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    Rusur Putress

    Name: Rusur Shaw
    Age: 25
    Race: Undead Bloodelf
    Gender: Male
    Class: Rogue
    Height/Weight: 6'1/110 pounds
    Traits: Arrogant Overconfident Caring

    I try to remember my past life and how I acted. I changed drastically when a group of us high elves that saw mobs and mobs of the scourge invading our homeland. As i saw them rushing towards me i had remembered the time when i was young wanting to be a warrior of the holy light. My mothers name was Gulana, she studied magic at dalaran, she inspired me the most to be a paladin. My mother never did mention anything about my father. Every time i asked about him she just ignored me and continued doing her studies. So i grew up knowing nothing about my father. After my mother passed away, i packed my bags and left Silvermoon to find my ways in solitude. After a few weeks to a few months of meditation I knew for a fact that the light has chosen me to protect the weak. I then went back to the city and enlisted to the army. I mastered the ways of the sword and getting teachings from Lady Liadrin to learn how to control the light.

    We then had a small group of men that was suppose to raid a small town which might have been affected by the plague, which i was included. So we head there and kill innocent lives that might not have even been affected by the plague. That is when i just feel bad from the sin i just committed; my heart was just throbbing with pain from the sins. It just feels so wrong to do such a horrible thing. After we got back we all sat down and ate a good fulfilling meal. While we were eating we hear what it sounds like thunder. Then the ground starts trembling we all rush outside to see what was going on. We then see thousands of ghouls and abominations thats infiltrating our land. We all knew that we all were going to die, there was no escaping and not stopping them. We stood are ground well but in the end, after hours of battle, people started to get killed. As i saw my brothers fall i realized that it was my time to go when i got pierced through the stomach and slowly fell onto my knees knowing I done.

    I then opened my eyes looking at my corpse body and thinking what am I? I peered over my shoulder and saw what happened to Ranger Sylvanas Windrunner. And she led a group of us to undercity and we called our selves the forsaken. I then was a changed man; i thought different, acted different,and even talked different. And thats when i left the protected undercity. I wandered for months before finding any type of life. I stumbled upon an orc military base.The gaurd asked who I was and I responded. Then he grabbed me by the arm and said come with me. He took me to the armory and gave me some light armor and brass knuckles.


    When i became undead my appearance changed also. My hair went to shaggy blonde to a greenish-blue shade.Not only that but my face looked like it was decomposing so you could see my cheek bone. The only clothing i had was what looked like to be chain mail in between two pieces of leather, it seemed like not even a blade could penetrate. I have a dark green cloak that covers my back and it attaches to my helm. For my weapons, ive kept the brass knuckles but made some adjustments. I got some leather gloves and attached daggers to the bottom of them. While im not that strong anymore, i started learning the ways to live in the shadows.I went down the path of a thief and learned how to attack from the shadows.

    Im really different here from these savage orcs, they use their brute force in fights. One day this orc got alittle cocky and was saying how he could beat me in a duel in a hearbeat. I accepted the duel, and before the fight had begun i coated my brass knuckles with a slowing poison. As the duel began i faded into the shadows, the orc looked confused and wondered where i went. I slowly crept to the position of the orc. He stood there with his axe about ready to slice someone in half. As i was nearing him i thought i could mess with him and whisper something to him so he'll look at me, that will surely make him angry. So I quietly said "hey over here" and immediately he gazed into my direction. I thought to myself if he knew where i was but denied it. Then he starts walking away from me,then i accidentally hit a rock which made some noise. He turned around suddenly with his blood raging with anger he charged my way and raised his axe and started swinging, i tried to dodge it but i was to late.

    Next thing i remember i was in the infirmary getting treated for my wound. I was now the laughing stalk of the camp since because of my actions. I put my hands on my face, the wound stung with pain as i thouched the cut starting from my left eyebrow to my top right of my cheek. I get up dramatically, grabbed my things, and headed back to the undercity seeking help from Lady Sylvanas.
    Thinking to myself if i could even find my way back.


