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    [Story] The Rise of a Warrior, the Fall of a Paladin

    (This is the first part of a series that details Vetreth Morrowdawn's journey from a simple blacksmith of westfall to a master warrior of the alliance)
    (I will be updating this topic several times over the next few weeks detailing his journey)


    The town of Moonbrook in southern Westfall was alive with the bustle of the yearly farmer's market. Farmers from all around Westfall, and even as far away as Elwynn, had arrived to show their prize crops and learn about the newest farming technology to help them get even greater harvests the next year.

    Vetreth was in his father's blacksmith working on an order of horseshoes that they had received the week before ready to be collected later that day. The temperature in the forge was sweltering but Vetreth was used to the heat, he had worked in his father's forge for nearly thirty years and in recent times had become Westfall's primary blacksmith bringing in work from not just Westfall but the surrounding human states. His father, the owner of the blacksmith, had taken on more of a managerial role, finding contracts and advertising their products around Azeroth.

    Morrowdawn looked out the window towards the market and sighed. He would have loved to have visited the market and seen what new machines had been invented during the year and to have discovered some of the new varieties of vegetables that had been appearing from the south east in recent years. He looked down at the crates of horse shoes he had stacked up in the corner, there were three crates and a fourth and final one was open next to him nearly full. He returned to hammering the iron on the anvil in front of him, shaping another of the many horse shoes he was to finish that day. He placed the iron he was shaping into the forge to allow him to mould it further before plunging it into a trough of water next to him. One more horse shoe ready to be shipped later that day.

    A loud bang came from the back of the room, Vetreth turned around to see his father, Eugene , struggling to keep the tools on the shelf behind him. "Do you need some help old man?" He asked his father.
    "No don't you worry, I'll be fine" his father replied scooping up the last of the tools and placing it back on the shelf. "How's the shipment coming along son?" He asked Vetreth.
    "Nearly there" he replied. "I should be done just before the market closes. But I was wondering... never mind...".
    "What is it Vetreth? You want to go to the market don't you?" His father asked him with a smile. "Go, I'll finish up here, you've been working hard on this shipment for the past week and you deserve some time off." as Vetreth began to protest "Go! The buyers just contacted me and they want us to deliver the horseshoes to them, you've got a long ride to Lakeshire tomorrow so it's for the best that you relax for the rest of the day."

    The market was large and covered the majority of the small town of Moonbrook and as Morrowdawn drew near the regular sounds of the town and its local wildlife began to be drowned out by the excitement and merriment of the market. But as Vetreth reached the stalls he noticed that many of them, especially those that came from the south, did not have the variety and size of crops that were usually seen at these markets. Looking closer he noticed that many of the crops looked like they were rotting, even though they had been harvested merely days ago. The farmer's prize marrows were the size of pears and the livestock had the sickly look of something that had been fed only on what would suffice but not what the animal needed. Listening up, the sounds that Vetreth had attributed to merriment were in fact the sounds of disheartened farmers discussing the recent downturn in the yield of their harvests.

    This market does not bode well for the winter. Vetreth thought to himself. The majority of Westfall's food was sent out to feed Stormwind, if the crops were beginning to fail there could be a famine. He tried to put the thought out of his mind, people were always predicting dire times ahead,
    But this is different... he thought to himself. Those vegetables looked tainted. He pressed onward into the market to see more of what was on offer but other than an interesting prototype for a golem that can perform basic farmyard tasks there was nothing more to see. The light was beginning to fail so Vetreth returned to his father's blacksmith to collect his horse that was hitched outside.

    He rode for several minutes across the dusty expanses of the Westfall planes, the rising moon cast a ghostly aura over the ground in front of him. He rode for several more minutes until he reached his family home. Through the windows he could spy a warm glow from a roaring fire over which a cooking pot full of a delicious looking stew was suspended. He rode up and hitched his horse to a post on the edge of the house before walking through the door.
    "Vetreth you're back late!" shouted Yvette, Vetreth's wife and mother of his child.
    "I was checking out the market" he replied. "This year's harvest doesn't look good..." he added solemnly. "Well, never mind about that now, your food's been ready for half an hour, come on get eating!" she pushed him into a chair as she dished up the stew and placed the bowl in front of him.
    Vetreth ravenously wolfed down the food, he had not eaten since the morning as he had been in the blacksmith until late afternoon and because the market food had been so poor he had not eaten there either.
    "Before I forget, I've got to travel to Lakeshire tomorrow, the shipment of horseshoes that was meant to be collected today is going to have to be delivered instead so Eugene has asked me to take them up to Lakeshire for him." Vetreth said cautiously, he did not want to get in his wife's bad books.
    "But what about your son? You don't spend enough time with him, and this Lakeshire trip... that'll take up to a week and I'm sure that when you get back your father will have you working straight back into the blacksmith... he works you too hard Vetreth." Replied Yvette with obvious concern.
    "I'll be fine Yvette, honestly, and with a blacksmith that's doing as well as his I'll have to keep working hard until we can get past these orders and start looking for some more help-" he starts talking louder as Yvette shows signs of protesting- "look, I can understand why you're upset, but i promise that when I get back from Lakeshire I'll ask Eugene for some time off. Ok?"
    She smiled. "Ok, now you've got a long trip ahead of you tomorrow and I want you there and back as soon as possible so you're going to bed now so you can get up and leave nice and early so you'll be back all the faster. No arguing bed!"

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    Very good so far
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    Best of 5 years!

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    The Passage Through Elwynn

    Chapter 1: The Ride to Redridge

    The Sun began to rise over the sleepy province of Westfall casting its friendly glow over the planes below and casting its glare through the farmhouse window onto the form of Vetreth Morrowdawn. He moaned. The form began to fidget until eventually it cast of its sheets and sat up. I hate early mornings. He thought to himself as he began stretch his arms out in a yawn. He reached for his shirt and trousers and checked that he had everything he needed for the journey.

