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    Starcraft or Warcraft 3?

    Do your prefer Starcraft (I don't know if Wings of Liberty is out yet, so that's why I'm not saying SC2) or Warcraft 3?

    I, personally, prefer Starcraft. It's simple, and the AI seems harder than in WC3 (though that may be because I just started playing SC recently, and I'm still a noob...). Anyways, which do you prefer?
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    I preferred warcraft 3 campaigns and starcraft multiplayer.

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    Warcraft 4 release I would say instead

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    Warcraft 3, campaigns wer fun and my favorite was the bonus in Frozen thrones with Rexxar and we see the lovable Chen Stormstout.
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    I preferred Warcraft 3, one of my favourite games of all time.

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    Hands down, without a doubt nothing but Starcraft baby!!!

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    StarCraft multi-player, definetly. I liked the storyline and single-player missions in WarCraft III and I loved the huge amount of customization in the Editor.

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    Starcraft, simply because it is different.

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    Warcraft 3 was just awesome both offline and online

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    Starcraft personally.

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    Is it just me, or is this comparison a bit weird ? I mean ... StarCraft is several years older, the story and plot are totally different. They have a very similar gameplay, yes, but I don't think you can compare the two. Still I'm gonna say WarCraft 3
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    I wouldn't mind if Blizz went the way of making Warcraft a more fableish RPG kinda game over a RTS. Or hell Imagine a game like WoW but made to be an offline PC RPG? I'd never stop playing that game.

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    I prefer warcraft because whenever I see Starcraft all I can think of is the Marines from WH40K

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    Def Starcraft!
    Can't wait for round 2.

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    Warcraft 3. FT was full of win
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    Warcraft 3 here, though I'm expecting to change my mind when SC2 comes out in ~6wks :-)

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    Warcraft 3 and i'll have to see when this turns into Warcraft 4 vs. Starcraft 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattdiox View Post
    I prefer warcraft because whenever I see Starcraft all I can think of is the Marines from WH40K
    LoL. But the similarity ends there. Also, SC2 has been slowly built up over novels in the recent year, and given time it will probably be as epic and expansive as Warcraft universe.

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