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    Starcraft Pulse Official Thread - Updated Weekly

    Latest Episode:
    Episode 3 is here! The actual recording is starting to go a bit faster, I think in a few weeks time I will definitely have the hang of all of this. I am terribly sorry about the cheesy strategy as well, I couldn’t load other replays after the beta ended. I am also working on making the next episode higher definition/better quality. I was also once again limited with time, I couldn’t fit all the news and the replay in, will see about doing something about that! I hope you guys all enjoy this episode, don’t take it too seriously! Watch it, enjoy it, share it and stay tuned for the next one!

    Starcraft Pulse Episode 3

    About Starcraft Pulse:
    Welcome to Starcraft Pulse, a weekly show dedicated to the development, evolution and hopefully expansion of the South African Starcraft II community. In this show I will be covering a wide range of Starcraft related topics, from local and international Starcraft II news to replays and strategies currently being used or abused. In the future you can look forward to a great many things from Starcraft Pulse, weekly players spotlights, tournament and league updates and even a bit of general Blizzard related news. So please, stay a while and listen.

    A QuickThanks:
    Thank you so much to everyone that's watched the show, your support and input is greatly appreciated. If any of you run sites dedicated to Starcraft II or Blizzard, I'd greatly appreciate any exposure for the show. I am trying hard to keep it interesting and informative.

    Enjoy the episode! I will be updating this post every week with the latest episode, keep checking back here!

    Starcraft Pulse: Episode 1
    Starcraft Pulse: Episode 2
    Starcraft Pulse: Episode 3

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    Apparently I can't edit this post at all O_O I am not sure what's going on with that.

    Just a quick bump to let everyone know that Episode 5 is now out!

    Visit the YouTube channel to see it.

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