    A man was calling for him outside, Eugene's here already... so much for breakfast before I leave.
    He got up and made his way towards the door before going back for a long wooden box that was under his bed. Just in case. He made his way downstairs where he was met by his father.
    "I'd tell you to make yourself at home but you've done that already apparently" He said to his father smiling, he reached over to give him a hug.
    "No time for that my boy, you've got a long journey ahead of you today, I'm hoping you'll get to Goldshire at the least but as an incentive, if you can get there by mid afternoon you can take a few days off when you come back". Eugene replied also smiling. "Here, take these coins, buy Yvette something nice... oh and I want you to take this letter to the blacksmith there too."
    "Letter? What are you scheming now Dad..."
    "Don't you worry, let's just say I might be securing your future, and your grandson's future" Eugene winked. "Now get going or you won't even be past Westbrook garrison by sunset." Eugene untied his horse from the cart he drove here and rode off, waving to Yvette who had just got up to see what the racket was.

    Vetreth loaded up his luggage into the back of the cart, tucking his bags inbetween the crates of horse shoes. He then walked over to his horse and brought it over to the cart and attached the shafts of the cart to the horse's saddle. While he was by the cart he placed the long thin wooden box under his seat. He turned round to see Yvette scrutinising the box.
    "What's in that box Vetreth?" She asked with a stern look in her eye.
    "Which box?" Vetreth replied. His face a mask, hiding any emotion that he may have.
    Yvette walked over to the cart seat. "This one!" she said pointing at the box underneath the seat of the cart.
    "That... that is my insurance..." Replied Vetreth uneasily. His wife looked him in the eye raising an eyebrow. He quickly glanced away. He'd never been good at lying to his wife's face.
    She lifted the lid of the box "I thought as much..." she replied. Disapproval written all over her face. "Just be careful ok?"
    "Don't worry, it's just for protection, if things go well it won't get out of the box. If things go less well... then at least I brought something to smooth things over." he got up onto the cart and brought up the reigns of his horse and started the horses at a trot.
    "Wait up a minute" his wife said. He stopped in front of the house and his wife leaned up and kissed him. "Don't be too long!" she called over to him as he started the horse moving again. A gentle trot at first but after a few moments he started it up in a gallop.

    The journey north was mostly uneventful and he passed Sentinel hill within the hour, passing by the traders that held their wares beneath the sentry tower where the soldiers of Stormwind watched over Westfall, protecting and guiding the populace and settling local disputes over land and possession. He continued northwards passing the Saldean's farmstead and beginning the long journey east through what remained of Westfall and Elwynn forest and beyond. He reached the Westbrook garrison by mid morning where he was delayed momentarily by a large and formidable Gnoll. After several more hours of travel Vetreth arrived in Goldshire.

    Vetreth got down from the cart and left it on the road next to the Lions Pride Inn. He decided to explore the town. Within the town were several stalls and a large blacksmith. the major feature of the town was the inn however. Vetreth had not eaten yet today so he decided that visiting the inn would be a highlight of his trip. He entered the inn and was greeted by a roaring fire and a bustling room full of happy patrons enjoying their meals, and in the case of some the alcohol.

    "What can I do ya for?" the barmaid asked as Vetreth approached the bar.
    "I'll have whatever meal is quickest to make" he replied before finding a table to sit down at.
    A woman sidled up to him. "Want to come upstairs with me?" she asked " There's a particular room I know of that's is quite empty..."
    This act of gross indecency shocked and offended Vetreth. "I'm married and have a son!" he said loudly to the woman. "Now let me eat my meal in peace!"
    The barmaid came over carrying Vetreth's food. "Oh I recognise you! Aht! I've told ya before, stop botherin' my patrons!" she turned to Vetreth. " I hope she didn't offend you, a lot of the younger generation have taken to performing acts of gross indecency in the guestrooms upstairs. We try to stop them but there's telling some of 'em" She placed the food on the table in front of Vetreth.
    "'ere you go darlin'".

    Vetreth ate the food quickly for he had not eaten for several hours. After finishing his food he returned outside to continue his journey to Lakeshire. He untied his cart from the post next to the inn and got onto the seat at the front of the cart. Before starting off he checked under the seat for the box, he felt its reassuring form and started the horse onwards towards his final destination for the day, the Eastvale Logging camp. The sun had passed through the centre of the sky and was now deep in its descent as it falls covering the forest in a silvery mist. Vetreth had passed the Tower of Azora and, having crossed the river, was making his way to the Eastvale Logging Camp when darkness placed its grip on Elwynn, casting its black gaze over the forest and making travel over long distances a serious danger as the dark that seeped in from Duskwood had a strange effect on the forests of Elwynn at night, unleashing all manner of horror on the world. Indeed, many a resident mentioned sightings of deformed green peoples, similar in stature to humans but bulkier. The guards did not believe these stories as anything more than superstition but the residents knew, something was changing in Elwynn at night, and not necessarily for the good.

    Morrowdawn rode up to the logging camp ad spotted a man that seemed to be in charge.
    "Hello?" He called out to the man
    The man turned around. "Hello! What brings a stranger to these parts at this time of night?"
    "I've been travelling all day from Westfall and was hoping to stay here for the night?" Morrowdawn replied. "I have money to pay for any burden I may place upon you."
    "It will be our pleasure to have a guest, unfortunately the only room we have is in the stables but I'm sure we can make things more comfortable for you I have to warn you though, our operation begins early and you'll probably be disturbed."
    "That will be fine." Vetreth replied. "I'll only be staying for the night and I'll need to be up and ready to leave early so that will suit me fine."

    Vetreth hitched his horse to the fence surrounding the stable. He climbed up to the back of the cart and extracted his satchel from the back of the cart. He then returned to the front of the cart and took the box out from under the seat. He moved into the stable and found a soft patch of hay. He made himself comfortable and soon began to slumber, underneath the watchful eye of the moon.


    Morrowdawn woke with a start. There was something happening out there. He could hear the crackle of flames as men were shouting. Crashes could be heard as things were thrown against a building. This doesn't sound right, Vetreth thought to himself. He got up and ventured out of the stable doors.
    He was greeted by chaos.

