in damage and 10% healing taken increase for a second per 5 blood (maximum of 20 seconds). Shares a minute global cool down with Scythe Devour.

    Living: (healer) The long awaited new healing class. This portion specializes in delayed healing, positioning healing, augmenting an area of ground and summoning aiding elementals. This specializes in nature healing and fire weakening spells.
    Foliage: This is a tree of the living. All special healing affects need this.

    Improved Lily: Increases the spell power of the Spawn Tulip spell.
    Photosynthesize: Grow self into foliage increasing healing done by 20% for 8 seconds. 3 minute cool down and sharing a 20 second global cool down with similar Lifewarden effects. Requires Living Foliage.
    Grow (life): Increases the radius of your next plant healing spell by 100% and effecting every raid or party member within. Incapable of a critical heal. This doubles the canopy radius of your next tree. Requires Living Foliage.
    Improved Quick Cast: Each spell cast reduces mana cost of your Quick Cast ability by 10% (stacking up to 50%) also when Quick Cast is used your following spell has a 20% increased chance to critically strike. After stacking 5 times the effect is gone.
    Pollination: Cause the soft wind to pick up any near by plant life to give off their pollen and converting it to a large Tranquility heal over time that doesn't require channeling but is much weaker than a Druid's Tranquility. Requires Living Foliage.
    Seedling: Spawn a growing plant healing everyone withing 10 yards every 2 seconds for 8 seconds with 30% of the total healing done over another 8 seconds when it dies. 2 second cast on a 8 second timer. Requires Living Foliage.
    Angelic: Cures interruption and silence effects giving immunity for 10 seconds. This talent also reduces duration of all interrupts and silences by 25%.

    Player vs Player
    14 Suggestions

    Shredder Annihilation
    Story: After reinforcing Orgrimmar with Dark Iron the Horde decided to reinforce more of their settlements and Alliance is quick to follow. The enemy force intervenes building a giant shredder to tear down the walls and kill their engineers and leader.
    Walk Through: (Alliance view) Northwest is the Horde and southeast is the Alliance. Between them are dark iron deposits, petrified wood, and oil from deserted Dragonmaw troops. Harvesting these materials and bringing them back to the gnome (goblin for Horde) engineers to build a giant shredder made to pulverize dark iron. After the shredder is complete there are three cannons, two arms – one a saw and the other a jackhammer, and a telsa coil much like Yogg'Saron's green beam but doesn't damage yet it stuns.
    Location: Searing Gorge.

    Retaking Our Capital
    Story: Forces returning from defeating The Lich King their major cities have been vulnerable to attack. The opposing faction has sent summoners and a small team to infiltrate and ravage from within their enemy cities.
    Walk Through: (Undercity example) Alliance forces infiltrated and summoners beginning to open a portal bringing their main forces within the Undercity. Horde forces must attack from Brill either in through the front gate or into the sewers. Each summoner is by himself and must be killed which slows the summoning process but only one summoner is needed to create the portal.
    • Alliance
      • Stormwind: Horde starts at Dwarven district. Alliance at Harbor.
        • Summoner Locations: The Mage Quarter, Stockades, Old Town, Stormwind Library.
      • Ironforge: Horde starts at Tinker Town. Alliance starts at Mystic Ward.
        • Summoner Locations: The Commons, The Great Forge, Halls of Explorers, Military Ward.
      • Darnassus: Horde starts at Warrior's Terrace. Alliance starts at Rut'thean Village.
        • Summoner Locations: Cenarion Enclave, Craftsman Terrace, Tradesman Terrace, Temple of the Moon.
      • Exodar: Horde starts at the Seat of the Naaru. Alliance starts outside.
        • Summoner Locations: The Crystal Hall, The Vault of Lights (2), Trader's Tier.
      • Orgrimmar: Alliance starts at The Valley of Honor. Horde starts at front gate.
        • Summoner Locations: The Cleft of Shadow, The Valley of Wisdom, The Drag, The Valley of Honor.
      • Thunder Bluff: Alliance starts at the northern elevators. Horde starts at the south western elevators.
        • Summoner Locations: The Spirit Rise, The Hunter Rise, 1 on the third level, The Elder Rise.
      • Undercity: Alliance starts at The Magic Quarter. Horde starts at The Ruins of Lordaeron.
        • Summoner Locations: The War Quarter, The Apothecarium, The Rogues' Quarter, The Magic Quarter.
      • Silvermoon City: Alliance starts at Sunfury Spire. Horde starts at front gate.
        • Summoner Locations: The Royal Exchange, Murder Row, Farstriders' Square, Court of the Sun.

