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    Bio - Zeptok Gassprinkle

    Name: Zeptok Gassprinkle
    Age: 87
    Race: Gnome
    Gender: Male
    Class: Rogue (Would more like to call it.. Roguegineer, or something.)

    Personality: Zeptok isn't very polite, at first sight. He has a hard time trusting other, but when you finally get his trust, he's a normal gnome. Zeptok is very kind, and of course as a gnome, very smart. He often thinks steps ahead and instead of using a weapon in fights, he prefers to use his mind to beat his opponents.

    Appearance: 3'7" tall, one of the taller gnomes around. Has always a pair of Gnomish X350 Ban Ray purple glasses. Not often used as glasses, more just as a show off. Wears leather clothing at all times and has Dark Green hair that stands at all directions.

    Strengths: Zeptok is an incredible user of poison, bombs and all crazy engineering stuff you can find in the world of Azeroth. He's also very good at assasinations, hiding in the dark and sneaking. He's also extremely accurate with throwing knives. Also very resistant to any gas, which is the reason he loves playing with it.

    Weakness: Zeptok is not the best man to have in an one versus one pit fight. He is pretty weak, and the only weapons he manages to carry are daggers and throwing knives. When Zeptok gets stressed he has a hard time thinking straight, making him sometimes very vulnerable on the field.

    History: Zeptok was at the age of 32 when the city of Gnomeregan got assaulted by the troggs. Zeptok stayed in his apartment, hoping the troggs wouldn't find them. They didn't, but the radioactive gas did. When it first struck him, he immediately started fleeing. He knew what it was, and he knew that it was deadly. At the borders of Gnomeregan, almost free from the gas, his eyes closed and he fainted.

    Two weeks later Zeptok woke up in Kharanos. A group of five adventurers found him almost dead, just at the elevator down. Luckily he was alive and he now got treated by a female dwarf named Gunhild. They became very good friends, and Gunhild taught him how to make antidotes and bandages, which Zeptok did appriciate. Another three weeks passed, and Zeptok finally got good again. At this point, Gunhild contacted her brother, Ragnar. Zeptok had told Gunhild all about his engineering skills, how to make bombs and stuff. Ragnar was very interested in this, and wanted to teach Zeptok how to play with poisons, if Zeptok taught him how to make gas bombs. Ragnar taught Zeptok even more, he learned him how to wield two daggers, and also how to throw them, which Zeptok was amazingly good at. They all became very good friends, but Zeptok never realised that Ragnar was a criminal, until Brewfest.

    When Brewfest came to Dun Morogh, Zeptok had a big blast. He had never seen a real ram before, he got so excited. But Ragnar dragged him into the darkest corner in the inn. There they sat, Ragnar, Gunhild and Zeptok. Ragnar had a plan to steal beer kegs. Zeptok wasn't a criminal, but he played along, and at the end, he would ruin it and become a hero. When night finally came, they snuck out from the inn and ran to the festival, just beneath Ironforge. But when they were about to steal the kegs, a dwarven patrol caught them. Gunhild and Ragnar started to run, but Zeptok stood still. He used his quick gnomish mind and took a ram and tracked them down. Here was the first time he actually used his throwing knife skills, and exceptionally struck both the dwarves in their legs, forcing them to stop without fatal damages. Zeptok got a small fee from the dwarven patrol, not more than that. But enough to start a journey, he wanted to leave Dun Morogh, and continue on.

    Zeptok caught a fairly large caravan at Kharanos which he joined. While travelling with them, all the way to Menethil Harbour, he picked flowers along the road to make poisons and gases. The caravan got to Menethil safely, and he followed the caravan across the seas, to Theramore. But the caravan didn't stop there, and continued it's journey towards Gadgetzan. And so did Zeptok. But when passing the border to the Barrens, a group mercenaries ran towards them. The caravan split in panic and Zeptok fled north, with no mercenaries after him. His journey continued for days alone in the Barrens, but then suddenly a group of pirates caught him. Zeptok offers his use in engineering to improve their guns and blastpowders and his poisons for their blades. Suddenly Zeptok became a pirate, for many, many years. He often took assasination jobs at the Ratchet inn, and he was getting known as "The Cobra", using poisons to kill and then sneaks back into the shadows, disappearing. For 25 years, Zeptok lived as a pirate. But suddenly, when he was in Ratchet, he eavesdropped from a friend that they were going to complete a WANTED post in Gadgetzan. A post for Zeptok. Zeptok fled the day after without saying anything, and took the boat over to Stranglethorn Vale.

    He had been to Stranglethorn Vale a couple times before, but not more than that. He wasn't known there, not by many at all. He tried to make a living there, took assassination jobs and offered his engineering skills. But he barely made enough money to live there. He then heard about a group of men going to the Gurubashi Arena to seek out a godly treasure containing enormous amounts of golds. Zeptok was still young, at the age of 60, and he really needed money, so he joined the group. They started training with eachother, doing big game hunting in the forest. He learned to know the others really good, Lars, the leader and a Human warlock, Torok, an Orc warrior with no fear, and Nesia, an human priest and Lars's girlfriend. After about a years training together they went to the Gurubashi Arena at midnight.

    But they weren't alone that night, three other groups of all kind of people had come to get the treasure. The fight began and was very brutal. Zeptok threw bombs and gases all over the place while placing poison on people, sidestepping at the same time to avoid axes, swords and spells. Thanks to Torok, the fight ended pretty quickly, and the last person that tried to flee the arena got a poisoned throwing knife in their back by Zeptok. Now, the four comrades could enjoy the treasure. But Lars and Nesia had other plans. A quick shadow bolt on the exhausted Zeptok, and a mind blast on the almost dead Torok got them to faint. When they woke up, the treasure was gone, and so were Lars and Nesia. Torok went berserk in madness and tried to kill Zeptok, even though he was innocent. Zeptok evaded his predictable axe swings and made a small poisonous cut in the leg. Not deadly, but it would atleast make him sleep for awhile.

    Zeptok decided not to trust anybody until they've done something special for him, and went ego. He sold his house in Booty Bay and all his unneccesary belongings and decided to make a trip to the north, through Stranglethorn Vale, up through Duskwood, into Westfall, Elwynn Forest and then to the glorious city of Stormwind where he would stay for a short while, then take the train to Ironforge. The trip took two years for Zeptok. He took various jobs on the way to earn that little extra cash and stopped at every little inn or town to rest. When he reached Stormwind he changed name to Zep. He liked the city and decided to stay there for a couple of years before going to Ironforge. He joined the SI:7 and started to take assassination jobs and shared his engineering and poison skills. Zep quickly became friend with the three gnomes in SI:7, Doc Mixilpixil, Tyrion and Bozzek. These three gnomes were the only Zep really trusted in the SI:7. Zep enjoyed life in Stormwind and his thoughts of going to Ironforge dissappeared. Instead he stayed in Stormwind for the rest of his life.

    But one day, a letter arrived saying that Bozzek, Zeps best gnomish friend, had dissapeared. And from that day, Zep started a journey all over Azeroth looking for Bezzok. Sometimes with Doc and Tyrion, but most of the time, all alone.

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    Not much I can destroy, VERY good work there. I can't wait to have one of our first Gnome Rp'ers.
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    Ugh, it's late here in the northern Europe. I kiiinda, missed the application thingy, didn't really know what to write there.. I guess I could improvise and say that.. this is my bio (no shit?) and I'm no CRP, going SRP.
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