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    My creativity cup, sir.. Is empty.

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    The Battle of the Lumber Mill

    The logging camp had erupted into a flurry of violence. Bandits had attacked, the lumber mill was drowning in a sea of fire, the dry wood being greedily swallowed by flames and on the ground next to the lumber mill were several workers, even from the stables Vetreth could tell that they were bleeding quite heavily and if someone didn't help them they would be dead within minutes. Further along the side of the lumber mill several men were fighting. Vetreth recognised one of them as the man who had allowed him to stay here the night before. As he watched, the man thrust his sword through the chest of an aggressor. But while he was struggling to remove the sword that had become trapped in his target's ribcage another invader came up behind him. The newcomer was wielding a large bloody battleaxe which he swung around his head a few times before planting it into the back of the man.

    I've got to do something! Vetreth thought to himself.
    He ran back into the stable and fumbled through the straw until he found what he was looking for. The long wooden box, he took a key out from his pocket and unlocked the box. He reached into the box and lifted out a long silver rifle, a gift from his uncle when he came of age nearly twenty years ago. He reached into his pocket and found his ammo pouch, he ran out of the stables and placed a bullet into the gun. The fight had begun to favour the bandits and many of the labourers were either dead or had run away into the night, perfect targets for the wolves or whatever else roamed these trees at night. Most of the bandits had left by this point, their goal achieved and the best of the worker's possessions pillaged but there were three still left. The first of them was a large brute of a man, seven feet tall and wielding two rusted cleavers. To his right was a much smaller man, he wore a bandana on his face and his daggers glistened with a sickly green liquid. On the left was a dark iron dwarf, fully geared in plate armour and wielding a claymore. These three were here purely to cause as much terror and chaos to the people that lived here.

    Vetreth looked down the rifle and fired a shot at the lead bandit. The shot missed by inches and caused a loud bang as it hit the burning wood behind them. They looked over.
    "Look right there, there's someone who wants to be a hero. Kam, show him how we deal with heroes!" the lead bandit bellowed, spit washing the ground in front of him with every new word spat out of his mouth.
    "With great pleasure." the dark-iron dwarf replied. He charged up to Vetreth swinging his blade madly at him.
    Vetreth rolled over and fired a round straight into the chest of the approaching dwarf.
    "Gah!" the dwarf shouted, reeling from the shot.
    "I'll take care of him!" the rogue on the right shouted, slipping into the shadows.
    Vetreth placed another bullet into the gun as he scanned the area for the rogue. A chance flicker from the flames revealed him to be right in the centre of the clearing, readying a dagger to throw at Vetreth. He immediately aimed and fired the gun at the rogue who attempted to vanish, the rogue catching him in the throat and shredding his jugular. The rogue fell on the ground gurgling to himself as the dwarf crawled back to the brute who was still standing watching as the fights happened.
    "I think it might be a good time to go lad, we're no match for the human." the dwarf said to the him. He looked down incredulously.
    "You!? Advising retreat?! I'd never have expected you of cowardice!" the dwarf began to protest "Go then if you think it's over, I'll bring you this man's head later as a reminder of your foolishness!"
    The bandit advanced on Morrowdawn, brushing aside any bullet that Morrowdawn launched at him.
    I'll have to get creative... Vetreth thought to himself. He noticed that the lumber mill behind the bandit looked structurally weak. He charged forward and pushed the bandit under the door frame, while the man was dazed he pushed as much gunpowder into his rifle as he could fit.
    Here goes something...
    He aimed at the beam that was hanging over the doorframe and fired a shot.

    The blast from the overfilled rifle pushed him to the ground. The slug ripped through the burning timber causing a mass of wood to fall, crushing the brute that Vetreth had pushed into the frame. The rapid movement of the wood put out the worst of the flames and returned the area to something approaching peace.
    In the commotion of the battle Vetreth had not noticed the breaking of dawn. The sun rose swiftly casting a new view on the events that had transpired here. The rogue on the ground continued to twitch for several more minutes until eventually his gurgling stopped and he lay still.
    From the distance Vetreth could see a platoon of soldiers arriving led by what looked like the Marshal of the Stormwind army.

    "You there! The man with the rifle! What happened here?" Marshal Haggard asked him.
    "Bandits sir, they attacked and attempted to burn down the lumber mill..." He looked at the mill "...well actually it looks like they succeeded"
    "And what about this man here?" the Marshal pointed his sword at the rogue.
    "He was one of the bandits, he tried to attack me so I shot my rifle at him."
    "Yes, and a right mess you've made of him too...Well my men here will clear this mess up, return to whatever you were doing citizen."

    Vetreth stood back and watched as the soldiers went about their work, removing the bodies , noting down any damage and comforting the survivors. They began to remove the wood from the torched lumber mill in a bid to help with the cleanup when something stirred within the wood. Suddenly the piles of wood on the mill flew to the sky and a roar could be heard coming from the centre. Soldiers ran forward to try and tackle the beast that was trapped beneath the wood. Any that attacked were sent reeling back by the twin cleavers he wielded. Vetreth raised his gun and fired a round off at the man that was cleaving soldiers left right and centre but the explosive shot that he had fired earlier had ruptured the rifle, the bullet got caught in the chamber and the gun went spinning out from his hand. Useless.

    "Soldiers get your blunderbuss out!" roared Marshall Haggard to the remaining soldiers. "Ready! Aim... FIRE!" He roared the last word and the clearing was suddenly filled with bullets zipping through the air, racing towards the mass under the wood. Blood showered the wood around the bandit as he slumped down, bullet wounds peppering his body.

