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    I'm just going to agree with most of thread: Hell yea, about time!
    The biggest mistake one can make is not admitting when one is wrong.

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    not to bad but would prefer seeing tier sets back as raid drops;

    I have no problems seeing noobs in epics/full tier 10 - but I think it's bad to see someone in full T10 that has never set foot in any raid instance

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    The classification of an item is worthless. eg two items with ilvl 300, one rare and one epic. The rare item gives stats more attractive to your spec, then the rare item is better than the epic one.

    It's all in your head.
    Saving for Cata.

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    will be true at the begninning of cata. won't be past some point.
    quite amazed to see some people still believe in santa claus around here.
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    yay no more epics for the noobs!

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    I like this. I don't think much will change tho, Everyone will still get alot of free epics from raids and badge rewards, and probably when new patches come, more easy 5 man dungeons will come with more free purples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyiran View Post
    The color of it is irrelevant. The progression path remains
    quest rewards > normal dungeons > heroic dungeons > first tier raids > second tier raids > and so on

    It's irrelevant what the colors of any and all of these levels are. It's still "casualclysm" whether they color the heroic loot blue or purple, nothing about the casualness of the game is changing.

    note: this is not a complaint, just an observation, statement.
    Are you implying people ran normals before heroics in wrath? because i dont know anyone who did normals BC I remember doing a few normals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dancm View Post
    Short answer: No.

    Tier gear will still be available through 'badges' (they will just get a different name). Basically you still get Triumphs by running heroic dungeons. And there will still be a small amount of Frosts for running daily heroic. By the way TBC also had badges and you could get them by running heroics and use them to buy T6-level equip... Probably during the first level of raiding (T11) the new Triumphs can only be used to buy blue items. After introduction of T12 you will be able to buy purples...
    Those tier6-level equip were 2 items. 3 if you count the boots from the shatt vendor, there was an X-bow, An axe and 2 fist weapons to. other then that there was legs and waist, Atleast for a rogue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pancakez View Post
    yay no more epics for the noobs!
    Lol. Do you honestly think blizzard isnt going to hand out epics to noobs?

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    To be honest though, with the 'everyone can raid' mentality, Epics =/= epics Because if everyone is raiding... no one is...

    Wait, what? :S
    maybe the rarest pepe was the friends we made along the way

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    From Purples to Epics... i like that!

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    "Epics" is just a name. Itemlevel on the other hand changes things.
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    What I'm assuming this means... is no more tier gear from badges... probably something similar to BC except a tiered badge system.

    You shouldn't get the actual tier gear from badges, just a tier below equivalent gear of what drops in a raid.

    So for example... t11 shoulder tokens drop off the 3rd boss in the first raid... the badges you get from heroics will buy you a blue piece of shoulder gear....

    Next raid comes out, t12 tokens drop off the bosses, you can now buy epic t11 equivalent gear (not the actual t11) from heroic badges...

    that is how it should be.

    You also shouldn't be able to by weapons or trinkets with badges.

    People gearing out in heroics with such a high item level gear is what is making progression in normal modes not challenging.

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    Call me elitist, call me a noob but i really like the whole idea of epics being epics once again
    I just hope that they implement it correctly to avoid qq from players to used to be purple 1 week after they ding max level

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    Won't stop qq'ing till rare items are rare again, seriously everyone including their mother can get em with small/no effort!

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    this coupled with trying to boost up the challenge in heroics slightly so we actually use CC, i look forward to it all.

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    My question is do any of the so called players from Vanilla remember the pain in the arse it was to say, switch toons, gear an alt? Of course with the raids no longer being 40 mans and having only a couple of epics from a boss at a time it wouldn't be the same experience of walking uphill both ways in the snow. I am not saying giving back some of the "epic" feeling to gear wouldn't be nice at some level. I wonder how blizzard will go about this considering their current stance of no man left behind when it comes to raiding?

    One of the real things I would like to see in the game is more of the "epic" feeling clearing a raid. TBC actually still had that with Lady Vag, Kael, (not so much Archimonde) Illidan, and then Kil'jaeden. It's never been rocket science by any means. I am wondering if attunements might find there way back into the game though I doubt that.

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    Excellent, now 9/10 of the one's thinking they're pro will fall back to the level they belong.
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sicness View Post
    It allows a player to gear up for the current level on content on their own, as it should be. You shouldn't need a guild to get the second best tier of gear available at the current time, otherwise you get late starting players and guilds who have to go through the entire tiers of content in the current expansion just to catch up. That's not how they want it anymore.
    Speak for yourself.
    I would rather do some of the older raids like Naxx or Ulduar then having to farm the same old shitty 5 man heroics over and over and over again.

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    So does this mean no more iLvl 232 epic loot heroics ?

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