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    I needz helpz

    3.3.5, the time of addons screwing up more than i have ever witnessed. My UI is a modified version of aliena's:

    I have this set up so that my castbar is ontop of my character, target, pet, and focus frames for each type of castbar (what the focus is casting will appear on his/her portrait)
    Now, problem, b4 3.3.5, my castbar would appear above my portraits, and now its below them
    Basicly, my kg panels overlaps the world, my pitbull overlaps the kg panels, and the cast bar overlaps pitbull, but pitbull and quartz have switched positions.

    Grid: all my unitframes are going out of whack, but i just updated it so i hope it will fix

    Chat log(oh god blizzard, you REALLY f*cked up this time) I use prat, and i have the chat box covering the bottom left corner kg panel, first off, it moves when i /reload ui(i will explain why im doing that below) and when i log in and out.

    Power auras: this is why i /reload ui, because even before 3.3.5, sometimes when i logged in, all the auras would not show up, and /reload ui most of the time fixed that. But when i do, it causes grid problems sometimes now.

    [Critical Error] Crits [Your wow] for 9000 dmg (1 overkill). ever since 3.3.5, i have been getting critical errors and wow shutting off on me by just standing in dalaran(i have a good enough computer that after the first load of the day, dal is fine) but now it says i need more memory.....never had this happen b4

    So addon ppl, suggestions?
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    Update your addons. If the addons in question have not yet been updated to work with 3.3.5 be patient and disable/live with them for the time being until they are.
    The entire UI may be updated soon so keep an eye on WoWInterface.

    I'd suggest googling "MMOUI-Minion" and "Curse Client" if you don't want to update your addons manually.

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    What Xen said. Just disable all your addons and go oldschool instead if they have no new updates/still buggy.

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