Hello all, Recently a Poll has surfaced on offical PS Blog offering with enough postive votes that SOCOM 2 will be remastered.

I for one iam super excited about this news and I come to spread the word to help the cause! For people that have played socom 2 they will know that this game was revolutionary and paved the way for all the great Third/First person shooter out there. I ask the MMO-Champion community now to please go to this link and vote up Socom 2 HD!


Also if you can help out please try and spread the word and get others to vote aswell! Any little bit helps!

About SOCOM 2

SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs is a third-person tactical shooter video game for the PlayStation 2 and a sequel to SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. The game was developed by Zipper Interactive in collaboration with the Naval Special Warfare Command and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. SOCOM II was released on November 4, 2003.


- Fully intergrated Lobby
- User created Ranked Rooms
- In-game Friends list/Join game feature
- 24+ Different maps
- Clan/Guild support - List,Rank,Join game from Clan list, Ladder matches
- Pre/post game lobbies free to join *Pick through created rooms and play with people you want/mode.
- Full weapon support any weapon a current nex-gen game has including attachments to customize
- Character selection - Choose from character models you want to play as.
- and More....