    Vetreth helped with the rest of the clean-up but the owners of this mill had a lot of work to do if they were going to rebuild it back to how it once was. The sun had risen throughout all this until it reached a point that Vetreth decided he had to leave or he wouldn't make it to Lakeshire before nightfall. He began to pack his things back into his cart, as he walked around gathering his supplies he tripped on a metallic object on the ground. lifting it up he realised it was his rifle, bent out of shape by the explosive round and a dent in the edge. Humph, I doubt even a master tinker could return this to its glory. He thought to himself sadly, he decided to place it into his cart anyway, it was the only thing he had left from his uncle. He got up on his cart and set the horse off to a trot. Now for a real challenge, getting to Lakeshire before nightfall which looked to be less than four hours away.

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    The Unforseen Delay

    Morrowdawn pressed the horse onwards. he had to deliver this shipment to the regiment of Redridge or he'd lose his father's blacksmith money, and potentially lose the entire contract and sully future business relations. The cart began to shake erratically but still Vetreth pushed the horse to go faster. His cart soared over the ground, the horse's legs barely touching the ground as it raced onwards, through the rocky outcrops that constituted the pass into the Redridge Mountains.
    The cart began to shake violently but still Vetreth pushed on. In the distance Lake Everstill loomed, it's still waters reflecting the sun as it fell through the sky, its light a dancing along the still shores.

    There was a load bang as a cartwheel flew away and the cart jerked violently as it veered towards the right away from the road. The wooden shafts that connected the horse to the cart snapped, the startled horse continued to run onwards, the shafts dragging behind her as she continued along the Lakeridge Highway eventually out of eyeshot of Morrowdawn. Vetreth meanwhile had bigger problems than a lost horse. The cart was continuing to hurtle onwards, the vast momentum it had generated was now drawing it ever closer to the waters of the lake. Vetreth looked on in horror as his cart rushed towards the water.
    I've got two priorities now... he thought to himself. Save myself, and save the load... but how can I manage both? He began to scramble through the supplied he had brought with him looking for something, anything, he could use to slow the cart. He picked up his satchel looking through for anything of use. Nothing...he threw the satchel aside and continued to search through the bottom of the cart until he was suddenly struck by an idea.

    The reins! I can fashion a lasso and attempt to grab onto a tree!
    He immediately ripped the reins from the front of the cart and fashioned them into a lasso. He threw the makeshift lasso out at a nearby tree. The lasso missed.
    He attempted another throw onto a slightly closer tree. It caught on but only loosely and was cast off as the cart rushed past it. At this point time was getting short as the cart veered ever closer to Lake Everstill and its murky depths below. I've got one last attempt, I'll have to make it count.
    He threw the rope onto a third tree's branch. The rope held. Vetreth almost lost hold of the rope as it began to get pulled away from him. He gripped as tightly as he could to the end of the rope but was pulled to the floor of the cart, slowly being pulled off the cart until his left leg got caught in the side of the cart.

    He roared with pain as he felt his leg snap but this also gave him the leverage he needed to get the cart back under control. With a roar of pain Vetreth pulled the rope tightly causing the cart to keel over onto it's side and stopping it mere inches away from the edge of the lake. Vetreth looked down at his leg. There was blood surrounding the wound and he could see his leg had twisted in a manner he had not thought possible before today. Around him were dozens of horseshoes that had fallen out of the crates during the crash. The lids must have come off the crates of the shipment... he thought to himself Wait! The shipment! I've got to... deliver it... to Lakeshire before... the night... Vetreth passed out. The pain that the adrenaline had blocked out had come back to him with interest and this caused his body to shut down in order to escape the torture. As his eyes began to close he thought he could spot a figure walking towards him in the distance.

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    Did you mentioned one of his legs being injured in your BIO or am I imagining things?

    Because damn... that's a pretty badass way to hurt a leg. I know an uncle that has an injury in his leg from a rifle back from Vietnam, but damn, a rifle shoot doesn't compare to stopping a runaway cart with his leg.
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    Not in the current bio. Originally I did mention an injured leg as one of his weaknesses but when I wrote up the bio I completely forgot about it.

    When I finish the story it'll needd a massive overhaul but that can wait

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    The Stranger

    Chapter 2: The Recovery in Redridge

    Vetreth opened his eyes.
    He was in a bed in a brightly lit room. Looking around he could see that though it was sparsely decorated it had a homely feel to it, as though it had just about everything that the owner needed, and it probably did. He moved to get up and felt a sharp jolt of pain coming from his left calf. He looked down. He could no longer see his leg, what was there instead was a mass of bandages with a large wooden splint holding it straight. He poked the mass of bandages trying to find where the bandages ended and the leg began. He let out a sharp yelp as pain signals rushed up at him from his lag. He had found it.

    "So yer finally awake?" A gruff voice came at him from the other side of the room. He looked over, a dwarf stood in the doorway looking across at him. He was dressed in the plain white robes of a priest, and judging by the gold lining around the edges, a high ranking one. His face had the look of something that had been chiselled out of stone, quite badly at that, and
    "When I found yer lad. Yer cart was broken, it was on its side and its contents spilt onta the road side. Not only that, but yer leg was snapped in half and bleeding right onto the roadside. What the bleedin hell happened to yer?"

    Vetreth looked at the Dwarf in surprise. He'd never heard a man... dwarf... of the cloth blaspheme before, and this priest was not acting like any of the old priests back in Moonbrook, they were all old men that, if they had heard what the dwarf had just said, would have had heart attacks.
    "Are yer death lad? I asked yer how the blazes you got into that situation!" The Dwarf said to him, more firmly this time. Vetreth just didn't know how to answer, the situation was something that he'd never dreamed of being in. He suddenly let out a yelp of pain as his left leg twitched.
    "Ah, yer leg's givin' yer trouble? Lemme see if I can't sort that out for yer."
    The dwarf began to undo the bandages around Vetreth's leg with an efficiency that startled him.
    "Ah, the wound's not nearly healed yet, I shoulda known ta not bandage the wound before looking at it... there's all sorts of grit in here... just what happened?" he asked again while he cleaned the wound and applied an ointment.
    Vetreth winced as the dwarf applied the ointment but decided there was nothing to be gained in secrecy.
    "The cart lost a wheel and started veering off the road." Vetreth began. "I tried to control it but the horse broke free. I grabbed the reigns and tried to lasso a tree with them, I got it on there but the reigns pulled me over, I almost got pulled out of the cart but then my leg got caught in the cart which stopped the cart."
    "My word lad! That's a mighty tall tale you've got going there! If I wasn't the one that was looking after yer leg I don't think I'd have believed it myself!" The Dwarf looked at Vetreth. "I wonder if there weren't some force helpin' yer then lad... because I don't think it's likely that yer leg would have held on in normal means... anyway that's beside the point. I was fixing yer leg..." The Dwarf looked troubled as he performed a prayer of mending upon Vetreth's leg. The look puzzled Vetreth as he had no idea what the Dwarf had been on about.

