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    LUI fix

    Here is the updated LUI file, it still has 2 bugs i can see
    Grid is black on the top bar ( deleting Ace and just normally installing Grid will fix it)
    and you cant click to view items from Atlasloot if you have it
    ^ link for the new lui.lua

    if not trusted i can provide a virus scan results

    with this fix everything is as it was before 3.3.5 the graphics settings are there and all the bars and timers are in the correct spots.
    just delete or rename your WTF folder and start the game and it will run perfect =D

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    what's this? I don't even...
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    LUI broke with 3.3.5
    it disabled the graphical things, and the ability to use the buttons at the top, they toggle things like
    this fix allows them to work again

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    guess i missed the whole where to put the file huh.. my bad everyone
    place the file in your INterface>Addons>LUI folder
    you will see the current one just replace this one with it and your goood to go

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    Loui updated the mod, but thanks for the effort. I've been on the developer forums since last night debugging the code. Here's the link to the newest version, 3.023.

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    awesome thank you for the heads up Teckdragon <3
    ive missed my lovely ui lol

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