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    Browser issue?

    When I load the browser and go to some websites on my favorites, it even happens with google, a second page will open up.. This second page is just a blank page.. This has never happened until today when I visited the MMO Champion website and then AVAST blocked something when MMO champion loaded, which is odd because I always visit MMO and AVAST never blocked anything from here before.

    I use Google Chrome..

    Does anyone know why this is happening all a sudden?

    I ran Spybot Search and Destroy, and I ran my AVAST and it found nothing. So I am confused.

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    I allowed the blank page to load and it eventually changed in the URL to this.

    Then it either forwards me to Yahoo or some other random site.

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    Have you tried to reset your browser's settings?

    If you do so, you will lose info like saved passwords ect. Verify you have your information before doing so.

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    I reset. Still does it.. It is something AVAST blocked when I visited this website. Here I have a screen shot of what it blocked

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    use malewarebytes anti-maleware, best (free) program out there

    if that turns up clean it prolly a setting issue

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    Is it all websites or just your bookmarks? you could try disabling the web security on your pc and try hitting the site, just remember your running around with your jimmy off you def want to turn it back on. Also if its just your bookmarks remove one and go to the site manually, if you dont get the extra screen then re-bookmark.

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    Even google does it.

    When I attempt to like click on a link when I search in google, that also brings up the stupid page rather then loading up the website I want to visit.

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    I went on my laptop... And now it is doing it on my laptop. lol

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    So as I said, it does the same thing on my laptop and on different browsers. Whatever AVAST blocked from MMO-Champion messed up my internet. lol Anyone have a idea what I should do to fix it. Rather annoying when I try to open a link from Google, the stupid blank page pops up instead.

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    search in the windows start menu for "cmd"
    run it and type this: "ipconfig /flushdns"

    also try uninstalling and reinstalling chrome/avast, and restarting computer if you haven't.

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    I tried the CMD thing. It said I need elevation? lol

    And I also re-downloaded chrome and AVAST. Still get the same thing. It also happens on other browsers. It also happens on my laptop so it has something to do with the network I think.

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    I figured out I needed to run CMD in administrator. I did the dnsflush and it still does the same thing.

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    Thats really strange...I mean in firefox (yes I know you use chrome) you can set it to display a 2nd tab if your opening tabs. Now that you have reset the settings, and did a dnsflush it should be fine. I did a bit of googling and it maybe a chrome extension your running, what if any are you using? Can you try to disable them and try again?

    To disable extensions do the following:

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    The only extensions I have are Better JTV, but I had that way before this issue started.

    Also, why and how in the heck is this affecting other PCs on my network? My Laptop is doing the same thing and I only use the laptop for when I stream video games over the net, I use it to chat with my viewers.

    For shits and giggles, I disabled the only extension I have and I still get this issue. I'm going to reset my modem... See if that does anything.

    Reset it an nothing.. Another URL that pops up is this: I ran my virus and spyware scanners and they did not pick any viruses up.
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    backup your favorites and remove chrome... all of it, then reinstall - see if that helps.
    You could add chrome to avast ignore list - might be a bad idea.
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    I just loaded up this page and AVAST blocked something else.

    It is only blocking things when I visit this website...

    I totally deleted Chrome, downloaded Firefox and it still is doing it. However, not as much with as it was with Chrome.
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