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    Ben X (No...Not Ben 10)

    Ben X is a belgian movie about a young man with asperger's syndrome, a form of autism.

    He lives his life playing and MMO and his life slowly melds together with it. He starts imagining his school bullies as giant orcs in spiked armor and such.

    It's a very touching story based on true events (as silly as my description of the movie sounds). Ben (the main character) struggles with his every day life being branded as an "alien" and "martian" because of his autism and he's constantly picked on. His only sanctuary is a girl he met in game who is also his healer. She doesnt even know what he looks like but she helps him retain whats left of his sanity...Or perhaps she makes him lose it a bit more.

    It's a great movie that every gamer and non-gamer alike will greatly appreciate.


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    Looks cool, but it says that the language is dutch? And I really hate having to see a movies with subtitles.
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    it's a nice movie

    greetz from Antwerp

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