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    Gearing For Icc?

    I've recently dinged 80 and im looking to gear my Disc. Preist for Icc
    This is my first level 80 so I am toatally clueless as how to do this,
    Im not sure what gear to get or how to go abouts getting it.

    Any help would be very appreciated

    Armory link: eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Jaedenar&cn=Gratitude


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemaster View Post
    Stack spellpower
    I need a route to follow, links to specific items.
    As I said its my first level 80 and I have not had an active guild that I could learn from
    during the duration of my leveling.

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    I can't tell you how to gem or spec as I've never rolled a priest, but I can say for certain you'll want to farm badges for your t9, 4 pieces and the 5th main armor piece should be one of the non-set ilvl 245. You'll likely find a weapon in one of the new icc heroics as well as a trinket.

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    Heroics, heroics, heroics, heroics! Once you have 4/5 t9 + at least 232 + most other slots ( except maybe trinkets), you could PuG ToC 25, VoA 10 / 25 to get even more upgrades. do the weekly, get frostys. Since you're a healer, you may be able to get into some ICC 10 / 25 pugs to get carried through if no one notices, since most pugs (at least on my server) only get to 4/12, and you can get a lot of good loot if you're lucky.

    I'm sure spell power and crit are useful for healers, but I've never rolled one so I wouldn't know, read stickys

    On a side note, don't worry about filling out every socket with the correct colour combination, for the most part, most classes just roll with all one coloured gem except for a nightmare tear for the meta activation, but I could be wrong for priests. (If I am, someone tell me and I'll take this part out, don't want false info!)

    Hope it helps!
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    read the priest forums for info on how you should be gearing, people have already done the homework for you, go read it.

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    Thanks very much all of you for the information, it has been very helpful

    And I did scour for a while but the search function does not seem to be function.

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    Frost badge gear you want: T10 Legs, Helm, Gloves, Shoulders, Purified Lunar Dust, Meteor Chasers Raiment (or T10 Shadow chest)

    Keep your eye out for people wanting healers for Sarth 25, Illustration of the Dragon Soul is what you want, you can heal it in quest gear easily and the trinket will last you forever. Or at least until Cataclysm.

    There's really no worthwhile crafted gear. You can spend badges as you see fit as long as you don't waste Frost's on anything but the above. Just remember your top priorities are Spellpower, then Haste, then Crit. Other stats are mostly unimportant.

    Once you have around 2400 spellpower start looking for ToC groups. You can get 232 gear from the ICC 5 man instances, but the 10/10h/25 gear from ToC is overwhelmingly superior due to gem slots.

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    You can heal icc10 with 4k gs. (6-8bosses easily)

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    Merlin's robe is a good crafted items for discipline (to start with at least). Imo, get enough mana so that you are actually getting a good mana comeback from Rapture, after that go for spellpower. Grind emblems in randoms, get a few pieces of T9, etc. Also, get familiar with your spells, when to use what and such. As 3rd disc glyph I'd take glyph of Power Word: Shield if I were you.

    Also, read stuff, then read some more:P google is your friend, everything has been written about everything a gazillion times really and information is power^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by harky View Post
    There's really no worthwhile crafted gear.

    t10 legs are only better than crafted legs with 4pc. He just hit lvl80 with his first toon, so his badge income is going to be rather low, meaning it will take a long time to get 4pc t10.
    Bejeweled wizard's bracers are very good and very hard to replace (you need access to rotface25 or togc25 to upgrade them...).
    Merlin's robe is excellent while waiting for enough frost badges for another chest.

    For t10, I'd go helm -> shoulders -> gloves -> legs in this order.

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    You could try using the Gear Planner on the Magelo website. It lets you try out new gear – just set the filter to make it show nothing except emblem vendor gear and ICC 5-mans for every slot and put on everything you think you can get within a week. Their GS is pretty close to what the addon does anyway so you'll know how much further you have to go at any point.

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    Damn, you guys move quick. He just dinged 80 and some of you are already talking 4-piece T10.

    Graty, the first thing you need to do is start stepping your toes into heroic 5-mans a little bit. If you find that it's too much for you or you keep getting kicked due to poor performance, then you'll need to run a few regular 5-mans to get a few more of those quest greens upgraded. Then, step back into heroics.

    Once you're running heroics, the triumph emblems will flow in like candy. Work towards picking up some of the T9 gear and other level 245 offset pieces that can be purchased with triumphs (i.e. shoulders, helm, trinkets, rings). All the while, make sure you at least do the random heroic once a day to start building up your frost emblems. Also, try your best to run the weekly raid, if possible, when you start getting decently geared. Those extra 5 frost and 5 triumphs each week help.

    Once you're running the weekly every week with no problem, start trying to get into some VoA10/25 runs for more frost, and then your next stop is ICC once you finally are able to start purchasing a frost piece or two.

    As for us telling you exactly what gear to get, go figure it out on your own. That's the reason for playing this game. If you want somebody to play it for you, then I suggest you find a nice chinese website somewhere.

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    Just tell people your main is Kingslayer and you'll get invited to raids.

    Did that on my mage and I got into VoA25, ICC25, ToC25 with pretty bad gear (4-4.5k gs FYI).
    My main is Kingslayer tho, but it might work!

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    OK..speaking from experience! on my 8th 80, 6 out of 8 are above 5300GS, the other two are above 6k GS only rogue and warlock to get to 80 from 70! and GS sucks! but is an indication and what people look at to get into ICC pugs!

    1)Farm to get a Tailor to make Bejewelled Wizard Bracer's, Merlin's Robe or just buy if you are an AH wizard!
    2)Farm Heroics for ILevel 200 items and Triumph Badges
    3)Do at least 1 heroic a day for 2 frost badges/do Holiday boss for and extra 2 Frost badges a day(short term)
    4)Buy T9 Set pieces,Rings,Trinkets etc, replace biggest upgrade items first.(looking at probably around 300 badges or so)
    5)Do you homework on how to spend your Frost Badges - avoid buying trinkets initially..cost a lot!
    6)Do ICC Rep farms to get to friendly for 2nd Ring(good upgrade)
    7)Do Weekly raid if you can!
    8)Start doing VOA10 and VOA 25 religiously for free t10 gear!

    At this point you should be around 4600 to 4900GS which means you going to struggle getting into TOCs and ICC raids, now my suggestion here is do some BG's and get some honor and buy the Wrathful Neck(I264 Neck),Bracer's,Relentless Boot and Relentless Belt if you haven't bought the Frost Badge one yet. This should push you to between 5100 to 5300GS which means you can talk yourself into some ICC raids and start getting better gear.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalmah View Post
    For t10, I'd go helm -> shoulders -> gloves -> legs in this order.
    Yeah... it's his first 80. Do you think he's a buying gold? If not then you just gave him horrible. Horrible advice.

    Order to acquire as Disc is: Legs > Helm > Gloves > Shoulders. That's the order of importance. The crafted legs are 'better', yes, but also a waste of badges and/or money for something you will easily replace with fewer badges and/or Vault 25. Also, for someone first starting out, the T10 legs are superior because Regen is still relevant. So for new players the T10 legs are always superior, by the time you're geared to not need regen you will already have 4pT10. The Leggings were great before the 4p change, now they're essentially useless.

    If he really wants to waste time on Bejeweled Wizard's Braces he could, but Merlin's robe is a total waste of time. It's again money he does not have. Either way the comment was in relation to Frost level gear. He could get into ToC 25N well before that and have a shot at any of the bracers in there for free. It's not at all a high priority item.

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