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    Thoughts? Good/bad, old/new, cool/boring?

    I think the combat system looks great and will make this MMO really stand out, not to mention the DX11 graphics..

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    I have been looking into this Game for quite some time... been trying to get into the FGT (Focus Group Test).
    soon they will have a CBT for US/EU im quite sure. its mainly the first of its kind, it is suppose to have an Open world Seamless like WoW.
    with Instances/Raids and excellent PVP. the way the combat works is like a Hack and Slash game where your melee/ranged attack has to hit the target in order to deal DMG.

    like the Tank classes for instance need to use their shield and i mean actually use it not just have 25% chance to block they actually have to bring it up at the right time to block a sword attack or anything. as a melee i noticed you get a dodge skill to leap to the left or right and maybe the back. for say a Ranged class the Combat works like a third person FPS where you aim the cursor over the mob and shoot your Arrow/Fireball or w/e ranged attack you have. as for healers i seen a video PoV and it seems they have to Aim theres heals at the player and not click the Party character portrait. they get AoE heals and Single Target heals.

    The Races are as follows:
    - Aman this is a race of Dragon Humanoids (My favourite race they get some badass features)
    - Castanic this race is like a Succubus (probly the most played female race in the game, though they can be males aswell)
    - Baraka this race is like the Stone Guardians we have in WoW only far different, they are fat and only have the Male gender (apparntly they are created without female counterparts)
    - Popori now this race is pretty cool, the Males are Animals when creating your char you can choose from well over a dozen animal heads ranging from Rabbits to Dogs with Pipes in there mouths :P the Female however.. is alot different and not animalistic at all other than their Cat ears or Rabbit ears (they look like little girls which in a way is pretty creepy...)
    - Human pretty straight forward, they are muscle bound and the female are normal females.
    - High Elves a race of elves... and again pretty straight forward.

    Each race can be any class. but there are no racial abilities to be confirmed so far.

    Overall this game will probly make me quit WoW to atleast try out and probly get addicted to like i am to WoW.
    and no im not saying its at all a WoW-Killer.. nothing can kill WoW but itself in due time.

    EDIT: i didnt even click the link.. so i typed all the stuff that the guy explained in the video, he basically explained the Gameplay for combat and the Archer he played at the end was an Aman
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    graphics look very nice, so does combat, could be a different style of mmo. Interesting.

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    Well it looks good but my one concern is that it could end up becoming Dynasty Warriors with some stats. I'm approaching it with caution.

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