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    Stories by Roleplayers

    Considering we have several stories in the RP forums, I decided to make a sticky so that if the interest in any particular story were to wain and it sunk into the murkiness that is not page one of the forum, that if one wanted to read it again, they could easily find it. I believe I have all of them here, so if you make a new one and I don't post it, or I forgot one, don't hesitate to comment! In a post where you want your story added, please give a link to it, as well as a brief blurb or summary of the story.

    Current stories are below, in no particular order.

    A Paladin In the Making, By Mistress Elizabeth - Years of conflict with the Defias has left young Elizabeth, a half elf citizen living with her father of the lands of Westfall, fatherless, homeless and without an aim in life, making her travel over to the human capital of Stormwind with her mind set on becoming one of the many soldiers sent out into the battlefield. Once rejected by an army recruiter, the woman is directed to the Cathedral of Light, in which place she finds the open arms of the members of the church and her calling by the light, eventually bringing her to a journey in life as a paladin of the church of light.

    A Rogue's Journal, By Syrra Coventry - A series of journal entries detailing the adventures of a young Rogue.

    Bound by Blood, By Lokann - The story of Azraella and Anarys, two elven sisters forcefully seperated during the Scourge attack upon Quel'thalas.

    Two Shadows, By The Madgod - A short story of Morzath Shadowpyre, and an attempted assassination.

    Call of the Wolf, by Syrra Coventry - A half-breed rogue, once barely tolerated by her own people, now thrust half a world away and fighting the inexorable change into something both ancient and primal.

    The Rise of a Warrior, the Fall of a Paladin, By Aramore - The first part of a series that details Vetreth Morrowdawn's journey from a simple blacksmith of westfall to a master warrior of the alliance.

    Dark Past, By Jesus of Suburbia - The life story of an elven priest, Jaelen Blackflame

    Bio of a Reaver, By Syrra Coventry - Excerpts of one woman's world thrust into chaos.

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