    Gunship Graveyard
    Story: After many years of battles won and lost in Icecrown there is a graveyard of destroyed gunships and machines. This area is not known for native resources or the location but the parts of the demolished metal. Both Horde and the Alliance have noticed this and are fighting over it and against The Lich King.
    Walk Through: Salvage 100 metal to your Goblin (Horde) or Gnome (Alliance) Engineer to build a gunship. Able to carry one piece of metal at a time. Once the gunship is traveling there is a warlock at your base and one on the gunship keeping a summoning portal at all times. Destroy The Lich King's first tower located in the north west. After it is destroyed you will travel through the canyon through a gauntlet of cannons and possibly the other gunship firing upon you. If your gunship survives you're on the second tower. Destroy it and cut across to attempt at downing the other gunship and their tower for extra honor. First gunship to get to their last stop wins (southern circle on the map).
    How To Win: Salvage 100 gunship metal to build a gunship which goes to The Lich King's first tower, through a close gunship gauntlet, and then to The Lich King's second and last tower. Destroy the two towers on your route to win. The last "circle" on the map is where the battle ends. This also gives you a chance to finish off your enemy gunship from a quick gauntlet or gives you a chance to destroy the other person's tower.
    Location: Icecrown containing the area of Sindragosa's Fall, Ymirheim, Aldur'thar, and Mord'rethar.

    Nulling of Nath
    Story: There is a great power located in Auchindoun. Nath, the weakened gronn demigod has prepared his army of ogres and gronns to destroy as many settlements as he can to get to this new power. Here, the Alliance and Horde must band together to fight against this ogre war god but fight against each other as well. Nath has 20 minutes to destroy the first town before he dies.
    Note: This would be the continent battlegrounds. Could work with any area, be Northrend or Azeroth.
    Walk Through: Stand and fight along side your faction's enemy (Horde and Alliance) to defeat Nath and his forces.
    How To Win: Push back Nath forces back and kill Nath or keep them back for a certain time and gaining most points from keeping a wave of Nath worshipers away from your town.
    Location: This BG involves Blade's Edge, Zangarmarsh, Nagrand and Terorkkar.
    Map: The fight begins in Blade's Edge Mountains where Nath fights from Gruul's Lair. Each black circle is a town or settlement that Nath will attempt to destroy. Some are not on a settlement but just near one like the Throne of Elements. These are siege battles where Nath will throw large (and I do mean large) boulders and his minions siege.

    Blade's Edge Mountain Fights: (5) each worth 1,000 honor and 5 minutes added to Nath's duration.

    Zangarmarsh Fights: (5) each worth 1,000 honor and 5 minutes added to Nath's duration.

    Nagrand Fights: (4) each worth 1,000 honor and 5 minutes added to Nath's duration.

    Terokkar Fights: (4) Shattrath worth 2,000 honor and 10 minutes added to Nath's duration, Stonebreaker Hold and Allerian Stronghold only 1,000 honor and adds 5 minutes, then Auchindoun gives you 2,000 honor and adds 10 minutes to Nath's duration.

