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    macro help

    I am a boomkin and I need help putting cat form and dash on 1 button, so when i change to cat it automactily dashes..any help is wanted

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    #showtooltip Dash
    /stopmacro [dead][flying][swimming]
    /cast [nostealth] !Cat Form
    /cast [stance:3] Dash

    "This will switch you to Cat Form and cast dash, for those instances when a speed burst is needed. It will also provide a powershift, as dash and catform don´t share GCD. It won´t powershift if you´re stealth. Thus, it doesn´t break stealth. Bear in mind this will switch you even if Dash is on cooldown. "

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    /cast !Cat Form
    /cast Dash
    I just tried it and it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corbomite View Post
    I just tried it and it works.
    While yours does work, I prefer adding a few of the fanfare items I have in mine. The #showtooltip for one, and the stopmacro for two, and the nostealth for 3. It's not like they truly add any additional processing time to the use of dash, and they help make it friendlier to use.

    I have a similar one for stealth, so I can fly around then Dismount>cat form>stealth in mid air in one fell swoop.

    Edit:Thank goodness I was a druid, cause I frequently hit that one while flying accidently.....
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    Of course you are right, Myte342. I saw your reply after I had already submitted mine. A few safeguards are definitely wise.

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