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    Chatframe mod wanted

    Ok so as I am sure most of you already know the new blizzard chat frame does not allow you to place it anywhere near the edge of your screen (this is a major issue for my UI)

    I am simply looking for a mod that allows me to drag the chat frame off the screen otherwise ignoring its own position so I can place it wherever the heck I want it is there any mods currently available that do this ?

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    I want to move the main chat frame and I never liked wim because I prefer to have 1 chat frame for everything instead of 2 dozen

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    you can customize wim to have everything in one frame. just enable tabs.

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    i use prat
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    Prat 3.0

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    needs to be said multiple times because its great!

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    I do believe you are looking for something like Chatter or Prat.

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    What Nikoll said, Prat is awesome.

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    Prat should help you.

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    actually i just checked, wim is broken now, you cant whisper REALid so gg

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    Prat takes up ridiculous amounts of mem.

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    It is possible that WIM will be updated, though you should ask the author about that.

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    prat is great. and all the high resource options can be turned off while still keeping all the functionality you would want.

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    if you say it uses too much mem, you're stupid. turn off the high mem, not stupid anymore.
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    Prat indeed.
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    prat broke and you can't move the text box or arrows anymore
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