    Plunder Isle Incursion
    Story: The constant attacks of the Bloodsail Buccaneers created a clinch on Stormwind resources coming from Stranglethorn Vale. King Varian Wrynn has asked Jaina Proudmoore to send her elite forces to Plunder Isle to attack Bloodsail Hold and finally end this conflict. On the other side of the Great Sea the Horde has had their Dark Iron Ore supply (used to reinforce Orgrimmar in Cataclysm expansion) from Ratchet disappearing due to these pirates. Their efforts to use the Grom'gol Zeppelin failed as well. Boats to Ratchet have been attacked by the pirates so Garrosh Hellscream (new leader of the Horde and orcs while Thrall is gone) sent a zeppelin up to the Undercity to ask for the Forsaken and Silvermoon to help. Silvermoon forces sent battle ships down off the coast of Tirisfal Glades and loaded up with Undead to attack Plunder Isle. The Alliance stationed their forces to the far east isle. The Forsaken and Silvermoon forces attacked from the southern isle.
    Walk Through: With the constant forces of the Bloodsail Hold forces attacking from their fortress the Horde and Alliance has set up towers and keeps around the isle to ensure security. These towers and keeps can be taken over by the opposing faction and even the Bloodsail pirates. Four keeps for both factions and two towers surrounding each at further-than-siege distance (excluding Glaives). Each tower gives a world-wide bonus dependent on the keep they surround which the percentages are 2% per tower (4% total for controlling both): Keep 1 gives physical damage, Keep 2 gives spell power (including healing), Keep 3 gives damage reduced, Keep 4 gives haste and if controlling all 4 of your faction's keeps you gain a world-wide 4% haste, honor and experience buff. In order to gain this effect your faction MUST control the keep. Example: if Alliance controls both towers of the damage keep but the Horde controls the keep then no one gains anything. (These effects do not affect inside Arenas.) Still deciding on either having guild sponsor at towers and keeps so if a tower or keep is taken over there will be the keep marshal (or warlord for horde) or tower commander (or general for horde) that will ask for a sponsor. This sponsor can only be used by one of the players inside that room dealing damage or healing someone during the fight. You need a full 5 player group all in the same guild to sponsor a tower and 10 players in a raid to sponsor a keep. I'm still deciding on this.
    How To Win: You don't fully win in this battleground. A constant PvP area much like Wintergrasp but without the game-every-2-hours scenario. You never really start (other than when the BG goes live) and there is no end. The levels for this BG is max level only (85 for Cataclysm). Start off owning the color of your faction with Bloodsail forces attacking the nearest keep from their Hold as well as small groups attacking and harvesting the resources at Den of the Cold Eye. This is a PvPvE version of Dark Age of Camelot's RvR. Differences include daily quests, a NPC force attacking as well as the player factions, and with harvesting rare materials to gain access to siege, upgrades and aiding your faction's forces. The closest way to win is to control all of your keeps and towers, your opposing faction's keeps and towers, and Bloodsail Hold. There is no real bonus other than 8% physical damage, 8% spell power (including healing), 8% reduced damage and 8% haste, honor and experience bonus.
    How To Get There: Port yourself instantly from the newest major city (Deatholm for Cataclysm?).
    Unbalanced Servers: Since this is only server-wide (much like Wintergrasp and Tol Barad in Cataclysm) this will give a challenge. Troops produces from daily quests or turning in resources will add more troops. Example: if Alliance outnumbers Horde 1.5 to 1 then for every 2 troops that the Alliance makes the Horde will make 3. This would become: Horde turns in their first quest but only gains the regular amount of troops but the second daily quest turned in will have double the amount, third will be regular, fourth will be double, and so on. This "unbalance" problem is only for the population inside Plunder Isle Incursion. This means that you need to participate.
    Locations: Plunder Isle - island in the South Sea off the coast of Stanglethorn Vale and location of this battleground, Bloodsail Hold - enemy pirate forces, Den of the Cold Eye - an extremely large cave where PvP happens from daily quests needing to collect materials. This cave has multiple entrances as well but no instances.

    Liberating the Undermine
    Story: After the Goblins escaped the clutches of Deathwing's cataclysmic catastrophe of their homeland of Kezan the Undermine was still a viable landmark. A part of the Horde and Goblin agreement was the Horde could take part of some of the riches inside their ruined city. When their vessels arrived at Bilgwater Port they sent troll scouts to explore the area. Immediately they returned yelling, "Alliance!" Vol'jin was the commanding general of this front and he sent back a messenger back to Orgrimmar for reinforcements and a note: "Kezan in ruins! Alliance at Edj, east Kezan! For the Horde! -Vol'jin"
    Walk Through: Conquer The Undermine with opposing faction attacking. King of the Hill in an Urban setting basically. Possibly to use siege you must harvest wood with NPC lumberjacks and mine with NPC miners.
    How To Win: Harvest resources such as lumber and iron to build siege, stone for siege ammo, and food to increase troops attacking from your faction's base into the Undermine. After using siege to enter the Undermine (where Deathwing's cataclysm hit totally destroyed it and you will die if you fall so walls where this occurs is not accessible) kill paranoid jungle trolls and place your faction's banners throughout the Undermine in specific spots (probably 9). After gaining all 9 you win.
    How To Get There: Sign up just like a normal Battleground. Possibly this be the second version of Tol Barad for Cataclysm which will be a bigger version of Wintergrasp.
    Locations: Kezan - island in the South Sea and location of this battleground, Bilgwater Port - Horde base, Edi - Alliance camp, The Undermine - city of goblins and objective, Mount Kajaro - large volcano surrounded by lush jungle needed for daily quests.