    After several minutes of praying the dwarf stopped and examined the wound. Apparently happy with the effect of the praying, though Vetreth could see little difference in the wound, he bandaged it back up again.
    "Well then lad, yer haven't told me yer name or what yer doing in Redridge." He said to Vetreth once he had finished.
    "My name's Vetreth Morrowdawn, I'm a blacksmith and I'm here to deliver a shipment to-" Vetreth suddenly remembered why he was here. "Wait! The shipment! Tell me the cart didn't fall in the lake! Tell me that this journey wasn't for nothing?" He looked at the dwarf pleadingly.
    "There's no need ta worry lad. I brought yer cart back to the house with me. Tell me who the shipment was fer and I'll have one of the lads in the town take it right up ta them." The dwarf replied reassuringly.
    "It's for the Regiment. If it's all the same to you dwarf, I'd rather take it to them myself, I'll need to explain why the shipment's late and I think it's best if it comes from the mouth of the one that was meant to be delivering it." Vetreth said firmly.
    The dwarf looked at him for a few moments. "Are yer sure you feel up ta it?" Vetreth nodded.
    "Well fine then lad, I'll get yer some food to fill yerself with and then we'll be off." The dwarf walked out of the room to get some food for Morrowdawn.

    He returned five minutes later with a tray that had a few slices of bread, some cheese and a glass of water. "I know it's not much, but it's all I can spare for yer." the dwarf said as he gave Morrowdawn the food. Vetreth ate the food placed in front of him slowly, although he had not eaten in nearly fourteen hours, he was not that hungry. The dwarf sat in an armchair in the corner watching him as he ate. The dwarf stood as soon as Vetreth had finished.
    "Right then lad, off we go ta take yer shipment up ta the Regiment, that'll be in Stonewatch Keep. Yer cart's outside all fixed up and has yer belongings all loaded up." The Dwarf said helping Vetreth out of the bed. "The name's Beldruk Rockblesser by the way laddy."

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    Very interesting.... this is good stuff have you ever tried writing for the blizz writing contest?

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    The pair walked outside and it was then Vetreth could see what damage had really been caused to the cart. The right rear cartwheel had been replaced by a new wheel that was slightly too big and a different type of wood. The spokes that had held previously held the wheels on had snapped and had been carefully repaired by tying new pieces of wood to the spokes in the manner of a splint. The underside was covered in scratches where it had slid across the ground as hurtled towards the lake. He could even see the panel where his leg had got caught as he tried to bring the cart under control, the wood had splintered and he could see a surprising amount of blood around the hole.

    "Admiring the damage are yer lad?" Rockblesser asked. "I have ta admit. It was not easy to repair, especially with the meagre funds I had on offer. But it'll work and that's the main thing, right lad?"

    "Did you spend a lot repairing the cart?" Vetreth asked with concern, he had not wanted to waste the dwarf's money.

    "Don't worry about it lad, now let's get on with delivering yer shipment to the soldiers, get on yer cart lad." Beldruk said as he climbed up into the passenger seat. He looked back at Morrowdawn. "Are yer coming up here or do I have ta drive this cart myself?"

    Morrowdawn quickly jumped into the driver's seat and grabbed the reigns. They were the same reigns he had used to prevent the cart from crashing into the lake and they were worn thin around parts. He called out for the horse to move, it was then he realised that what was in front of him was not his horse but a brown ram. He set the ram off going into a gentle trot. He began to gather speed when it suddenly hit him. He had no idea about the area, why was he driving. He began to voice his concerns to the dwarf.

    "Don't worry lad!" Beldruk stifled him as he began to voice his concerns. "Just follow the road north, I'll warn yer if yer start going the wrong way."

    The journey north to Stonewatch Keep was mostly uneventful with little in the way of entertainment, very little was spoken between the two men barring directions from Rockblesser on which turning to take and the like. Eventually midday came and went and they had almost reached the destination of their journey but all of a sudden Rockblesser ordered Vetreth to stop.

    "Wait here lad... the tower's meant to be over that hill, but there's smoke... it doesn't look good. Let me check it out first..." he spoke out of the side of his mouth before dispersing into shadow and disappearing up the hill in front of them with no chance for Morrowdawn to ask him what was going on.

    Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes turned into hours. And after several of these hours darkness had fallen around them. Vetreth was beginning to get worried for the old Dwarves safety. "A shadow priest... he didn't mention that to me... where is that blasted dwarf anyway... he better not have done anything foolish..." suddenly there was a swarm of shadow next to him and Beldruk appeared to the right of him.

    "No time to explain lad, get yerself in the cart. We're getting out of here..." he whispered to Morrowdawn.

    "Wait what-?" Vetreth started before Beldruk put his hand over his mouth.

    "Keep yerself quiet lad! They'll hear you! Now just get in the cart and I'll explain on the way back to Lakeshire..." he whispered angrily at him before ragging him back to the cart.

    They ran over to the cart as quickly and quietly as they could and it seemed at first as if Rockblesser's fears were unfounded. But just as they both began to relax there was a call from over the hills. A voice roared over them in a language that neither of them understood.


    Morrowdawn looked around gulped and pushed the horses on. He did not want to see what being could create a yell that loud.

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    That leg is going to hurt for a looooooong time :c
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    Flight and Fight

    "What in the lights name are they?!" Morrowdawn shouted to Beldruk as the cart raced away down the dirt track away from the keep.

