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    my priests is discussion, so clever i am -_-

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    My priest is holyshokk. Yes, I know it is a very retarded name but I can only blame my stupid brother for it.

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    My priests name is 'Possie, but that was mainly for when it was alliance back in wrath, using the 'Private' title so it would be called 'Private Possie' (female NELF)

    You gets xD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunmist View Post

    It's the japanese word for priest with a little twist.

    Also sounds very female to me.
    Lol made me think about this

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    I named mine Vyvaldia, a Nightelf Priestress. I was listening to Summer III (Four Seasons) from Antonio Vivaldi, so I modified his name just a little bit. I really like the name, it's got an 'y' in it, which you need to be one of the cool kids and even two 'v' as a bonus, it also sounds feminine, so it fits to the character.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cypher0 View Post
    My priest's name is Edyrem. Edyrem were priests in the Diablo novels, and I loved the books, so I figured I'd name my priest after other priests :P
    FYI: The Edyrem was not priests. Uldyssian just renamed his Naphelem followers for edyrem, since he did not like the name naphelem.
    Malic was a high priest of the triune, and prob the only descriped priest in "The Sin Wars" series.

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    If your shadow use 'Impia', Latin for unholy.
    'Pia' is the feminine for holy.

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    Ðarkangel is my priests name... originaly planed to go shadow but evolved more and more into a healer when i got closer to 85 for some reson :P

    But another nice name that never fails would be: Bob
    Bob the priest.

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    In vanilla I had an undead shadow priest named "Darksoul". For some reason I loved that name.

    Ending of vanilla I started playing Alliance, because of a friend and made a Human Male Priest - tried Darksoul, but it was already taken. Doomsoul it is then!

    In TBC, when farming Zangar rep for my already high level priest I met the lovely undead priest - "Darksoul". I decided to play it friendly and just waved and smiled at him. He was first after all...

    Good times.

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    Mine's Dudise, just a name, doesn't mean anything. Been known as that for probably 6 years now (mostly in other games though)

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    Beastpriest. Nuff sed

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    mine's Drunkennun.....was just a joke toon but ended up loving it and get a few laughs in the random finder

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    My Priests name is Zellix. I figured it was a fitting name for a Goblin.

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    how about Ronpaul?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ershiin View Post
    Oh.. My.. God..
    This is petty beyond belief.

    Why dont we start complaining about how M&Ms should be color coded while we're at it?
    Or how it should be called a Burger with Cheese because Cheeseburger is misleading?

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    Used to be a Nelf / Belf female holy priest with the name Naelyn, but then i rerolled Troll male since im a shadowpriest with name Naelynwins :P

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    My shadow priests name is Shatterfaith, my favorite priest name that I've seen is Preacher.

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    spirit healer
    Went with Nimai here....something along the lines of "Filled with the Light"
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    Adiatorix is mine. A roman high priest who poisened his whole convent. it's a shadow priest lol
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    Again a thread like this? I just answered the almost exact thread couple of days ago. But none of the names seem familiar and I cant find my post so my guess is this is another one...
    w/e my priest is called holyshokk because of my idiot little brother. If it would have been made by me it would be named something RPish or "Holy".

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    Narinder is healer in sand script
    Quote Originally Posted by Bergtau View Post
    Parts of this thread make me laugh, other parts make me lose faith in humanity.

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