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    Dont you people take to account what they call you on vent ?

    Praystation your on dispels. Shishca you're on group 2. Watch out for fire intergrity. Really?
    everyone on vent calls me by name
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    I hear people say bring War back to World of Warcraft, well how about bringing World back to World of Warcraft

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    aslong it doesn't involve "holy" its a good name! Overused name for sure!

    A few gold tips and guides I made ^^

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    i just called mine Badmoon, enchantment, all black creatures in play get +1+1

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    I named mine Dissent, my original one was named Denial.
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    I am a fond of Greek names so here are some:
    Aine - praise
    Irene - peace
    Jason - to heal (it sound male but still, great meaning if you go Holy)
    Mentor - spirit
    Parthenia - maiden
    Phaedra - bright
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    My Priest's name is Mirtazapine. It's medicine

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    Prîest, thats my priest name. Since you can't see the dodgy i people often misspell it when they try to send mats for pots and such. :P

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    I managed to get Requiem for my alt. was pretty surprised.

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    My priest is called Ferin. Straight from an internet random name generator! ;D

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    I chose the name Atheist for mine : D

    Btw what is this Steve thread pls are mentioning?
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    Mine is Alfdis, Elf Priestess in old norse. I tend to go with something in old norse related to the class.

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    My Spriest is Cantheal
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    Jezzycreezy. Really not the best female name. but look up Eddie Izzard - Dressed to kill. it's 72 minutes long but an absolutely wonderful comedy routine. he goes on about jesus and god and the holy ghost. and well, watch the show and you'll understand.

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    Not going to suggest anything but well I've got my name (Karei) from Guild Wars.
    I've played the game for two and a half years before I started playing WoW. Still feeling some strong attachment to the game I gave all my chars a name that links to one of the GW counterpart classes.
    Priests in GW are Monks and they have a Spirit that guides them.

    Karei was a powerful healer who lived seven hundred years ago. For most of his life, he tended a small village in northern Cantha, curing ills and setting broken bones, refusing pay and accepting only food and basic supplies from the community. One day a wealthy Canthan noble and his small entourage passed by Karei's village and were attacked by bandits in the nearby woods. The noble suffered a grievous wound, and after killing the bandits, his guards brought him to Karei, who healed him easily. When the wealthy man attempted to pay him in gold, the Monk refused. Next the noble offered Karei employment on his lavish estate; again the Monk refused. Finally, the noble offered to give the Monk great powers that would make him a god among men, but Karei would not be moved. Smiling, the noble stood and let his cloak fall away, and as he did, he was transformed into a beautiful woman. The goddess Dwayna herself stood before Karei and placed a hand upon his head. "Thrice I have tempted you and thrice you have resisted. I choose you." Called by his goddess, Karei could not refuse his new appointment as Master of the Kaziin Monastery, where he lived out his days training young Monks and healing any sick or broken who came his way. Upon his death, Dwayna herself inducted him into Tahnnakai.

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    Female undead shadow priest named Lightless... Who then became a Draenai... And is now a Gnome... And is still only level 73. One day I'll finish leveling her, honest!

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    My male dwarf spriest is named Preastiality. With a big ol' fluffy orange beard :3

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    I think you can tell what my priest is named

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