    "I've got no idea lad, but they killed all the soldiers in the tower and I'll be damned if they get away with it. You keep the cart steady, I'll get any that get too near." Beldruk replied before turning away.

    "What do you mean get too near? They're on foot aren't th- ARGH!" Vetreth yelled in horror as a green hulking beast riding a monstrous wolf swung a great axe into the side of the cart next to him where his hand had been only moments before. The green thing roared with displeasure at not cleaving Vetreth's head off and started another swing, this time aiming straight for Vetreth's chest.

    All he could see was the axe reaching closer and closer to his chest, powerless to stop it, he started to feel faint, his heart beat racing, thumping into his ears, his vision began to go cloudy but just as he thought it was all over a shadowy hand reached out and ripped the axe from in front of him and threw it straight at the Orc's face. It looked up with a blank look on its face, as if surprised for that to happen before a loud crack could be heard as a purple blast hit the Orc's mind. It fell forward and off the wolf, its foot still in the stirrups causing it to be dragged along the floor by the wolf.

    "Keep the damned cart steady lad! If you keep swerving like that the next one'll have yer head!" Beldruk yelled at Vetreth who's colour was gradually returning to him since that near death experience. He risked a look behind him, there were several more of those green things riding wolves behind them. Lakeshire was less than a mile away but that didn't matter as those wolves were just so much faster than them. He looked over at the dwarf who was chanting strange tongues while purple beams were firing out of his hands. Vetreth noticed that the crates of horse shoes were still in the cart.

    "Beldruk!" He yelled. "The crates are still in the cart! They're slowing us down and making it hard to steer! Throw them out."

    "Ah good thinking lad!" Rockblesser yelled back at him before grasping the crates and pushing them off one by one. The crates flew off the cart and smashed into the ground, blocking the paths of some of the wolves and throwing a few others flying into the air as the crates crashed into them. "That's the last of the crates gone lad! Now put some distance between us and those green monsters!"

    Morrowdawn pushed the horses onwards and they flew across the ground, the horses hooves barely seeming to touch the floor at times. He saw the bridge before them. If they could get across the bridge they could get help from the Lakeshire guard. Just as it seemed they were safe he heard a groan of pain from behind him. He turned and saw Rockblesser suddenly turn deathly white with a bloodstain forming on his white robe. One of the green beasts was leaning over him with a dark grin on its face and a bloody cleaver in its hand. It roared as it saw Morrowdawn and began to charge across the cart towards him.

    Vetreth looked around frantically for anything he could use to subdue the attacking monster and then it hit him. The rope he used to stop the cart from falling into the lake was still in here. He grabbed an end and made it into a lasso and threw it over the Orc's head. It blinked a few times in surprise before making another lunge at Vetreth.

    Morrowdawn turned to the monster. "Looks like you'll be hanging around for awhile." he said to him before dropping his end of the rope onto a passing tree branch. The Orc was ripped straight off of the cart leaving Morrowdawn room to see to Beldruk. His pulse is weak... he thought to himself. I've got to get him back to Lakeshire right away! He looked past Rockblesser to the path behind him. The beats were slowly getting up from the ground and they looked angry. He got back into the driving seat and set the horses off at a gallop.

    He reached Lakeshire within moments and immediately ran into the centre of town. "Help!" he shouted out. "There are some horrible beasts in the forest on their way here! And my friend, he's been stabbed by one." The villagers looked up at the sound of shouting and immediately panic ensued. a guar ran up to Morrowdawn.

    "What the hell are you shouting about causing a scene like that?!" the guard yelled at Morrowdawn.

    "Down the road, just a few minutes away from here, giant, great, hulking beasts! They ambushed me and my friend here, we barely got away but they're on their way here!" Vetreth replied.

    "What are you on about hulking beasts?!" he asked He looked at Vetreth's face. "Ah, it doesn't matter. Guards to me!" the guardsman shouted out.

    The guards all lined up across the side of the town net to the bridge and waited. Several minutes passed by and no one moved. Eventually the lead guard, that had spoken to Morrowdawn, sighed and broke the silence. "Looks like there's nothing coming." he turned around and saw Vetreth. "You! You'd better have some explanation-"

    "Watch out!" Vetreth yelled.

    Out of nowhere one of the green beasts jumped up and slashed towards the guardsman. The guardsman dodged out of the way span around and shoved his halberd straight into the beasts stomach. "At arms men!" he yelled.

    From across the bridge another dozen of the things charged shouting in their guttural tongue. From the guards towers a volley of arrows flew through the air and peppered the encroaching mass of green. Several of them fell for a moment but immediately got back up snarling and started running towards the guards again. The men ran forwards and swung their halberds up and in one sweep cleaved most of the monsters in half. several of those remaining saw what happened to their comrades and ran off, only to be shot down by arrow fire. There was only one of them remaining. A large hulking beast with two clubs, one in each hand. It roared at the sight of its fallen allies and swung its clubs and the closest guardsman smashing it down. "Get more men on that beast! Take it down!" roared the lead guard.

    Another two guardsmen went down as the monster smashed them with its clubs. Arrows continued to rain down onto it but it continued to keep on going as if nothing was touching it. Like a juggernaut it just ploughed through guard after guard after guard. "What the hell can we do against a thing like that?!" one of the guards yelled before being picked up and thrown into the air.

    The remaining guards turned and fled at this point leaving Morowdawn, the lead guard and an unconscious Rockblesser alone as the final line stopping this beast from destroying Lakeshire. "Can you handle a sword?" the guard yelled at Morrowdawn.

    "I learn quickly"

    "Well you better had!" the guard threw a sword at Morrowdawn which he caught. "Come on, this is our last chance!"

    The two men ran at the thing brandishing their blades swinging madly hoping to catch it off guard. The beast roared and threw one of its maces straight at the guard who fell straight to the ground.

