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    Question Under 18

    Okay so, my question is:

    Do you raid with, or are you in a guild with a lot of people under 18 years of age?

    I was just randomly thinking about this because in my guild most people are older this besides like 3 or 4 but even then the 3 or 4 kids under 18 still get treated like adults.

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    None at the moment. The guild has a rule 18+ possible exceptions for mature acting teens.

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    Yes, I am in a guild that accepts kids. As a matter of fact, I'm a kid myself. But why shouldn't we get treated like everybody else? Besides not deciding when we're going to eat my dinner, we are just like "mini-adults".
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    It's the maturity level rather than the age. I know my raiding was essentially ruined by one petulant child who would never shut up about anything and rolled on every piece of gear he could just for the sake of it. But then, I'm only 19 and played when I was 17/18 and I was never a complete tool when raiding. Of course it goes without saying that I've also found severely unpleasant people who are quite a bit older than me, although this is usually the elitist crowd rather than the brain-dead crowd.
    Mature people in this game are just more of a minority than they used to be - regardless of their age.

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    To be honest, yes, there are a lot of teens that are complete idiots.

    However, there are still a few that can act even more mature than a grown-up. So always give them a chance, unless they act like a complete idiot from the moment you meet them.

    (I started this game when I was 14. Not proud of some things I've said and done. Unfortunately that teenager-part of your life can't be skipped. >_<)

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    im 14 turning 15. i dont bitch, i know how to play, i make people laugh in the raid, only roll on ms upgrades, on time to raids, see them through.

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    No one in my guild is under 18. I'm the GM and the age policy will probably stay that way.

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    In my current guild, definitely not. I doubt they would allow it. And even if they did, the kid would probably leave due to the discussions that go on...

    In my old guild, though, we definitely had a couple of kids. They were brothers, in fact. They started out fine, and all was good. But eventually the younger one became a prick and we ended up kicking him. The brother stuck around, though, and continued to be fine. (He agreed that his brother acted like a child.)
    Although I guess by this thread I was considered a kid then since I joined this guild when I was 17.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vomlix View Post
    Yes, I am in a guild that accepts kids. As a matter of fact, I'm a kid myself. But why shouldn't we get treated like everybody else? Besides not deciding when we're going to eat my dinner, we are just like "mini-adults".
    im a kid (15), i decide when i eat, dont feed the generalisations!

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    doesn't really matter by age. Started like two years ago when I was 14, then after a while of playing i stopped being a noob and started understanding stuff, and stopped annoying people ^^. So as Swiftero said, give teens a chance unless they are idiots since you saw them the first time :P

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    our guild has a no teeny bopper rule sort of thing going on. some of our guys are still in highschool though like 16-18 is the lowest yet we recently got a 12 year old and his dad. its not that we dont want little kids its just they dont listen (im 19 btw) and pay attention and have an attitude so big its just upsetting. the high pitched voice is also a problem on vent.

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    My old guild tried very hard to keep a mature player base to avoid raid issues like "Our main tank got grounded". Age doesn't truly matter, its the attitude that tends to be linked with age.

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    i make fart noises on ventrilo and touch myself during the raids... but im 78 years old

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    i was in a guild that was mainly adults (i was around 16 at the time). i saw adults act like children at not being able to raid and getting there lewts. and under 18's acting extremely mature and being awesome Raid leaders
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    Im in a guild where myself, the GL, and a good portion of the members are under 18. To be honest most of the problems come from adults who act like kids. The guild leader is also the raid leader and you would be suprised how many people have problems taking orders or criticisms by people younger than them.

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    My own guild had a couple of people under 18. Like 15-17 I think. They were all pretty mature too.

    I don't see that many under 18 - I guess it's cause I'm on a low pop. But also WoW's player base seems to be primarily the 19-26ish player range I'm thinking...since that range was in or soon to be in college when wow first came out.

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    At this moment I am in a guild with most likely noone under 18 and I am very happy. Its nothing personal but kids (even 17, 16 year olds) tend to act like total idiots, dont follow orders, nerdrage, throw tantrums, often dont know how to play, have problems finding information by themselves (theoryctafting, boss tactics) etc.

    I dont say that you cant play well with them but its just better to leave them behind, unlike iRL where you cant. Also that Ensidia recruitment comes to mind, they said they want mature 18+ people because they wont run after a firefly when they see one unlike kids, as in kids dont pay attention very well which is true.

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    This is a game,kid's play games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Szyrex View Post
    No one in my guild is under 18. I'm the GM and the age policy will probably stay that way.
    /agreed, Same deal here

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    I think it's not just about age

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