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    Can't start my computer

    Last week i suddenly couldn't start my computer, it loads everything in the beginning but when it's time for the windows logo to show up the screen stays black. after a while i get "a disk read error occured" message. Now i've had this problem before, then it was the boot order that was wrong in bios. Now i cant even start it with the windows 7 cd in. i get to get part just after the windows logo should appear(it doesnt) where 3 green dots goes inside a little thing to show it's loading. i never get past there even on safe mode or when i try last known configuration. this is rather annoying since i cant even reinstall windows. and i cant find a solution to this so im just giving this a shot :P

    thx in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by professorn View Post
    t "a disk read error occured"
    You might have a hard drive that is on its way out. My suggestion if you have another computer and a CD burner is to download http://www.ubcd4win.com/ Ultimate Boot CD, burn it and boot from the CD, look for HD testing and run a full test. If you can get to the windows command prompt ( I think you can from the CD ) you can start off with windows built in check disk software - See below:

    1. Open the command prompt by going to 'start/run' and typing 'cmd.'
    2. From the command prompt, type 'chkdsk /v (the drive letter you wish to check):' and hit ENTER. CHKDSK will do a quick scan of the drive, then inform you if it found any errors.
    3. Now run 'chkdsk /R (same drive letter): to perform a full surface scan for bad sectors and fix any errors. Chances are you will be requested to restart the computer in order to carry this out, since the utility needs exclusive access to the disk in order to do a surface scan and fix errors.
    4. Once you have restarted and CHKDSK has carried out the surface scan, Windows
    will boot normally. For a log of the results, right-click 'my computer' and select 'manage,' then open up 'event viewer\applications'.

    5. Look for the most recent event from the 'winlogon' source and double click it to open the log. All the details about the operation CHKDSK just performed, including any bad sectors found, will be in here.

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