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    I wana be the guy, nuff said tbh

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    Ski free,
    you know what I mean
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    Fallout New Vegas on Hardcore mode hopefully will be my hardest Ive played

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    Its either Fire Emblem9 hard mode, using Ike only or my first Nuzlocke run in Pokemon Platinum (if it faints it dies and can't be used again, must catch 1st pokemon in the area, no trades unless they are to evolve your own pokemon, can only buy up to 3 balls per mart, you can only save at predesignated points, and YOU MUST SAVE, and stream it for verification, hardmode:4 Pokemon + HM slave) SC2 on brutal was hard but not soul crushingly challenging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dewote View Post
    Ski free,
    you know what I mean
    You can escape it!

    Use f! It makes you go faster!

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    The last part of Farcry was really freakin hard.

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    Devil may cry on ps3.

    managed to beat the thing though, including the bloody palace.

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    Super Ghouls N' Ghosts.....Demons Souls is up there as well..
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    jesus christ n the ninja game, some of those maps are just wtf?
    also the witcher on the hardest dificulty made me want to just punch my screen at moments

    and then the final... minesweper....
    jesus christ i sometimes play it when i have nothing at all to do and it isnt hard but just ugh...

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    this game is so hard you will die atleast 100 times on level 1 1st area

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    The hardest I've played is Touhou... I love it, but it's ->really<- hard on Lunatic ^^... I only played 9,9.5 and 10, and I love them...

    (bad quality, but it shows the first stage on lunatic, and believe it or not, that's actually relatively easy ^^... I love it)

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    Shadow of the Beast 2 on the Amiga

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    majestry 2.......i'm telling you the end level is impossible...i dare anyone to try to win it without cheats -.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlawlessSoul View Post
    The Game. Extremely hard, to be honest. Almost impossible.
    There is no truth.

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    ninja gaiden 2 on ultimate ninja. hard as all hell to complete.

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    God of War 2, Challenge of The Titans:

    2: The one with the air kills, getting the titan rank for that was nearly impossible and took me a 100 tries.

    7: When you had to kill everyone without being hit. Although it was faster and easier to get the titan rank than with Challenge 2, it was the most frustrating challenge of all. I always killed everyone and was up for the minotaur and that STUPID MINOTAUR WITH ITS FUCKING BUGGED ANIMATIONS always managed to hit me, until my 30 minute battle with it that involved one hit and then run, which is really frustrating. But hey, the reward was GOD ARMOR and an arena <3


    Devil May Cry 1 on max difficulty.

    The Witcher on max difficulty. Hard, yes, but it's an awesome experience, using all of your arsenal, alchemy, stuff you found on corpses, evading techniques, to survive.

    Dragon Age on max difficulty.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 on max difficulty. It was very, very hard, but really, really awesome playing. Like, your npc teammate says "ENEMY ON YOUR SIX", you needed reflexes to immediately turn to that direction, crouch and fire. You needed to tactically choose your cover, use commands for your teammates, it's just awesome.

    MW2 wasn't that hard *sigh*
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    I don't really get how Bloodlust fits Shamans...

    "I need to calm the elements, and through our sacred bond we will - wait, is that a fucking boss? I'M SO FUCKING ANGRY! I'M GOING TO KILL HIM! NO, WAIT! I'M GOING TO RAPE HIM THEN KILL HIM! WITH SPOONS! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE!"

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    Kid Chameleon

    Or Silver Surfer on the NES !

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    As has been said before

    Quote Originally Posted by Keile View Post
    Super Ghouls N' Ghosts

    ...I still haven't beaten it, my irish rage cause me to throw the controller, and nerdrage

    The bigger they are, the harder I hit'em

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    Quake 3 Boss Xaero on the map called "The very End of you".If you let him get to the Railgun it's pretty much game over for took me quite some time to defeat him and even now he's stil a chalange...

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