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    Azach, and just because its the name i use. And if it matter, I'm a undead female

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    my draenei priest is called Daarc, yeah i have really problems naming my chars. ;(

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    My priest was a RaF alt that I never thought I would end up taking seriously. With that being said, his name is Bandayde. =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mackenzy View Post

    Is steve a good name for a priest?
    I bet you refer the EPIC thread on the official wow priest forums. It was years ago.

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    Shieldbot.... yes im origonal
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    The smart thing to do is to avoid giving your toon a name that is too "spell-based" or "class-based", how many DK's don't you see running around with names like "Bloodslave" "Runeaddict" etc.

    I've had 3 priests in my 5 year old WoW-life, named Yatta, Porchmonkee (forced name-change to Paracet) and Beijve (Sami sun-god). None which I have played alot though....

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    mines "mysticmeryal" Female Troll

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    Quote Originally Posted by zandarth View Post
    aika hyvä xd
    i used "shadowzer" and "shadowlag" for shadow priests.. Not rly good names but.. Does name really matter at the end?
    yes!!! Geeze!!

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    Mine's name is Voodoowoman

    ...named Phyllis

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    i had an female draenei wich name was Drapiun. I mixed dreanei with priest and got it.
    I liked that name

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    I named my priest "Honen" with the title "the Hallowed" so it shows up as "Honen the Hallowed". I love it.

    My fun priest I'm leveling currently to do BGs and eventually join a 70 twink guild on my server is "Healar". Don't have to be as professional with that name because it's just for kicks.

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    My priest started out as a banker alt called Manofcloth. Because he is, in both senses, a man of the cloth. Zadok/Zadoc was taken (unsurprisingly).

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    Saintmartyr is my priests name. "Martyr" meaning a person who willingly suffers death rather than renounce his or her religion. And "Saint" being the priesty heal part of the name

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    My own name is pretty awesome, especially for a shadow priest. Only thing is - it kinda rhymes with "fail" so be vary if your mates are still in kindergarten level.

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    name dosnt matter, just dont put in àéôîý etc its aids

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    Make a blood elf priest named Naruto. In cataclysm you get chakra and shadow clones as a SP, so it would be perfect.

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    planning to make a Worgen Shadow Priest named Shishca

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    healarybuff? Praystation?
    and if you shadow: Pokiedot? idk :P

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    i have a priest named intergity.

    (and my pvp rogue name is sincerity!!)
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    Dont you people take to account what they call you on vent ?

    Praystation your on dispels. Shishca you're on group 2. Watch out for fire intergrity. Really?

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    I got Shadoan for my spriest. Has the word Shado in there but I think it's an epic fantasy name tbh.
    Not sure what for a Disc or Holy tho. If you play allies make a Gnome priest and call it Minidisc ^^ thats all I can think of.

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