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    The One -WIP-

    OC Character

    Mortal Name:Ildrae
    Dragon Name:Indraenormi
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Guiding Heroes and Protecting the Balance of Time


    Race: Lives as a bronze dragon, truly a half blue half bronze dragon.

    The appearance of Indraenormi is slightly different than the normal bronze dragon form. She is large in size, as most 3000 year old dragons are, and weighs over 4.5 tons. Her scales are bronze with purple colored hourglass markings on each of her scales. In the sunlight, Indraenormi's scales reflect the sunlight and casts a beautifying veil of light around her whole body. To other dragons, Indraenormi is one of the most beautiful dragons alive, seconding to Alexstraza.

    When Indraenormi is in her mortal forms she always has very distinctive features that put her out of place. Indrae, her mortal name, always has purple eyes in her mortal forms. In each of her forms, Ildrae has an hourglass tattoo, colored purple, on her shoulder and one spanning down her whole entire leg's length. Her hair is always made to match the current fashions of that race and in her hair are found small beautiful purple diamond and onyx spiders that sparkle and move around magically, but never ruins the hair style that is made. Everyone of Ildrae's mortal clothings are made up of the oddest magical threading that can not found in the current on Azeroth, for the thread is unique only to this medallion. The clothing comes from a medallion that is attached to a bronze wire necklace string, making the medallion look like a necklace. The medallion allows Ildrae to constantly change the design and features found on her robes and dress outfits.

    Ildrae carries around many magical items that found inside of her Enchanted Never-Ending Bag (Merlin Reference ). Many of the magical items are weapons from ages lost and ages to come and some are even from other planets and dimensions.She also carries around hundreds of magical trinkets and devices as well as her most famous item: The Hourglass of Memories. The hourglass has the power to create a sub-connecting rift from the Caverns of Time and the current area of the hourglass creating a huge portal into a specific time in history.

    Indraenormi is a very adventurous, but wise dragon. She loves to read books, particularly ones that she has not read. She also is a very tranquil being, she wanders the world in peace, always changing her form to match that of one of the surrounding creatures in the area, so no conflict is reached. She fights as an ally with the most important heroes in that war to make the best outcome for the world of Azeroth. She has fought as a ferocious orc warrior and played the part of a Human Noble and lived as a Night-elf warden, throughout her life. She has played as many roles in history for good and for bad. She has had to make very hard decisions such as playing the role of a legion warlock who protected Manoroth from being ambushed and slain by a group of unwilling orcs and shamans on draenor (infinite dragonflight told them the TRUTH) who did not want to be corrupted by the Pit Lord, instead she slew everyone of them to keep him alive, for Thrall's sake. All in all, Indraenormi is a very disciplined person who abides the rules and laws of the races that she plays as, unless for keeping history in stake, she breaks them. She also is very peaceful, but does as she is supposed to in keeping stability in time.


    Class: Keeper of Memories (Has the abilities of a Priest and a Mage)

    Indraenormi was born through an experiment between the bronze dragonflight and the blue dragonflight. The DNA and the magical properties of both Nozdormu and Malygos were copied into a catalyst orb. The experiment was successful for it made both flights closer politically. The orb transformed into an egg that was colored bronze and, but had many blue-ish crystals growing off of it and around it. The egg released many auras of magic and power, whenever someone came around the egg time was slowed.

    When Indraenormi was born she was first trained in the magical arts with the blue dragons and when she started to mature, she learned how to manipulate time and travel it with the magical powers that Nozdormu gave her. Whenever She took a break from spell training she went into the past and trained with bronze dragons such as Chromie. Living 3000 years from the present age of Azeroth was not hard, but was not entirely easy. She fought and trained against demons from the first invasion, watched and recorded the Return of Sargeras, the event in which Aegwynn fought against the Dark titan "Sargeras". These events caused Indraenormi to become extremely interested in matters involving the burning legion.

    Indraenormi continued on her magical and time training for nearly 3000 years until a whole string of events started occurring. Many enemies started attacking the world of Azeroth. Magna Medivh opened up the Dark Portal causing the fel orc invasions on Azeroth to occur. Old gods started awakening. New demonic forces started to arise. The Burning Legion gave up on the orcs and created the scourge through the corrupted Ner'zhul. The scourge started attacking the the eastern kingdoms. Prince Arthas arose in power with his mighty horse invincible, the steed he gained from his childhood farm friend, and started his vanquishing quest on the remaining fel orcs and later evolved into the voiding of the Scourge. The Purging of Stratholme occurred, breaking up Arthas, Jaina, and Uther as allies, leading to to dark out-of-control spiral down in Arthas's life. Arthas wields Frostmourne and attacks his biggest ally Muradin Bronzebeard, nearly killing him. So much about Arthas occurs after, all watched by Indraenormi with fascination and relent. As the history of Arthas's actions unraveled, she could not change his cold, icy self. She wished with all of her heart that she could go back and watch it all fade away into nothing, but that went against all of her virtues.

