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    Beauty of the Twin Angels

    OC Character

    Name:M: Sylus Wisperwind & F: Sylvia Bloodmantle
    Age:M: 140 - 4 years Scourge F: 200 -Scourge 2 years
    Gender: Male & Female
    Occupation: destroying remaining scourge members and hunting down evil necromancers.


    Race: Val'Kyr and Darkfallen (San'Layan)


    Male: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs25/f/20...SoulRanger.jpg

    Female: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/i/20...y_Seonidas.jpg


    Male: Sylus is a very vain person. He always has a mirror and beautician items on hand. He is nicer now(not by much) that he has been released from the bonds of the Scourge. He protects all life that he see that are in danger by undeath. If they are not he could sit back and watch the person devoured through some troll ritual and laugh.



    Male: High Divinist "or" Elite Priest (WoW RPG classes) and Necromancer (inborn Darkfallen skill)

    Female: Dark Paladin (Unholy Paladin abilities)


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    Though I'm sure you'd discuss this in your history, Val'kyr are undead female Vrykul in service to the Lich King. Any undead elves would either San'layn or banshees/wraiths.

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    As you mean a dark paladin are you thinking more of lines of http://www.wowhead.com/npc=30202 or more death knight like?
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    well I was talking about your choice of race, but for a dark paladin, I'd say change it to death knight.

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    Could be a Dark Knight or whatever, like Garithos.
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    Let's let this one drop Aramore

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    Sorry, Madgod's post came while I was still typing my post, I'll keep on about the character here.

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    I know about Val'Kyr being females but I do not FUCKING care (bear). The guy is a special being, the only male Val'Kyr. And Yes my powers are just like the risen crusader's.


    Oh wait.....

    Val'Kyr are Vrykal. oopsies. lol.

    making my character a Val'Kyr (female) and San'Layan (Male) ok?
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    Male being a San'Layn, female being a Val'Kyr is acceptable.

    reversed paladin abilities means what? The polar opposite of a paladin's abilities is shadow magic. A warrior wielding shadow magic is either a death knight, or essentially a corruption warlock wielding armor and channeling their power through their weapons. Kindly clarify to the specific abilities of your custom class.

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    It really is not custom its just unholy versions of Paladin spells.

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    That's custom, because it isn't a known class in game, but a variaton of it. You got your explanation.. Good.. Let's see some history, then

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    Good explanation!

    You try to copy the light like those fallen crusaders in Icecrown do with their Unholy Light spells and Hammer of Injustice.

    Simple, and there are creatures in game that are able to do it.
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