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    Grid and Tukui UI?

    anyone having any issues with Grid? mine shows up but all the unit frames are black and doesn't show unit status.

    as for Tukui UI, i JUST did the v10.30 install and it's up and running, just thought that it might be conflicting?
    Current rig: Custom
    CPU - i7 980x @ 4.34ghz
    MEM - 12gb DDR3 1866 @ 1876mhz / CL7
    VIDEO - HD5970 @ 950core / 1253memory w/ 10.10+10.10a profiles
    MB - ASUS Rampage III Extreme w/ BIOS 0903

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    yep, same issue here.

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    Download the new version.

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    got the latest version.

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    10.30 is buggy. Get 10.34.

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    reports say its the Ace part of grid thats broken, if you just dl grid by itself it will fix it. I had the same issues before i fixed LUI

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