    Trying to stay away from the roads, ive seen many humans riding to and from places. Many were armed with some type of weapon or they were in packs of five to six. I had alot of time to think about what couldve happen to my father during my long travel.From my memory, my mother never said a word about him so she gave me no hope finding out what happened to him. But there has to be something she said about him when i was a child. Did he go to war? Did he die from a disease? What couldve happened? Then it struck me, i remember faintly about this letter she wrote. I remember picking it up and reading a name. She then snatched it from my grasp and slapped my hands, telling me that i dont need to read about that. Awe man, why couldnt that name pop into my head. After thinking for quiet some time, i just gave up.The sun rays started to disappear to the western horizon. Without any kind of tent or shelter, i just collapsed on the ground and rested my head on a clump of lush grass to catch some shut eye and fell into a deep slumber.

    The mist cleared and a great city appeared. The city looked amazing then fire and destruction struck down upon it. Even though the city was still standing it was very damaged. There was a scar down the center of it now but it was still standing. These letters started to appear which spelled Rikar. Hmm, Rikar, never heard of it before. As i was confused about the random word, or could it be a name. Then it became clear that my dads name was Rikar Shaw. Now knowing i have a lead, i felt a sigh of relief. Then jumping out at me was these three men on horses charging past where the name was and completely destroying it, startling me from my sleep.

    I stood up peered to the east and saw the morning sun come up over the hills. Still struggling to get fully awake, i heard some humans chatting in the distance. Their voices increased and got closer. Not knowing what to do, i vanished and stood where i was. They then stopped right by me. One of them asked the other, "Do you smell that?" the other replied, "Ya, it lingers of undead scum." My fists tightened with rage. Kneeling down i grabbed some loose dirt and a decent sized rock. I'll show them whose the pathetic scums...I tossed the rock past there position, they looked over to see what it was. They dismounted from there horses, and i rushed over before they got back on. Nearing one of them i threw the dirt into his eyes and blinding him for a time, as soon as the other looked over i shadowstepped behind him and flung my hands down making the blades fall out of there holding.I then made a quick lunge with both hands and impaled him, killing him instantly. As he fell i quickly rushed over to the other and leaping through the air i was aiming to strike him in the chest. Quickly he pulled out his sword and parried my attack. He then lanced his sword toward my torso, but dodging that as well. I could tell his vision was still impaired. Immediately, i faded into the background. Knowing i could finish him off easily, i walked towards him slowly and delivered a fatal blow to the head. I searched there bodies for any kind of money or anything that interested me. All they had on them was a sack of gold. In anger i spit on there corpses and took their horse and rode off.


    The air started to taste stale and the gloomy presence this place gave off are signs that undercity was close. As i trotted around a long curve, i then saw the great city, which felt like ages since ive last seen it. Entering the city i went directly to an inn and bought some food and an inn to sleep for the night. I then fell asleep knowing the next day will lead to answers...

    My past adventures really wore me down. Never really having a good night sleep or a comfortable place to rest was really tiresome. Awakening, i took a deep breath of the very nice aroma smelling of mold and dust of this city. Got up slowly, snatched my equipment that i put under the cot i slept on, and walked off leaving the inn behind me. While walking around, admiring the beautiful architecture, i stopped by a weapon-smith. I gazed upon the work he crafted, he then saw i was interested in buying.
    "May i help you,sir?" the blacksmith asked.
    "Um...yes, but do you sharpen or modify blades?"
    "Well...As it isnt in my specialty, i dont have a problem doing that."
    Grabbing the dull blades hidden underneath my gloves, i pulled them out and laid them on the desk. "Could you sharpen these and would it be possible to add another blade to the dagger?"
    "Sure thing"
    "Oh and one more thing could you engrave life on one blade and death on the other"
    "Sure thing, just come by later in the day, i should done."
    Nodded to him as i left him to his work and continued to seek out lady Sylvanas.

