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    Warhammer 40.000 online: Dark millenium there's the trailer (watch it in 720p HD)

    to clarify something: the poll isnt about the trailer, but simply how you think the game looks like (graphics etc.)

    ''On the very edge of the galaxy lies the Sargos Sector. For centuries it was rendered uninhabitable and isolated by volatile Warp Storms. Even now, deep within the sector the very fabric of reality is unraveling. Only the ancient Sentinel Devices hold the Warp at bay.

    But the ravages of time and meddling of humanity have weakened the Sentinel Devices—and now, the battle for these lost worlds is at hand. Drawn to the conflict, the great races of the galaxy descend upon the Sargos Sector, seeking to preserve reality—or to tear it asunder.

    Side with the forces of Order, or the vile hosts of Destruction, in a war that will unlock ancient secrets, reveal dark purposes, and determine the fate of the Sargos Sector. For in this dark millennium, there is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter.

    Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online has been announced at E3 2010 and is a sci-fi MMO set in the 41st Millennium Warhammer universe.

    This newest title will mix “in-depth fire fights” with more action-oriented elements like taking cover, squad gameplay and flanking all wrapped within an MMORPG shell.

    The developers promise that the game will have some of the largest and most epic battlegrounds yet seen in the series and will stay true to the heavy themes of battle and war on an epic scale.

    Fans will be happy to know that all of the races important to the 41st Millennium lore (well after the Horus Heresy) and timeline will be represented, although they didn’t release of exactly which races will be playable.

    Characters will be highly customizable and you can outfit them with plenty of “hangables”.

    “It wouldn’t be Warhammer 40,000 without tons of stuff hanging off your character, including weapons, scrolls, chains, books, medals, and what have you! … I feel like we are going to have the coolest looking characters of any MMO, ever. Of course that isn’t all that hard to achieve being that everything in Warhammer 40,000 is over-the-top badass! Once we begin releasing images, feel free to call me on that remark,” says artist Joe Madureira.

    The game will also feature many various locations to visit, among them cities of all types and scales, exotic alien temples, Chaos shrines, deserted battlefields, mysterious ruins, ancient structures, drifting hulks in space and many more. NPC’s in these environments will also be prevalent.

    The developers are also working to make it so that grouping with others will not be required to advance through the game. Although you will need to group with friends if you want to tackle the higher areas of PVE and PVP content.''

    So this game really hyped me up, it's defineatly going to be a next-gen MMO.
    It's bringing aspects thats never been in any mmo (not 100% sure about that as i havent tried every mmo).
    i am not saying that it's going to be a WoW killer, and i know alot of people are going to refer me to warhammer online: age of reckoning.

    but this is diffrent. and why?

    This game is made by THQ and Vigil and they had great succes with their games.
    WAR got released to early. it were too buggy, glitchy, and the graphics/animations werent great either (its alot better now when they changed it), and i dont think this is going to happen to this game.

    I wont compare W40KDM to WoW as it is two diffrent games, with completely diffrent genres (with wow as fantasy/steampunk and WH40k as sci-fi)
    but i do believe that 40k online could get incredibly popular, but as popular as wow? we'll see when its getting released in a couple of years.
    sadly, there's not any real info out.

    i cant wait for this game to be released

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    p.s i can already predict people making perved jokes about that you can customize ''hangables''
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    hehe, I read that article about 14 months ago or so. posted it on a forums I use for playing the tabletop too. I voted looks awesome, cause it's the trailer and trilers almost always look kick ass! being a 15 year vet of playing the tabletop, I have high hopes for the game. Not expecting it to be the tabletop version in a game, that would be too hard imo. I just hope my Orks are a playable race, been a Ork player since day 1. Tho I think it's funny the name of the game is tabletop expansion that came out in like 1993. No biggie tho, I just hope it's not playing like APB atm, that got old in like 4 hours... lol
    Orks, Space Marines, Rift (<---- Links for pics BTW)

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    well, i wonder how you can havd read this, when it got announced/written at E3 last week
    APB ->translation please.
    i hope you can join in as a grey knight or khorne bezerke ^^

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    hrmm, I didn't read all your article, cause I was skimming and saw same text about looking badass having hanging stuff. *edit, I found the link to the interview on gamesradar. So my fault for not reading the whole thing, As for apb. it's all pvp, at least at this piint. I like pvp, but I like pve also. A chance to advance your character beside doing same missions over and over with a little location difference. (even for a mmo it's too repetitive). Tho I know it will have a following, there are peopl who liek nothing but fps and will enjoy it. I just want variety in the game, chances to expand your character in the world. explore stuff. But thats just me. Thats one thing I like about mmos a lot.
    anyway, not trying to rant. not my intention if hats what it looked like. just running on 2 hours sleep. =P
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    Orks, Space Marines, Rift (<---- Links for pics BTW)

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    Can't say I'm not excited but I rarely get too hyped until after I see in game combat/play.

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    I'm not too excited about it, almost every soldier in the tabletop game/dawn of war used ranged weapons. So all i can imagine now is everyone being a hunter without a pet. Btws i hope the space marine won't be too chunky.

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    looks cool and stuff. But THQ is hit or miss. Don't bank on them for a home run.

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    Replaces SWTOR as my most anticipated new MMO. Something a little different than most of the current mainstream MMO's from what it looks like.

    We'll see how it pans out.

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    There is no way this game can live up to my expectations. That being said, even if it sucks Ill probably still play it because I enjoy the hell out of the IP.

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    Just as long as it doesn't turn into a what Warhammer did, I might take a second glance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaydios View Post
    I'm not too excited about it, almost every soldier in the tabletop game/dawn of war used ranged weapons. So all i can imagine now is everyone being a hunter without a pet.
    dont forget chaiswords and power weaponry... that is something im expecting :P mmm... cutting orks/chaos/marines with chainsaw weapons mmm
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