    Looks like it's up to me then... Morrowdawn ran forward brandishing the sword and thrust it straight into the thing's back. The sword burst through the tough outer skin and ripped straight into the beast's heart. It roared at him and pushed him to the ground. It stood over Vetreth, blood pouring from the wound in its back. It raised its club to the sky and just as it brought it to the ground a purple blast hit it in the face and its skull imploded inwards. Morrowdawn turned around. Rockblesser was sitting up , his hands focused and his eyes locked on the beast. "I'd look away lad, this ain't gonna be pretty..."

    ((What's this another chapter? : O My internet's been playing up lately and I was bored so enjoy ))

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    Troubling News

    Chapter 3: The Return from Redridge

    Five days had passed since the strange monstrous beings had been defeated in the battle of Lakeshire and Morrowdawn had spent most of that time helping repair the damage caused by beasts or Orcs as they had decided to name them. On the first day Morrowdawn and Rockblesser were called to a meeting with Magistrate Solomon and the Captain of the Guard. There the Captain interrogated Vetreth about everything he knew about the Orcs. He was there for hours as he was forced to go into minute detail about everything that happened until eventually the Captain was satisfied and sent a runner to Stormwind with all the information they had about the Orcs. The runner was due back within three days and they were beginning to get worried.

    Morrowdawn put a crate he was carrying down next to the local blacksmith and noticed the Magistrate walk past. He ran over to him. "Any word on the runner yet?" he asked him.

    "No. And it's really starting to aggravate me. We've just been attacked by a foreign invasion force and Stormwind doesn't even take the time to even acknowledge anything's wrong. Either they don't care about us or something's seriously amiss in Stormwind. Either way it's not good for anyone."

    Morrowdawn sighed at that news. He wanted to get home and see his family but now he was involved in this attack he knew he'd have to see it through to the end. He walked back over to the blacksmiths. Perhaps he could help out here while he waited for news from Stormwind. It would be good to have something to do now that the cleanup was complete and he'd always found it relaxing sitting in the forge with the dull tones of his hammer permeating through the room. And besides, he didn't know how long he'd be staying and he'd need some money if he was going to stay much longer. Beldruk was happy to let him live at his house but Vetreth was beginning to feel guilty because of all the things that he'd done for him that he hadn't been able to repay him for.

    Suddenly a man rode into town onto a horse calling out for Magistrate Solomon. He was covered in blood and there was an arrow impaled into his left shoulder. The magistrate ran straight over. "My god man! Get him to a doctor at once someone!"

    The man on the horse shook his head. "No time. Attack on Stormwind. Half the guard dead. Great green beasts."

    "Slow down man! We can't understand a word you're saying, and you there, get a doctor over here."

    The man took a deep breath. " We were ambushed by these green things. They killed many of the guard. I was on my way to here to send word that the King had heard your message when they attacked. We fought them off eventually but they headed off into the forest to the west. I rode straight here once they were gone."

    Morrowdawn heard the man mention into the west. West of Stormwind was Westfall. "Were they on their way to Westfall?!" he yelled at the man.

    "I...I don't know..." the man replied shakily.

    "Think!" Morrowdawn yelled at him.

    "Um..." the man thought for awhile. "Yes I think so..."

    Vetreth roared with frustration. He ran over to the stables and grabbed a saddle and threw it onto a the closest horse. "Just what do you think you're doing?!" The magistrate yelled at him.

    "I'm going to Westfall... I have to save my family from these Orcs... I can't leave them alone with those beasts!"

    The magistrate nodded. "Ok... but you're bringing my horse back when you're done!"

    Vetreth chuckled. "Aye sir"

    He rode off into the distance. He could not allow his family to die.
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    This is great! It started a little slow but once the action picked up it got intense! It is really well written... wait...

    Quote Originally Posted by Aramore View Post
    The fight had begun to favour the bandits and many of the labourers were either dead .

    Haha just kidding. Keep it up. I can't wait for the next installment

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    Dowant mooar!

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    The Urgent Return

    Vetreth reached the Elwynn-Redridge border within the hour and was well on his way past the lumber mill before the sun had even reached its zenith at the centre of the sky. He quickly muttered a quick prayer of thanks to the light for the haste that had been granted to him for his journey. The lack of cart must have made a difference too. He thought to himself and smiled for a moment before he remembered where he was going and his stern demeanour returned once again.

    For hours he urged his horse to reach ever increasing speeds, racing passed merchants and peasants that were fleeing from the attack upon Stormwind and gathering angry looks and words from those that he did pass. These continued until in the distance a contingent of Royal Stormwind Guards were gathered around a torched building just to the east of Goldshire.

    "You there! Man racing on a horse what is your business travelling through Elwynn at such high speeds?" The lead guard yelled at Morrowdawn.

    He considered ignoring the guardsman's question for a moment but a quick glance at the mass of soldiers equipped with dwarven made crossbows convinced him to slow and stop just before the guard. He dismounted his horse and strode over to the man and behind him his horse trotted over to a pool of water, eager to quench the thirst it had developed after a seven hour riding marathon with no stops.

    "I'm travelling to Westfall. My family are there and I need to make sure they're safe." Morrowdawn replied.

    "No one is to travel west of Stormwind by order of King Wrynn" The soldier replied. "You'll have to turn back."

    Morrowdawn fought to keep his emotions level. "As I just said. My family are in Westfall alone and the Orcs are on their way there. If you don't let me through they will die. And if they die I will track you down."

    The guard stood uneasily for a moment as he glanced at the large blacksmith's muscles on Morrowdawn's arms. "I-I'm sorry sir, but these are my orders. You're welcome to take it up with my superiors though."

    Morrowdawn flashed his eyes at the man menacingly for a moment and the guard stepped back a few feet. "Do you really want to stand between me and my family?"

    "I-I can't d-d-do anything about it... if m-m-my superiors heard I'd l-let anyone th-through I'd be t-tasked on paperwork for m-m-months!"

    "Where would you rather be? Safe behind the lines doing paperwork for the next few months out of the way of the Orcs? Or squashed beneath my boot n the ground below." Morrowdawn began to advance on the man.