    Basic Player vs Player
    Honor for Arena: Trade 10,000 honor for 10 arena points.
    Gladiator Gear: Each type of class gets their own critical strike chance set, haste set, and possibly spirit and/or mp5 set. Example: Restoration Druid gets a spirit set but not an mp5 set and Balance Druid gets a mp5 set but not a spirit set. (Will be just spirit for Cataclysm.)
    Unbalanced Population Bonus: After a Wintergrasp (or Tol Barad for Cataclysm) which ever side has least population gets an experience bonus. The amount is set by half of the tenacity percentage. If Horde has 360% (20 stacks) tenacity at the end of the fight then their whole side gets 180% experience boost.
    Level Range for BG Brackets: Change level range from 10 to 5. This mean the first BG bracket is 10-14 then 15-19.
    Join As Group (Not Raid) (implemented): Join As Group maxed out with 5 people. Join As Raid (Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest only) will let you join an entire raid.
    Not Enough Players: If there are 5 Alliance and 4 Horde the Alliance can't gain any more players until Horde gains the same amount as them (in this case would be 5). Blizzard has implemented this in 3.2.2.
    Siege Ideas
    Meat Wagon: ( making very weak skeletons and ghouls appear where the attack lands.
    Helicopter: much like the ones in Ulduar having only a pilot made for destroying other siege.
    Weapons: Bring back older season weapons. Let's say were on season 4, then season 2 weapons become available for sixty tokens of any battlegrounds and fix of the other ones (for one handed and more for two handed and ranged). Therefore you can get that season weapons for sixty Arathi Basin tokens, ten of EotS, AV, WSG and IoC.

    31 Suggestions

    Basic Profession
    Dailies Reward Skill: All profession dailies reward 1 skill point with higher gold reward at max level.
    Going Back to School: Able to relearn what you've been untaught for a large price and at max level and skill. A level 80 Warlock with 450 Tailoring and 450 Enchanting can unlearn them and gain them back for a large price (1000g).

    Mining Skill Advantages: When a deposit is yellow you get the regular amount but if it is green you gain an extra ore, and if it is a gray skill deposit you will gain 2 extra. This is the same value on Rich as Regular veins. Example: if a copper vein is gray to you then you'll get 5 instead of 3. If mithril deposits are yellow or anything greater you'll gain regular amount.
    Possible Mines
    Description: Every zone has a medium chance (once or twice every 30 minutes) to spawn a "possible mine." This mine can be excavated using dynamite bought from an engineering supplies merchant or made by an engineer. If successful (using dynamite correctly, surviving the blast, and the mine is an actual mine and not a creature hive), then you'll have about 2 minutes to mine as much as you can through the cave before the cave collapses. Creature hives contain 2 (tiny), 4 (medium), or 6 (huge) worms, insects or spiders. If you're in a cave when it collapses you die. You can resurrect in front of the cave.
    Sizes: Tiny (3 or 4 nodes), Medium (5 or 6 nodes), huge (8 to 10 nodes).
    Dangers: Hives and collapsing.
    • Find a Possible Mine.
    • Set dynamite bought from vendor or crafted by an engineer.
    • Have 5 seconds before dynamite explodes so watch out!
    • If it is a true mine then walk in and set up wood braces which are only bought from Mining Supplies vendors or made from Woodcarvers.
    • If it is a creature hive then stay and fight or fly away.
    • Mine the nodes of ore.
    • If there are more "Possible Mines" inside then you have found a Medium or Huge map.
    • Use dynamite on the inner Possible Mine and set up braces.
    • Continue on finding nodes, more possible mines or an end.
    • Remember: Braces only hold for a few minutes and will give out a warning when it has 15 seconds until it collapses killing anyone within that area.
    • Braces can be reinforced by more braces continuing their duration to their fullest.
    Minimap: Minimap Icon is shown below.

