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    Quote Originally Posted by crackleslap View Post
    Mario Kart Double Dash - that game on hard was frustrating as hell EG your coming first and your bout to win 3 seconds later u get green shelled red shelled fly bomb hit a fake box red shell again hit by a star red shell then hit by a rocet then a bulldog then red shell and u finish last. AL IN 3SECONDS!
    Frustrating, but not a very hard game. And to whoever said WoW: it's no where close. Getting every achievement may be long, grindy and have some hard moments, but I don't think in sheer hardness its close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmiasek View Post
    Another one who understands what hardcore games are

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    Ninja Gaiden 2 - no doubt!

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    IWTBtG hands down.
    primum non nocere

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shalaman View Post
    Halo 3 on Hardest difficulity

    The easiest mob in the game killed me in 3 shots... and the game is about 7 hours long

    ...yeah you wont make it out at the plague monster levels..
    halo 3 ? r u serious thats easy as shits on legendary

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    this. I wanna be the guy is smalltime
    Dear developers,

    please nerf Rock, it's too overpowered. Paper is fine, however.
    Signed, Scissors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiyo View Post
    Gears of War and Gears of War 2 on Insane.... thats some hard crazy stuff there.
    yeah that shit is hard cant wait for gears of war 3 only ... 8 months!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howdyho View Post
    Crash Bandicoot: Twinsanity, that one made me rip my hair off.
    Fuck yes!
    Ok let's make a game where you can't pick the levels, you just have to walk all the way back to collect the gems from previous lands to continue...

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    Age of empires 2 without cheat codes, nuff' said
    Congratulations on graduating to expert level trolling, I would stick around but I'm busy getting gay married in 13 states and performing roadside abortions while passing bills that take away people's guns while i sip superior european wine and cheese i bought with european style socialist money, arrivaderci!

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    of the current games i think its demon's souls

    of old games its megaman

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    Hardest game for me would be a toss between Ninja Gaiden (The first one, second one was actually easy) and The Immortal.

    I would like to see someone finish THAT game without a damn guide. >.<

    Also, I played Ninja Gaiden when it first came out and I still pick it up twice a year or so to try and beat it. I still have not. (Second to last guy always gets me).
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    Naxx 10.

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    The original mario game is supposed to be pretty hard.

    And while I'm sure it's not the hardest game or anywhere close, this thread somehow reminded me of jagged alliance 2 on the hardest difficulty... had to reload so often and save after EVERY tiny battle.

    Also The world ends with you for Nintendo DS is a pretty challenging game if you don't play it in the easiest way possible (you can change the size of your hp pool, the lower you set it the higher rewards you get from battles).
    You have to controll one character on the upper screen using the controls and one character on the lower screen using the stylus, to dodgse enemy attacks and launch your own. You will be attacked on both screens and you have to attack on both screens. On the lower you used simple gestures to do so, on the upper you have to combine random things together that would always change using the controls, depending on the charakter you had to do different things...
    Might not be realy hard, but it's damn confusing to play well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Parynziux
    So, you are clearly the biggest nerf to your class. Hush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Painkiller View Post
    I used to own Super Ghouls n' Ghosts for SNES, that game was hard as hell.
    This! I started playing that game when I was 7, still play it today and haven't gotten past level 4 after 8 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korhal View Post
    the only rage moment i remember is god of war, challenge of gods 10.... gosh, that freacking small platform, i hated so much...
    dear god this...i think i smashed a controller because i was super close but the game just HAD to shit something out. And sometimes AC: 2 can be challenging at some points but not too hard
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vongimi View Post
    What is wrong with having a character show up again? Some people are so dumb and will hate on anything blizzard does. Seriously, if you hate it so much that you cant see straight when they show a character a 2nd time, then you should just quit. Also, never read a book. Ever. You will be mad.

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    This game is so hard you'll either destroy your computer in a rageburst or you'll give up and get mad you spent 15$ or so on the game in the first place seconds after starting it :P

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    bac when I was 12 play'n starcraft on the stage where you had to last 30 mInutes. that was serIous
    Always check links before clicking

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    Quote Originally Posted by RouVix View Post

    'Nuff said.
    Prince was pretty hard and unforgiving. I recently downloaded it for my iPhone, and fuck me; it still is! They do have a level select option in the app fortunately, so you don't have to do everything all over again to get the damn sword in the first level just because you jumped into spikes.
    OMG Thyristor! That's insane! Is that real?
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    Some pretty great games has been mentioned.
    Although I'll have to say the hardest game I've ever played must be either
    Nebulus on Amiga or TMNT for NES...

    Been a long time since I've played those, still have some of my old consoles, but I don't dare play them again. I comfort myself saying "They were hard because you were so young"!

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