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    A question about Skinner

    Would anyone happen to know how to disable Skinner from skinning the Quest Tracker on the side of the screen? Even if I don't have any quests being tracked, there's a skinned window on my screen with nothing in it, and it is rather annoying. Any suggestions?

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    Mabye some addons that fucks up the track window.

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    I usually go into the settings (/skinner) and disable all of the npc frames / unit frames etc. Give that a whirl since I use skinner and i've never had that issue

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    I've just tested with my other addons and there's nothing outside of Skinner that is making this box appear. I disabled all of my UI frames and player frames, and still nothing. If I have quests in my log, then I can track a quest, click on the button above it to minimize it, then the window vanishes.

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