    Fishing Quests (not dailies): Level up fishing quicker from doing quests located in various fishing towns. Able to level roughly 10% of every level with these quests.
    Thought We Already Had These?: These are chain quests that each step ask to fish for specific named fish much like Old Ironjaw or Old Crafty.
    Locations: (ascending order)
    Azeroth: Goldshire, Sentinel Hill, Thelsamar, Auberdine, Menethil, Stranglethorn Base Camp, Southshore, Theramore, Booty Bay, Feathermoon, Steamwheedle Port, Azshara, Western Plaguelands.
    Outlands: Zangarmarsh, Terorkkar Forest, Nagrand.
    Northrend: Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Sholazar Basin.
    Azeroth: Durotar, Ratchet, Silverpine, Ashenvale, Hillsbrad, Grom'Gol, Shadowprey Village, Swamp of Sorrows, Booty Bay, Steamwheedle Port, Azshara, Western Plaguelands.
    Outlands: Zangarmarsh, Terorkkar Forest, Nagrand.
    Northrend: Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Sholazar Basin.
    Reason: Blizzard has said during Blizzcon 2009 that Fishing ("all professions") will be more entertaining come Cataclysm. This is my way of "more entertaining".
    Reward: Each turn in grants gold, experience, reputation and fishing skill, but sometimes a cooking recipe, mystery box, and at the end will give you an epic +50 fishing and fishing haste pole.
    Pool Experience: Increased skill experience gained from fishing in pools and getting the pool's fish.

    Herbalism with Farms: Cultivate herbs in a farm.
    • Canvass an area. This gives you an overall look of sun light, soil richness and precipitation levels.
    • Find a high level of canvassing and use a shovel bought from the alchemy supplies vendor to dig and level the area. Sizes differ.
    • Cultivate the area with seeds from your seed pouch bought from alchemy supplies vendor.
    • Every spot where you add seeds and soil will grow a random herb of the area you're in.
    • When an herb is fully grown it will sparkle as normal and give you the regular amount of herbs. Same chances for lotus and random of what you get.
    Duration: Herbs will die after being available for 30 minutes.[/list]

    Grapple: Throws a hook to a targeted area pulling the player to it. Range of 30 yards.
    Socket Trinket: Gives your trickets a single prismatic socket.
    Marius: Marius is an engineering only bot much like the Jeeves that helps the creator. This one will collect loot from any nearby corpse and hold it on it's back. When it reaches as much as it can take it stops in place and says, "The dominator is full!" This is a reference to Mariusz Pudzianowski the 2008 and 2009 World's Strongest champion.

    First Cloth Category: Rename Cloth Armor.
    Second Cloth Category: Rename Cloth Bolts.
    Socket Chest: Adds a prismatic socket to your chest.
    Socket Leg: Adds a prismatic socket to your leg.

    Socket Ring: Gives your rings a single prismatic socket.
    Socket Necklace: Gives your necklace a single prismatic socket.
    Enchantment Graphics: All enchants, including armor gives off a glow or effect.
    • Enchant Chest - Greater Mana Restoration: Chest has blue sparkles.
    • Enchant Shield - Defense: Makes 2 copies of the shield to give it a "seeing double" effect.
    • Enchant Gloves - Precision: Gloves have a Sharpening Stone effect (white star).
    • Enchant Cloak - Superior Nature Resistance: Green waves falling down the cloak.
    • Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality: Makes dark red copies of boots while running giving a blare effect.
    Disenchanting: Able to disenchant soul bound items through the trade window much like lock picking. Add a new "Tips Appreciated" skill.

    Jewelcrafter-Only Gems: Increase to 4 total.
    Prospecting Stacks of Ore: When prospecting a stack of ore your "Auto Loot" key will prospect the entire stack of ore.

    Inscriptionist Glyph Slot: Adds a central inscription only slot for a fourth major glyph.
    Socket Shoulder: Adds a prismatic socket to your shoulder.
    Socket Helm: Adds a prismatic socket to your helm
    Shoulder Attachments Graphics: This includes all attachments be Inscription or not.
    • Defense: Size of shoulders slightly larger.
    • MP5: Blue and green sparkles rising from shoulders.
    • Spell: Purple and yellow sparkles shooting in horizontal directions.
    • AP: Red and black "Nightfall" graphics.
    Milling Stacks of Herbs: When milling a stack of herbs your "Auto Loot" key will mill the entire stack of herbs.

    Attachments: Weapon attachments stack with enchants. One is physical and one is magical.

    Trinket Attachments: Instead of a trinket increasing effectiveness of potions if you're an alchemist have an attachment increasing healing taken by 1% or haste by 1%. Both are unique so you can have both but not the same one twice.
    Dye: Armor and weapon dye.