    Entering the large chamber where she was located,seeing her pace back and forth. I went up to her and asked if she needed assistance for anything. She then told me that she was told to invade gilneas and needed more troops to back it up. Looking down upon the dead floor, i stated that i would enter the cause. Glaring into my eyes she noticed something. She then called upon what my name was, told her Rusur Shaw. She then started to ramble off with the last name. She reached into her pocket and grabbed a paper what looked like a war roster. Reading off the last names by mine, she then stated Rikar Shaw. She then asked if i was in any relation to him, i responded telling her i didnt know anything about him. She told me that he was positioned in the front lines of the invasion. She told me that there was a caravan of troops leaving tomorrow at dusk, then waved me off.

    Returning to the weapon-smith, it had looked like he was done with my weapons. He handed them to me and i gave him a large chunk of gold for his time. Walking off, i kept looking at the great craftsmanship that the man put into the blades. The blades started off as one, then midway through they broke outward, lengthened an inch,and then shot back in without joining. I put my finger onto the tip of the blade and it made a deep cut, blood rushed out of the tiny incision. Shaking off the pain, i tucked away the blades into there original position and set out for the inn for rest. I then noticed a leatherworker selling his products. A mask stood out to me. It looked just like a wolfs head. Bought it, put it on, and continued on my way.

    Lying in the same cot i slept in previously,i started thinking about how i would find this guy. There was no way to really find him without asking everyone who they were. As i was in deep thought, my mind slowly drifted away falling asleep.

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    Well I have a few irks about this fella.

    Concerning his personality, generally, cocky arrogant people aren't shy. Its contradictive.

    The history doesn't really tell us who he is nor his background, it sounds more like an anicdote than a biography. Also, if he's 27 and was raised by durotar orcs in the sense of childhood, then that's impossible; durotar hasn't been around for even 10 years, I believe.

    If you were refering to him being risen into undeath, I'd like to know what his life prior to death and reanimation was like.

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    heh first time role-playing so i still have alot to learn! Thanks for the feedback.

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    The background seems too obvious, an abandoned child raised by another race, so he never fit in. I'm also having trouble if you meant your parents and childhood before undeath, since it isn't specified and Forsaken cannot breed, or grow. Now a HUMAN child being raised by orcs would be somewhat different with so much animosity between them. Or even another race, since undeath doesn't only affect humans. I also have to agree with what the poster above said about arrogant people never being shy. More specifics on his backround, and even how the orc saw through his stealth would add to the character growth. Maybe the orc saw him 'cuz he got cocky and didn't stick to the shadows? Oh, and I gotta ask, is he related to, or is he, High Apothecary Putress? I'll be waiting to read more

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    ah yes, the gentleman above me reminded me...

    Perhaps you should go for a different last name from Putress. Since he's a rogue, maybe Cryptstalker?

    I also like the name "Rusur Shaw"

    Go for whatever, but try to stay away from names in lore

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    Ya changed the story so it should be abit better and make a bit more sense!

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    As I said, it isn't really stated you should make two accounts

    But good bio, I love arrogant people. It makes the world seem more evil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garots View Post
    As I said, it isn't really stated you should make two accounts
    waah lol i dont get what you mean.

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    Mhmm, I just chatted with you *Winks*
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    1st south park garots... now happy garots... next one must be overdramatic seinen manga garots...
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    Alrighty, the history is much better now!

    I also forgot to mention this, but there's no description of his appearance, IE skin color, hair, clothing, etc etc. Make one of those, and you should be golden.

    EDIT: remember to be as specific as you can!
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    Sounds pretty cool so far IMO. From what he did as a squire it sounds like he could have some inner turmoil, but then again as a Forsaken, it might not even bother him. I'll keep checking back to see if he learns about his father. I'm also interested to know if his mom was in Dalaran when it fell, and if she lived. You're doing a good job keeping my attention Keep at it.

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    Ya making sure that what he did in his past life really affects him and just thinking how it will pan out.

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