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    Item linking addon.

    Before the patch i had an addon that would allow me to type [ then type out an item name and put the end bracket, it would auto complete with items of the same name and work with macros. like /2 WTB [water logged recipe] it would link the item. I dont know what the name was becuase it never showed up in my addons list and iv looked before. I tried getting an addon called ludwig but it doesnt seem to function the same at all. Im wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what my addon was or one that they are using that wasnt broken by the patch.

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    atlas loot lets you shift click it from their drop down menu

    you can search by raid/dungeon or by name

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    Not sure what addon does that, but if it is an addon it would be in your addon list. If it worked before the patch but doesn't work now, look at your list of addons. Any that are disabled for being out of date are potentially the one that does this. My advice is just to activate them one at a time and then guess and check until you find the right one
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    In europe, so prior to the patch.
    I am currently using one called Fizzwidget's Linkerator which does what you are asking I believe.
    Type [ and the first few letters of an item, and the first match that is present in your local cache will auto-complete, with presses of the tab key cycling through additional ones, until you finish with a closing ].
    At which point the typed text will become a link as if you shift-clicked it yourself from elsewhere.

    No idea yet if that will work since the patch has not yet hit, but worth looking into.

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    Thats exactlly what i was talking about, and yup looks like its broked as of this patch.

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    Is LootLink still being maintained?

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    Update: - According to the Authors Website then unfortunatly Linkerator will remain broken for some time to come since they seemingly do not have time to work on long-standing issues.
    Seems this was only a matter of time before it broke.

    Pity, since I was using that addon on a very regular basis. Time to look for, and hope for an alternative.

    Atlasloot would only allow searching for items related to world events, pvp, dungeons, raids etc.
    Linkerator would allow you to generate a link by typing out the name of the item, which allowed a far greater number than atlasloot, or any other database addon could achieve.
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    Ludwig is a good replacement.. It has been updated for the patch


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    Thank you. I'll have a look at that one.

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    Ludwig is a database addon, but also has the linkerator ability.
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    Ludwig seems to work fine, well prior to 3.3.5 anyway.
    Going to take some getting used to typing 2 opening square brackets [[ instead of 1, but thats minor.

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