Hey. I would like someone to cast scroll of ressurection from battle.net(EU) on my account, since I havent played for a while, and I would like to check it out again. All my good ole' buddies arent playing, but I still would enjoy the 10 day free. If I decide to pay, you'll get 1 month free it says. Hope someone will help me out, but notice I need it to be from EU. Thanks for reading, and eventhough you think Imma Douchebag, I love you 1/3. kkbaithx.
Oh, you find scroll of ressurection on battle.net --- Pick "CAST SCROLL" and enter the character name Zentack when it requires it . I hope this is not too spammy and I'll try not to bump it, so PM if your willing to help, cause it might want teh email which you'll get in PM. Thanks! Yea, mah English is bad. Gatto