    Feasts: After placing a feast down it will give off an aura giving people the appropriate food buff after the time it took to normally sit and eat.

    First Aid
    Bandage Healing: (Heavy Frostweave Bandage example) Heals 5800 over 10 seconds. If channeled the entire 10 seconds it will heal another 5800 over the next 20 seconds. First ticks are 580 a second then 290 totaling 11600.
    Linen Bandage of Mana: This is the mana bandages that has been floating around. This shares the debuff cooldown with the regular health bandages. Approximately 5% of your base mana every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.

    37 Suggestions

    Flight Path Fliers: The gryphons, bats, wind riders, etc. are produced with a random color and not just the regular yellow and white for gryphons or full black for bats, etc.
    Alliance Boats: Boats traveling to other Alliance destinations are marked with either a banner reading their destination or guards labeled for their destination. Such as the boat from Menethil Harbor to Theramore will have either a "Theramore Isle" banner or guards labeled "Theramore Guard" or possibly "Theramore Trasnport Guard".
    Zeppelins and Boats: The transports from major city to major city have stationary transport vehicles with a portal just inside or possibly beds inside which you click on them they bring up an "Accept" or "Decline" to be ported to the major city destination. Able to port to any major city from any other one. Thunderbluff to Silvermoon City or Exodar to Ironforge.

    Altitude Speed Bonus: After reaching a certain altitude you gain a bonus to mount speed.
    Mounts Are BoA: All non-achievement drop mounts are BoA. This includes mounts such as the Blue-Proto Drake. Excludes all vendor bought mounts.
    Dressing Room: Mounts are shown as they would look on your character in the dressing room window.
    Flying Speed: All new Cataclysm flying mounts are 380% flying and 410% for the special ones. This also works well with the future content which allows your fastest mount to transfer that speed to all of other flying mounts. Possibly not make it so much higher. Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor is way bigger than Outlands and Northrend and this would make it slightly easier to travel.
    Mountain O' Mounts: Dragonhawk rewarded heightened to 310%.

    Ground Mounts

    Flying Mounts
    • Eye of Eternity Saucer
    • Bat
    • Moth
    • Airplane
    • Mechanical Wings (jet pack). Author: WebScud
    • Chimera. Author: ZverG
    • Sporebat. Author: ZverG

    Water Mounts
    • Shark
    • Whale
    • Squid
    • Octopus
    • Submarine. Author: 3DG4LIFE
    • Scuba Gear. Author: WebScud

    Cataclysm Racial Changes
    46 Suggestions

    • Racial spell resistances are changed to strait damage reduction since attributes of Cataclysm will be simplified and would make these effects easier to comprehend. Also Blizzard has commented that they've wanted to get rid of hit benefits from spells. With this change it would be even more of a constant effect than hit reduction.

    • Weregryphon: Worgen's flying racial mount which is a were gryphon.
    • Darkflight: Worgen's racial ability giving them 70% movement for a short duration should transform them into a black, brown or white wolf dependent on their fur color.

    • Blood Fury: Increases all damage by 5% for 12 seconds.
    • Horde Weapons: Increases damage by 1% with all Axes and Fist weapons.
    • Command: Increases pet damage by 15% for 12 seconds.
    • Hardiness: Cures all stun effects making you immune for 3 seconds. Considered an enrage effect.

    • Cultivation: Decreases all Herbalism casting time by 100% and increases.
    • Endurance adding Cataclysm: Increases max health by 3%. Currently this is base health by 5%.
    • Nature Resistance: Reduces all nature damage by 2%.
    • War Stomp: Stun all enemies within a 8 yard radius instantly for 2 seconds.

    • Beast Slaying: Increases damage done to beasts by 10% for 12 seconds.
    • Berserking: (unaffected). Considered an enrage effect.
    • Ancient Specialization: Increases damage done with bows and thrown weapons by 2%.
    • Da Voodoo Shuffle: Cures all movement impairing effects (not immobilizing) making them immune for 5 seconds. Considered an enrage effect.
    • Regeneration: Heals you for 1% every 15 seconds.

    • Cannibalize: Grabs a piece of a corpse, eating and chewing it. During this time you heal 3% of your health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. No damage disrupts spell and no need to channel but still need a corpse nearby.
    • Shadow Resistance: Reduces shadow damage taken by 2%.
    • Underwater Breathing: Never ending breathing underwater.
    • Will of the Forsaken: Cures all charm, fear and sleep effects and making them immune for 3 seconds. Considered an enrage effect.

