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    Bio - Glorithen The Righteous

    ((First time doing this. got interested after reading some of the other posts.))

    Name: Glorithen Sunhawk

    Race: Blood Elf

    Class: Paladin

    Gender: Male

    Age: 95

    Personality: Respectful of everyone unless given reason not to be. He is a hardened warrior after fighting in the war against the undead.

    Appearence: Long White hair. Long scar down the fight side of his face. wears Plate armor like paladin Tier 6. Average Blood elf skin.

    Parents: Glarin Sunhawk Age: 289 / Trisha Wells Age: Deceased of Age.

    History: Glorithen was born into the paladin line. Mother was human and father was Blood elf but luckily he looked just like a blood elf so he could be trained by the silvermoon paladins. They met when Glarin was on his way to Lights Hope Chapel to commune with the paladins there. Trisha was a survivor of the original attack on the Eastern Plague lands.

    She had been a resident of Darrowshire at the time. She narrowly escaped with her life although her family there was not so lucky. They quickly hit if off. Glarin found a way to stay at Lights Hope Chapel to be with Trisha.

    When the War on Silvermoon began Trisha was Deceased and Glarin quickly reported to Silvermoon to help as he could. He fought alongside his comrades until the unit he was with was annilated by Arthas. He quickly left to find his son's unit but found nothing but maimed and contorted bodies. He assumed that Arthas had slew and risen his son as an undead.

    To this day Glarin resides in Silvermoon regretting the fact he was not able to save his only son.

    After his trials and training he took off to see the world till the war with the scourge started. When the rumors of war on silvermoon reached him he returned to his beloved silvermoon before it was destroyed by arthas. He was in the Unit on the West side as his Father was on the East Side.

    After the city was destroyed he searched everywhere for his father but could not find his body nor was he amongst the survivors so Glorithen assumed the worst, that his dad was resurrected as an undead and was a slave of Arthas. He had mended his wounds and he left Silvermoon again to grow strong enough to rival the scourge. He desires to cleanse his homeland and those of Azeroth of the undead and to bring back peace to his world.

    Glorithen refuses to enter silvermoon again without defeating the scourge first. He feels it would be to painful to know he failed at saving his father. In a ironic way, both the son and the Father are well and assume the other is deceased.

    Both have the feelings they failed each other wen in reality if they just overcome their grief they could ind each other once again.

    ((Again, Long time reader, First time poster in the RP section. Advice appreciated. I changed alot of things but more advice is still welcome. I might have made it a bit to corny.))
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    Everyone like's Belf Paladin Bios ^^, the Human mother and Belf dad seems intresting I'd say you just need to tell elaborate on everything, how did the parents meet, how was he treated as a kid because of his background etcetc, gluck

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