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    Real ID 'hidden' status?

    Reading the news and the FAQ it seems that there will be no 'hidden' mode for RealID.
    So after i add some friends i wont be able to play SCII or secretly lvl up an alt during that ICC alt-run with some puggies and fail people without being bothered to join?
    Hope they will soon add a feature to hide certain activities from certain people ;p

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    Hrm, me too. Occasionally I don't feel like raiding and don't have an excuse not to go D:

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    This would be grave news. Do NOT want to be forced to show my online status.
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    Even so, The realid ting is only for "Real" friends so its not like your gonna add tons of people so even if i myself would want a ghost status im sure it will be there eventually if not at launch.
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    i read a blizzard quote that there is no "hidden" state at all...

    thats why i will only add people via RealID that i know IRL
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    I see where you're coming from but I do the same thing in life that I do in video games. If I do not completely enjoy someone through and through, they are forgotten and cut from my life. I don't need to avoid them, I don't need to hide from them, I do whatever it is I want to do period. If you're trying to dodge your guilds invites, you should not be in a guild. Or perhaps I am just a more loyal person than you guys seem to be

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    Just make sure you don't add those people from whom you want to hide occasionally as a realid-friend.

    You can still add people to your list by charactername without adding them as a realidfriend.

    Only use it for IRL friends, family, or friends from the game(s) from whom you won't want to hide/escape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redjack View Post
    thats why i will only add people via RealID that i know IRL
    You're supposed to do exactly that with the RealID system

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    my question is will some harcore raiding guilds require you to connect real id with the rl so that if you are having an off day and dont want to raid they can track you down?

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