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    Best PvP Class in Cata

    Alright, first off, I know loads and loads of people will respond to this thread with 'It's too early to tell so shut up'. It is just a bit of fun. So, which class do you think that will have the upper hand in Cataclysm, based only on what we have seen so far. Also, if you feel like it, feel free to include spec, although you may just say something along the lines of a Dk, since it will be impossible to see which spec will be the best in cata for pvp, may be frost, may be unholeh, may even be blood (would be funny!)

    Personally, I think that affli warlocks are going to have the upper hand. Blizzard are planning on getting rid of heavy cleave teams and therefore the heavy DOT classes, I believe, will be the best for ooming healers. On that note, priests could be strong this time around, where your teamates with stupidly high amounts of health get whittled down, you go manaburning mad

    Although, I do think that death knights will be weak since the changes to the rune system will give us the opportunity to get up dots, then BS, then stand there auto attacking waiting for runes.

    Once again, this is fun, dont start trolling unless you absolutly have to.

    Discuss, sexy pandas.

    P.S. Haha, just found the icons on the bottom, just think it would be a bit stupid to have the massive angry face on the top of my post.

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    mages. just mages. more cc/heroism.

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    well, i think DK's will be pretty good, there runes might be slow to get back but blizz said they get some other cool stuff to fill that.
    plus the necrotic strike and the level 85 spell, are awesome for pvp.
    wouldn't say dk's are going to be bad actualy.

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    While I agree with you there, I think that blizz will back out of doing something like that unless they change a load of our rune abilities and instead make them free with CDs, because otherwise we would just have far too many situational abilities.

    How about everyone else? I agree mages will probably be popular, but what do the rest of ya think?

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    I think disc priests will be very strong in arena, because besides of manaburn they will now get Life Grip which I think will get alot of fun and interesting uses for arena, such as pulling your teammate besides a pillar to LoS spellcleaves etc.

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    I think life grip will be used in fuuny and inventive ways more than anything I reckon
    Priest: Oh god damnit, he's watching porn again, life grip!

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    pallies and hunters will own as they always do in early stages

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    Uhm druids? i mean cyclone madness is already sick
    But now they can dispel sheeps frostnova and woot?
    That would be pretty much the DruidonaticCycloneSpellsDispeler v2.0

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    Dont forget exploding mushrooms!

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    Also hunters will do nice
    i mean new kitties mew!
    Beast cleave will go high with their new kitties

    ---------- Post added 2010-06-26 at 03:35 PM ----------

    Here is the elemental shaman i predict for you guys
    Shaman: Earthquake
    Rogue: Shit im trapped, mehehehe Use <Sprint>!
    Rogue: melee hit shaman
    Shaman: Earthbind Run away in ghostwolf
    Rogue: Omfg i finally got there and now there is a grab well here goes second sprint.
    Rogue: Cheap shot Kidney
    Shaman: Thunderstorm
    Rogue: kk Ill walk up again
    Shaman: Earthquake Earthbind Thunderstorm
    Rogue: Nvm /afk
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    Same classes that are the best now:


    ---------- Post added 2010-06-26 at 06:56 PM ----------

    Why would Shaman cast Earthquake when it only has a low % chance to knock back and costs lots of mana.
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    2nd best will be DK

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    Warrior with healer behind his ass will wrack almost anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macetodaface View Post
    2nd best will be DK
    S5 is calling, it wants you back.

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    due to increased health and forcing people to oom, he will just dot people to oblivion and people cannot just dispel freely anymore.

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    I think mages will own melee even harder because they really needed another snare to proc frostbite. Also locks may end up being the only dps class with a dispel and slower gameplay benefits them anyway.

    Hunters are 50/50 with whether they will be op or up as with that big an overhaul you know they will not be balanced.

    And with all the new snares and kiting abilities or movement stuff i think any rogue not specced shstep will want to kill himself but on the plus side rogues shouldnt explode on contact with half of the classes out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sengura View Post
    Same classes that are the best now:


    ---------- Post added 2010-06-26 at 06:56 PM ----------

    Why would Shaman cast Earthquake when it only has a low % chance to knock back and costs lots of mana.

    yea with all the rogue nerfs and added snares...

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    mages mages and mages i hate them (warrior) ^^
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