    "J-just go!" The guard yelled running back into the group of men.

    "I thought so." Morrowdawn muttered before returning to his horse and continuing his journey back to Westfall.


    The going was much slower after that brief stop as the horse had been tired out by the morning's sprinted marathon and no matter what encouragement he tried giving to the horse it wouldn't go faster than a slow run.

    During this time Vetreth began to think about what he would do if he actually caught up to his family only to find it under attack by Orcs. He had no sword, his gun had been abandoned after it ruptured and he didn't even have his blacksmith's hammers. There may be a few things around the house I could defend them with he thought to himself. But no. He'd seen how strong those beasts had been. It was unlikely anything in his house could make a real difference but he would have to try anything if it came down to it. He would not step down even if it meant certain death for himself. If his intervention helped his family have even just an extra minute to escape then it was worth it to him.

    While he was lost in his thoughts the sun had began to set in the sky and his horse was just reaching the border. The fervour that had driven him to rush after his family was beginning to drain out of him as exhaustion began to set in. His eyes drooped for a moment before he forced them back open.

    He had to get to his family tonight, there was no time to waste waiting for tomorrow...

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    The Happening

    Pain coursed through Vetreth's leg as he found himself face down in the mud of a dried out river, his leg still in the stirrup of his horse. He turned his efforts towards removing his foot from the stirrup before standing up and taking a look at his surroundings.

    He was in a trench to the South of the Westbrook garrison on the border of Elwynn and Westfall. The sun was high in the sky but its bright glow was dulled by smoke that was rising up into the sky over Elwynn originating from somewhere in the West. Its light was further sullied by the leaves of the trees leaving it to cast a dark green glow onto Vetreth.

    He returned to his horse and checked that the fall into the river had not done any serious damage. Once he was satisfied the horse was safe to ride he guided it along the trench until he found a point where the horse could climb its way out. Once out the ditch he quickly searched the horse's saddle bags for any food that may be in there. He had not packed anything before his departure but he was secretly hoping that the magistrate had not emptied his bags after his last trip for he had not eaten in over a day and the hunger was beginning to get to him. Besides, he would be no use to his family malnourished.

    He found a few crusts of rotten bread and what was probably an apple. Grimacing he forced the food down his throat and was about to close the bag when he noticed something glinting at the bottom of the bag. It was a finely sharpened dagger. This could come in useful he thought to himself placing the dagger onto his belt.

    He remounted the horse and set it off down the path towards Westfall. The previous morning's activities still weighed heavily on the horse and it could manage little more than a quick canter down the road. Once in Westfall proper Vetreth could see firsthand the destruction wrought by the marauding Orcs and the stench of death that met him after he moved over the first hill almost caused him to be violently sick.

    Men, women and children were laying on the ground strewn around in positions that no living body could possibly meet. Large chunks of flesh were splattered across the roads and the farmsteads were in ruins. Every once in awhile an Orc 's corpse was among the piles of human bodies, wounds ranging from the spray of a farmer's blunderbuss to axe blows presumably delivered by other Orcs for no present reason.

    In the distance Sentinel Hill's could just be seen from where Vetreth was, although the smoke obscured any view of the tower that he may have had on the otherwise clear day. He pressed the horse onwards which began to whinny with displeasure but began to move at a faster speed and after another hour they began to draw near to his house. He craned his head for a better view of his house. From the outside there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the house. A sudden flood of relief flooded through Morrowdawn but as he reached the front gate of the house he noticed it was hanging off its hinges.

    He looked at the ground and saw large footprints leading to and from the house. Terror was building inside of him as he dismounted the horse and slowly walked up to the door, his right hand hovering around the dagger on his belt.

    Upon reaching the door he noticed it too was burst open. He gulped and breathed in heavily before finally moving his hand up to the door and pushing it open.

    Inside the house was a mess. The table was overturned and papers were strewn over the floor. There was an axe imbedded into the wall and a trail of blood led upstairs where at the top step a human hand was just laying there, dripping blood from the wrist. Vetreth fought down some bile as he slowly walked up the stairs and eventually reached the hand. It had been severed from its owner's bodies but he recognised it as one of his father's. He shook his head a few times before continuing on. He looked into his son's room but there was no one or nothing in there other than a mass of destroyed furniture. His son nowhere to be seen.

    He moved back out of the room and continued onwards to the master bedroom. He gripped the door handle and pulled it open and a great beast fell upon him. He instinctively grabbed the dagger and slashed at the figure which fell harmlessly to the ground next to him. He looked at the Orc body for a moment. It's head had been cracked open by something. He moved onwards into the room and saw a figure on the bed. He ran over to it and saw that it had a candlestick in its hand.

    "By the light Yvette!" he yelled and ran straight over to her.

    He grabbed her lifeless form and cried into her, begging her to wake back up. "It's ok! You're safe now" he cried out inbetween sobs. He ran his hands over her body and found an axe imbedded into her back. He wrenched it out and in a fit of rage plunged it straight into the Orc causing a fountain of blood to erupt from the corpse. He pulled it out and again thrust it into the Orc. He repeated this several times before roaring with rage.

    He ran over to Yvette and undid a necklace of a symbol of the light from her and placed it onto himself. He then went to a side table, pulled out a drawer and plunged his hand into it. He pulled a key out and ran down stairs with the key in his hand. He moved a rug from the living room and revealed the floorboards. He uprooted a few of them in the centre of room. Reaching down into the new hole in the ground he found what he was looking for, a great wooden chest. With a grunt he forced the chest out from the ground and inserted the key into the lock.

    Inside the chest was a set of armour that had been passed down from father to son for generations and had seen service in every major human conflict since the troll wars. He quickly went about equipping the armour. Once the armour was fully equipped he reached down and pulled a truesilver sword from the chest. This blade had killed a member of every known race on Azeroth. It was time to give it a new focus.

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    I like this and as such you can have one free internetz! How does that make you feel?

    Not joking however, this is an excellent read, I would go so far as to say your quite talented.
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