    Blood Elf
    • Arcane Affinity: Decreases enchanting and disenchanting crafting time by 50%.
    • Arcane Torrent: (Unaffected).
    • Magic Resistance: Reduces all magic damage taken by 2%.
    • Sin'dorei Revenge: Cures all silence effects making you immune for 2 seconds. Considered an enrage effect.

    • Diplomacy: (Unaffected).
    • Every Man for Himself: Removes all effects that makes you lose control of your character and making the human immune for the next 2 seconds. Considered an enrage effect.
    • Sword Specialization: Increases damage done with swords by 2%.
    • Perception: (Unaffected).
    • The Human Spirit: (Unaffected).

    • Master Treasurer: Shows all nearby treasures on the minimap and reduces casting time of all Archeology abilities by 100%.
    • Frost Resistance: Reduces all frost damage taken by 2%.
    • Gun Specialization: Increases damage done with guns by 2%.
    • Mace Specialization: Increases damage done with maces by 2%.
    • Stoneform: (Unaffected). Considered an enrage effect.

    • Arcane Resistance: Reduces all arcane damage taken by 2%.
    • Engineering Specialization: Decreases engineering crafting time by 50%.
    • Escape Artist: Cures all immobilizing effects (not impairing) making the gnome immune for 5 seconds. Considered an enrage effect.
    • Expansive Mind: (Unaffected).

    Night Elf
    • Elusiveness: (Unaffected).
    • Nature Resistance: Reduces all nature damage taken by 2%.
    • Quickness: Reduces all physical damage taken by 2%.
    • Shadowmeld: For 10 seconds you stealth with normal movement. Any action done by you breaks the effect other than moving. Also increases stealth and prowl effect slightly.
    • Wisp Spirit: (Unaffected).

    • Gemcutting: Decreases gemcutting crafting time by 50%.
    • Gift of the Naaru: Heals 3% of max health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds (15%). Not effected by spell power or attack power.
    • Heroic Presence adding 3% for Cataclysm: Increases chance to hit by 2% for self only.
    • Shadow Resistance: Reduces all shadow damage taken by 2%.
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    I'm speechless.

    Props for the efforts, i'll try to read more of it when i've got some time XD

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    I enjoyed this, I vote for this

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    IMO, many of the ideas aren't too exciting.
    Those that are, can be done with add-ons or mods. Or are just plain impossible.

    Do like the ui ideas.

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    I like some and completely hate some aswell nice job but one that is sticking with me is the cross faction thing meaning gnomes on the horde PLEASE NO!

  6. #6
    The retaking the capital bit is what I would love them to add from Warhammer's MMO.

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    Nice job mate hope someone from Blizz read this.
    I hate the idea of guild Unions thought it reminds me L2 Ally thing.

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    i liked alot of these

    some of them seem bad though

    ex highborne for the blood elves, highborne are identical to night elves exept with paler skin. high elves are decendents from the highborne

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    How is a Ancient a sub race of Nightelfs? And wasn't the Vyrkul babies humans? So pretty much the same
    Quote Originally Posted by XaCez
    You base your performance on GS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laytnor View Post
    Awesome ideas, liked almost all of them, but lets be honest, blizz doesn't care about suggestions, and they're too lazy to add char customization like this, and make tattoos, weight and height selectable sad but true.
    Do you even realize how much work that would be?

    Besides, making suggestions here isn't very usefull anyway, as they are unlikely to be read by Blizzard.

    As to the OP, you might want to reword the profession racials. The way they are now, you are proposing for the race in question to be worse at a specific tradeskill than the others.

    Decreases speed = makes you slower.
    You were likely going for a decrease in execution time, not in speed.
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    Simply...amazing, if you worked for blizz I would stop playing cod and rts and renew my wow subscription
    Retired gamer, old god fanatic

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    Please apply for a job for Blizzard and make them implement these ideas? (LLL)

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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    Do you even realize how much work that would be?

    Besides, making suggestions here isn't very usefull anyway, as they are unlikely to be read by Blizzard.

    As to the OP, you might want to reword the profession racials. The way they are now, you are proposing for the race in question to be worse at a specific tradeskill than the others.

    Decreases speed = makes you slower.
    You were likely going for a decrease in execution time, not in speed.
    Decreases casting speed means if it is 5 seconds then decreasing casting speed would make it 2.5 seconds.
    It's making craft casts quicker.

