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    Synthesis 1 Tank 1 Heal H 10 LK


    Im wonderin how they did alot of shit there, must have been pretty wicked.

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    That's erm, insane? O_o

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    epic. So many questions though.
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    For those of you who don't speak russian, the damage done by the tank is as follows:
    Rune Strike
    Melee hit
    heart strike
    death and decay
    frost fever
    death strike
    blood plague
    icy touch
    plague strike
    death coil
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    Just awesum, best thing i ever saw in wow

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    this is lk10 HEROIC that kill was normal

    for the kill Sick (only word i can think of)

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    Teh fuck... Is all i can say...
    maybe the rarest pepe was the friends we made along the way

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    what is the countdown addon for defile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by schippie View Post
    this is lk10 HEROIC that kill was normal

    for the kill Sick (only word i can think of)
    It's exactly the same kill, the video in my thread even has a link to the log discussed here.

    Quote Originally Posted by mebadwow View Post
    what is the countdown addon for defile?
    It's Bigwigs.

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