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    Gear check me!

    Just started to get this toon into ICC, i have studied rotations / prioritys and are rating stats as SP-Haste-spirit in that order ( obviously hit cap )

    here is my gear

    i just feel my dps is low, in peak times i have high latency but use quartx so it no excuse, hitting 5-6k dps only is that about right?

    plz help

    PS i no i have pvp items but they are better than any pve ones i came across so far

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    Spend some time and go farm PoS and ToC for Abyssal Rune and Nevermelting Ice Crystal. Trinkets are a big part of your dps, and the ones you have will not cut it. There really isn't an excuse for using non-epic gems of non-BiS enchants. Replace the 15 haste to cloak with 23, replace your gems. If you want to save money on a chest enchant, get 15 spirit, not 8 stats.

    Don't stress holding on to t9 set bonuses. Get the craftable ICC pants, the craftable ToC chest, and start getting your t10 gear.

    Even with what you have, you could be hitting 7k if you carefully correct this problem most priests are guiltily of.

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    nice site not come across that before thanks for link, farming ToC atm for rune, and PoS just not getting the luck!

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    Well with 3/3 Shadow Affinity, you only need 289 Hit rating... Definitely get the Leggings of Woven Death, Merlin's Robe, and Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers...


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    Actually, you should get the tier 10 chest instead of Merlin's Robe, since you want to make the 4-set bonus without taking the legs since they have too much hit, and are the weakest of the set.

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