    Thanks everyone for replying!
    I'm always looking for feedback.

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    No, it doesn't. Decreasing casting time means that, decreasing casting speed is the opposite.

    If you decrease a cars speed, it's going to take longer to get somewhere. If you drive somewhere closer by(decreasing the distance), it's going to be faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    No, it doesn't. Decreasing casting time means that, decreasing casting speed is the opposite.

    If you decrease a cars speed, it's going to take longer to get somewhere. If you drive somewhere closer by(decreasing the distance), it's going to be faster.
    OK, sorry I changed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kereba View Post
    Please apply for a job for Blizzard and make them implement these ideas? (LLL)
    It would be a dream come true to work for a gaming company.
    I'm actually forming my own MMO or single player RPG. It's built as a MMO though.
    Has to do with evolution from animal and mystical being into the humanoid.
    Basically you have about 20 different beginnings to choose from that you can customize how far you are into evolving into a human.
    There's 4 factions instead of just 2 like WoW.
    • Rebellion - Pirate theme - Name speaks for themselves.
    • Federation - Rome theme - They're for control and the riches.
    • Twilight Empire - Celtic theme - Hippies of the realm for living with the land.
    • Swinish - Norse theme - Worship their gods for a better life.
    The PvP is like Dark Age of Camelot which is like Wintergrasp times 12 and is only server wide.
    Then there are games like WoW that's cross-server connected.
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    The only ones i really liked were the proffesion ideas, as they would add a lot of flavour into the boredom that is mining, and other gatherer proffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marojo60 View Post
    The only ones i really liked were the proffesion ideas, as they would add a lot of flavour into the boredom that is mining, and other gatherer proffs.
    Blizzard said at last year's Blizzcon that they were going to make the professions more "entertaining" which could mean almost anything with their definitions.

    Wish they would make crafts actual. Like tailoring crafts have a puzzle that's related to sewing. Or having to weave threads at random when the game tells you to. Blacksmiths could have you mold the metal into a random shape that the game tells you to then after you do that you have to put it into a pool of water. The faster you do these the faster your casts are. Problem with this is Blizzard would have to increase casting time by a ton because people won't do this if there's only 2 or 3 things they're making. Most people just get out of their chair and grab a bite to eat out of the fridge or watch TV when they're crafting. Harvesting is a little different. Possibly have herbalists cut parts of the fast growing plant. If you wait too long the plant dies. Mining would be what I said earlier about possible mines. Fishing would be nice if you could have a window that pops up showing your fishing bobber and nearby fish. You have to real in (can't real out without recasting) to move the bait close to the fish's face and it bites it and making a bit more graphics than the bobber just going up and down... kind of boring. Maybe have the fish being HUGE and jumping out of the water making a giant slash.

    ---------- Post added 06-18-2010 at 09:10 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Atone View Post
    How is a Ancient a sub race of Nightelfs? And wasn't the Vyrkul babies humans? So pretty much the same
    Ancients are Night Elf ancestors. Basically Tree of Life. They're just ideas to spark creativity.
    Vyrkul are humans. But these are SUB RACES so they're like a branch of the human genetics.

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    Several bad changes:
    * totally idiotic (How You Move While Attacking and Casting- no i don't want the best walking or casting animations on other races) (guitar, drum, join dance, weddings, weight, hight, age, dual character)
    * plain boring (field activities, Education, Herbalism)
    * or overpowered changes (Vocation Dungeons- heavily favoring hybrids much?) (Warlock demons, mount and quests- favoring warlocks much?)

    Cool stuff:
    * City attacks
    * visual mature filter
    * Player-in-Raid Information
    * Achievements from another
    * Vault of Archavon
    * Fixing Spam (in channels)
    * Kingdoms and Clans (Sub-Races)
    * Mining (simply fantastic)
    * Linen Bandage of Mana (maybe it would be best to create several types of mana bandages instead of one rank with X% of total mana -like food and water)
    * Dressing Room (mounts)
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    please atleast post the sub-race thingy on official forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraluin View Post
    please atleast post the sub-race thingy on official forums!
    I wish I could. I was banned just before Burning Crusade was released for posting someone's suggestions for armor set bonuses.
    Later I found out these suggestions were actual unreleased content.
    If you want you can post them but just put me as the author so I get credit.
    I'm sure someone else has already posted something on the forums about sub-races.

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