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    Portal - Prelude

    Its a custom map pack made for the Portal Game, ive managed to get to the last level, seen a walkthrough and i still dont wanna try the last level :P

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    Tbh, this is teh hardest game evah:

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    I remembered something of my childhood long since repressed. I spent the weekend at my mom's and uncovered the horror that is... Silver Surfer for the NES. FUCK that game...

    Go to and try it. You will never be the same...
    May have to get an emulator however, I use

    Side note, emulators are legal if you own the game/system OR delete it within 24 hours.
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    Kid Icarus for the NES, causes me to rage everytime.

    or Legend of Zelda: Adventure of Link (Zelda II) for the NES, so frikken hard, but I still like it. At least it gives a challenge over Twilight Princess.
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    Battletoads for the NES, without a doubt. Ninja Gaiden came a close second (fucking birds...).

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    Super Probotector/Contra for the Super NES.

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    The original Metroid for NES.

    But I was very young, so maybe it just seemed more difficult to my infantile mind.

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    Wouldn't you like to know, stalker.
    Adding another, I visited a friends the other day, he owned Mega Man X 1-6 and we cracked 'em open and played. I forgot how hard those all were.
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    Super Mario Land. For the original Gameboy. Your battery didn't last long enough to beat the game.

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    don't ask me why, but fatal frame 3.. i can't beat the stupid thing.. :P

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    I personally found Dragon Age: Origins to be pretty challenging and i was only on normal, i can't imagine how insane some of the fights in the game would be on max difficulty.

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    Just one little part, Heroic Lich King 25 has been the hardest game encounter I have ever done.

    A whole game, Gears of War 2 on Insane mode is just insane mode for a reason.

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    Most recent, Demons Souls.

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    First Splinter Cell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annoying View Post
    100%. But it was a lot of fun. Cant count how many times i had to do the ride in the wind tunnel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlawlessSoul View Post
    The Game. Extremely hard, to be honest. Almost impossible.
    I lost the game

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    I have to agree, I just watched a video of the game I wanna be that guy, that looks INTENSE.

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    Ahhh IWBTG, I beat that game in 11th grade, I used to play it in school before the first bell rang for about 15-20 minutes a day. A bunch of my friends would watch me play it, and there were sooo many times I got pissed off...ahh I would replay it but mother brain gives me nightmares, and not because of a metroid game! The other toughest game I have beaten I would say is metroid 2....without a map/game guide. EVERYTHING LOOKED THE SAME AARRGGGG but that was a loong time ago so it might have been harder because I was younger.

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