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    Global Warming = Cata 2.0

    I am posting here as to not disrupt any productive forums as this is just a fun (hopefully troll reduced) thread.

    I was doing some Biology homework talking about Global Warming and how some of the world could be underwater such as New York, Los Angeles, and The Great Planes would become much drier and couldn't resist thinking of Cata.

    Therefore i came to the conclusion flooding of Earth = Cata IRL

    No, i dont seriously think WoW is life or really related but im bored and wanted to make this fun thread.

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    You have insulted one of my favorite forum sections... And this does need to be in the Cataclysm General section.

    But I thought of Cataclysm as well when listening to Another Way to Die.

    The two topics are very easy to relate.
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