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    Did I do the right thing..

    Hey mmo champions.

    My name is Dorfheart, I'm a 6041 gs dk tank. Just thought I'de say who I am.

    I just made a rash decision and gquit my guild.
    The leadership in the guild was messy, and officer's didn't get along.
    Particularly, the 'nit pick' officer, a.k.a the officer who always complains about the small things.
    I've been dealing with whiney bitching over vent and in guild for almost 2 months.
    And what I mean by this is, example: Marrowgar: 'IM IN A SPIKE GET ME OUT OMG THE TANKS GOING TO DIE!' this officer is a healer, and lead heals.
    I got on vent for a chat with the officers and my leaders of a quick 5/12 icc25 we did, I decided to call it due to lack of raid awareness and general mucking around.
    Talk for about 5 - 10 minutes then he blows up, stating that everything thats wrong with the guild is my fault.
    The guild leader says nothing and lets this be said.
    I sign off vent, remove my alts, and gquit.

    Did I do this fairly?
    Or was this not thought out.

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    Tried talking to the passive GM before quitting or !? I know the feeling of having to live with "queen" officer but wasn't there any other way to try to solve the problem without leaving the rest of the guild tankless?
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    Well he did say this had continued for almost 2 months, so I think it was way beyond resolving through discussion alone.

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    I'd say you did the right thing, i wouldn't take abuse.
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    If you weren't happy with the guild, you should had left.

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    They weren't tankless.
    I was the guilds 2nd main tank, they had reserves.
    I spoke with the leader several times, yet he just tried to persuade me, and just ignore it.

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    Sounds like you were quite emotional at the time and now you're questioning your decision to leave. Things tend to get heated in raids, especially when you're not doing so well. Some people handle the pressure well and some dont. However, from the limited information you provided I would say that the healer/officer is the problem. He doesn't handle pressure well and lashes out when something goes wrong. If he's making runs unenjoyable find a guild with cooler heads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoob View Post
    I spoke with the leader several times, yet he just tried to persuade me, and just ignore it.
    All we needed to hear, you did the right thing i can see it now mate.
    Your words are like your intestine, stinky and loaded with danger.

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    I just feel horrible.
    I had made a lot of friends in that guild, and I'm glad most of them didn't see what happened on vent.
    I just don't think it's fair that I have to take the extreme to show the leader that this is real, and it is affecting his players.

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    If they need to be TOLD to dps the bone spikes you'd be better off with PUGs anyway.

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    Don't feel, in time if they see the problem too they can always kick the problem and get you back.
    Your words are like your intestine, stinky and loaded with danger.

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    That's the thing though Furbolg (yay @ your name n_n), we don't need to be told these things.
    He just -has- to let everyone know that he's OOM, that SOMETHINGS on him, he will scream into the mic when an add runs to him on gunship though I have the aggro...
    It was just ridiculous.

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    He either panics easily or just isn't very mature. It's a shame you have to leave, but it's clearly not worth staying until that loud mouth is forced out. I take it the guild leader and him are on good terms? Either that or the guild leader is a bit soft in removing the bad players.

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    Maybe he should be on tranquilizers or cut back on caffeine and sugar, then.
    Edit: TBH it comes down to weighing the pros against the cons of staying in the guild. What is more significant to you? The annoyance of dealing with this person, or the friendships with other people in the guild.
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    He made the excuse 'IVE BEEN IN HERE LONGER THAN DORFHEART THEREFORE I HAVE MORE SAY' like a 12 year old.

    The leader isn't sure how to resolve it I tihnk.

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    Yeah, to be honest. I don't think I could stay in a guild with someone like that. People like that generally didn't last long in my guild.

    So, are you the only person speaking up against his childish attitude? or is there others with the same view point?

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    You did the right thing

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    Just a game, whats the point of playing if you don't enjoy yourself when your on? Never make any decision in warcraft for the benefit of another person, the money's outta your pocket no theirs. All in all, if you felt good when you left, then that's how you should feel now. Don't sweat it so much.

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    I think, given everything you've said, you probably made the correct decision, and in fact showed more patience than many people I know would have. Any good raiding guild needs strong leadership, and by the sound of it you weren't getting much support.

    If they valued you at all, they'll realize, make the necessary changes, and ask for you to come back. If not, well, you certainly don't need to be in the same guild to keep hold of good friends.

    Best of luck.
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    No point in sticking around if all they do is victimize you for their mistakes. Besides, its you thats paying for this, ultimately you can't make the wrong decision.

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