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    Shadow priest frosties advise

    i Was wandering what i should get for my frosties


    i have in bank the t10 gloves, im one of the few lucky ones wich both pants and gloves dropped for me in VoA, i was wandering what i should get next, i was thinking about getting the t 10 helm, i have merlin´s robe in my bank for my chest then. or should i get t10 chest for bonus and keep my helm i have on?
    or should i buy something completely different and use merlin´s robe and my currently equipped helm ?

    Is the 4p t10 bonus better then the stats decrease i would get from equipping t10 gloves http://www.wowhead.com/item=51183

    If im gemming wrong plz say so, but don´t be mean :P

    Edit: forgot to ask something
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    Drop the 12 SP and 10 Int gem in your cloak and replace it with 12 SP and 10 Haste.
    Get the T10 Chest, you're in dire need of a new chest piece.
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    You should be going for helm+chest+shoulders+gloves for your 4pc T10, with the tailored pants (Leggings of Woven Death).

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    the 4 piece is a monster DPS increase

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    get 4p t10 before you get anything else with frost emblems.

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    4pc t10 is the best way to go. Dont get the pants unless your doing heroic icc25.

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