Thread: Can i run Aion?

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    Can i run Aion?

    I can run wow on med settings with aboue 30fps on avg. I was just wondering if i could run aion? or maybe even other mmos like APB. I dont feel like sharing my comp specs because then the thread turns into something i dont want

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    The answer is
    I have the same views as you on sharing information in threads.

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    yes no maybe so...

    cant tell if you can run a game if you don't post your specs

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    Yes you can run Aion.
    Just run away
    very fast
    and level your alts

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    I doubt it, from what I have heard the game is far more system intensive than WoW. But it would probably be better for you to find out straight from them since you aren't willing to post your system specs here. (which I don't blame you) If you go to the Aion website there should be an outline on the required system specs, if nothing else alot of online stores show the system requirements for the games they sell.
    My suggestion would be to upgrade your comp, or buy a new one altogether. If you are only able to run WoW on med settings with slightly below average FPS it's getting close to time to upgrade if you are able to. WoW is one of the least system intensive games available right now, and games won't be coming out that are any easier to run. It is just a suggestion, if you are financially able to do it then I say go for it, if not don't stress too much about it. There are alot of very good games your comp can handle that you would more than likely enjoy more than either of the 2 games you mentioned. I don't know your financial situation nor do I want to. Good Luck on your information quest.

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    umm maybe Can you run it will help you out.
    its a site just google it and choose a game in the drop down list and it will scan your specs and tell you if you can run it low or high quality.
    but i did play Aion and i gotta say.. its a waste of money imo, you can go ahead and see if its something you like. but you will probly find that you hate it once you hit about 25 and questing in the Abyss becomes a gankfest where you cant lvl anymore. the instances all have Lock outs... the first one is at lvl 25 its got a 17 hour cooldown (last i checked when it was first released).
    making money in the game is very tough... you can only put 8 items in the AH at a time (this pissed me off to no end, as i was always out of space).
    all in all your gonna get frustrated alot because of all the goldsinks and grinding required. a word of advise dont make a Sorcerer.... they do good dmg but if you get hit you have recast your 3 sec fire bolt.

    but who knows how good the game got, i havent played it since release and i havent looked back.

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    www .systemrequirementslab. com/cyri

    bookmark it for future reference : )
    (its a safe link, ur keyz is safe!)


    you DO have to install a program for it to work, but it's legit.

    edit edit:

    didn't read the post above me. it's the same thing he's talking about.
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    I played the beta and didn't have any problems,
    haven't played it since though, so I'm not sure if they changed much.
    I enjoyed it for a bit, but not enough to play anymore

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    Nice DTB Avatar,

    But Aion's appeal (from what I understand) is mostly in it's graphics. If you can't run WoW on all high settings, chances are you aren't going to get your moneys worth out of Aion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Dodge- View Post
    Nice DTB Avatar,

    But Aion's appeal (from what I understand) is mostly in it's graphics. If you can't run WoW on all high settings, chances are you aren't going to get your moneys worth out of Aion.
    what this guy said

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    There are a lot of CanIrunIt sites, so please do your google search. If you don't share your specs (witch is your right), we can't help you. Try doing a google search, or look through the game's documentation and see if you fit the Recommended requirements. Good Luck !
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    yes you can run Aion
    I played Aion with that fps

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