    She continued to train her magic, watching tike until she finally decided to join the ranks of Alexstrasza's army in the Wyrmrest Temple after witnessing her Mage Father's corruption and madness. With all of her heart she wished that her brother Arygos killed her father. Arygos acted just like Malygos, before father became a mad and inane existence. She personally joined in the fight at the Oculus and helped keep up barriers at the outpost in Coldarra. While infiltrating the scroll room of Archive, a special dimension created by Malygos, and stole hundreds of lost magic scrolls and many heavily magicaly empowered trinkets and sent them to dalaran for study. Just as she was leaving she activated a magical trap that restricted all magic use (except for trinkets)from her body which made her a useless dragon in this war.

    When Ildrae was in Dalaran she disposed of her newly obtained magical items and brought them to the mage studiers and archivists to unlock their magical powers. During this time Ildrae went to Stormwind to learn the arts of the Holy, for it was beyond the powers of the arcane. 3000 years of magic use helped out Ildrae in obtaining and recording the data that she obtained from her studies in the Chantry and Chapels in the Holiest district in Stormwind. The powers that she obtained at first felt foreign, but with time she grew with this type of magic and flourished.

    One day when Ildrae was training she felt her connection to the arcane come back to her. The magical feeling felt so relieving. Ildrae teleported to Dalaran and saw a parade go through town of citizens and mages alike cheering and it was amazing. She went to see Rhonin, who in return explained that Malygos was slain.

    ------Slopping, bad quality starts here.

    Ildrae helps prepare soldiers in the Coliseum. She helps fight Anub'Arack. Acts as an infiltrator in ICC. Watches bosses die. Feels sadness for the Blood Queen dying for she was her student for about a hundred years. Watches the lich King die, everybody is happy. Now she is free to do anything for the time being.
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    Ohh, a member of the Bronze Dragonflight! How interesting, can't wait to read more!
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    Yay! you're one of the flew flights I go well with! Can't wait to read more!
    It seems to be going in the right direction, i.e. using Lore names

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    is Novaria her mortal name? Female bronze dragon names tend to end in "ormi"

    I'm also going to assume that the "OC Character" thing is for her mortal form. I should say that dragons don't have a set mortal form that they use. They can be any mortal race. Don't let your creativity be stoppered by such restrictions! However, they usually have certain features that their mortal forms share, like say eye color, hair color, similar color/style garments, etc.

    also, if you put down specific abilities, you limit your power. The great thing about being a spellcaster in a roleplay is that you can make spells on the fly, to suit your situation. If you only stick by your spells, that greatly limits your ability in combat.

    I should also add that abilities concerning time, particularly the stopping of time, are REALLY close, if not over the line of godmoding. It's the tricky thing about bronze dragons. The ability will have to be used in only choice situations, and those would probably be rare, if i'm thinking correctly.

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    Noveria is her mortal name, I'm still thinking about her dragon name, im thinking about Indraenormi or Shilonormi.

    Ok, I will delete my abilities; change OC Character Section; rework some of my ideas.

    0:-) (*ANGEL*)

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    How old should my character's age be for:
    1.)I want her to be powerful (Elder Dragons in most cases stronger than younger dragons)
    2.)Not too old (i do not want to skew WoW pre-history)
    3.)*PLEASE HELP*

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    The norm for dragon naming in relation to their different forms is that both names often share the same first letter, such in the case of krasus, others often just use their normal dragon names with the flight specific suffix taken off. hope this helps with the naming!

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    Okay, well dragon to dragon, I suggest placing your dragon at around 3000 years of age. This is not too old by the dragon standards but it is a reasonable age, as it implies you have probably battled in the battle of Aegwynn and it also allows you much time for growth (Be a big dragon). At 3000 years of age, you could also be quite experienced in what spells or contraptions the dragons of the bronze flight have particular taste in!

    As an added bonus, 3000 years of age also permits you to have a fairly great repository of knowledge, allowing you to be quite the wise-one

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    Haha, im halfway finished.
    Personality about to be finished, then i just have to do the history thingy.

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    Ok I promise that I will finish tonight, sorry my ipone will not let me scroll my main post down to where I need to change it. I am so sorry, well here is my request. Anybody know of a topic that is currently running. If so, please tell me ;()

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    Yay! not only have you added my character in it (Thank you!) but you make a very interesting read. Though it doesn't exactly coincide with lore eye-to-eye (with all the cross-breeding, though it is not unheard of) it is an honest mistake and doesn't really make much of a difference. ( No, no, don't change it for that.) As for joining an RP, look into the others for the moment, find one where it is right for you character to join, and pop right in!

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    Im so pissed off. I spent the last three hours finishing my history and my comp logged "ouri96" out an now i have to restart.

    Sorry im pissed off.

    Whenever this happens i do not finish my character for like a week, so hopefully i finish it soon...

    unless i cane do a sloppy job on my last part. i just will not do it until i stop fuming.

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    Ok, i slopped it in the worst monotone like summary of 10 paragraphs (without a lot of details)

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    I feel for you,I am redoing my dragon all again,but maybe it will be better,idk.
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