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    Battle.net transfer

    So, my brother recently got back into the game, and in order to help him, and since I wanted to level a new alt anyway, I purchased a new account using recruit a friend, and used another email to link the account.

    Now we are 60, and I want to transfer my alt over to my main account, but apparently you have to wait 30 days before transferring from battle.net account to battle.net account.

    So my question is this :

    Will Blizzard allow me to unlink the account from my other email, and put it on the main email I use so that I can transfer, or do I just have to wait the 30 days?

    Any advice would be spectacular.

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    Well this is not a wow forum, a customer support forum, or an official Blizzard forum, so I think your best bet would be to direct your question to an official Blizzard Customer Support forum. Honestly don't know if they would allow it or not.

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