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    Walking halfway through WPL at about lv 12.
    ...I confused East and West while reading a quest.

    "Why do those bears have skulls next t-OH MY GOD"
    "Care about 'er? I love her! I'd kill everyone in the world and myself if she wanted it!"

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    First memory? Creating a warrior, killing wolves, and buying leather because I had no clue there was even a mail vendor (there were so many people they literally blocked it out).

    Going to Goldshire next.

    Not knowing how to swim underwater.

    Making my first in-game friend in Westfall.

    And my first guild in Redridge.

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    Walking halfway through WPL at about lv 12.
    ...I confused East and West while reading a quest.

    "Why do those bears have skulls next t-OH MY GOD"
    Oh, just reminded me of my fun times in Redridge.

    "Wow, all these Orcs and such...this is actually kinda epic! Woah! What are those big gates? Looks cool!"

    *1 minute later*

    By Blood and Honor We Serve!

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    Remeber me playing my friends pally back in vanilla. He was ret and was doing ZF so he let me do the stairs Later I was like "omg, I srs need to buy this game when I buy a computer"
    -- And as things fell apart Nobody paid much attention --

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    Blue square BETA mobs in Wetlands <3

    Running from Darnassus -> SW on EU launch

    Deadmines on the first day ER found it Epic, Epic gaming experience there.
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    20 gnome Warlock, 6 or 8 days played time. (/played) Too bad i deleted him I'd love to play on him.
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    Doing the poison quest in Barrens, getting the debuff from the chest (Touch of Zansil. Agility reduced by 15. Cannot stealth or turn invisible. 7 day duration) and spending over an hour trying to get find someone to cure it.

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    My earliest memory is that I just got to the barrens as a tauren warrior when i got bored so i decided to explore. I ended up way out there in Desolace. I went thru Thousand Needles and Feralas. Some undead lock kept asking me if i was lost. I told him "Nope! I'm explorin"

    Edit: I was like lvl 14 at the time

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    Getting pissed off when hogger beats my ass. I think I quit for a couple days...

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    Earliest wow moment for me was about 5 years ago when I was at a friends house and he introduced me to the game.

    I had never seen it before and had hardly started playing WC3 so I had no idea about any of the Lore. I ended up making a new character, a Dorf Pala and called him Azoroth which I thought was a pretty neat Dwarf name, I asked him if i could take a look at the Box for some tips etc on starting out, looked at the map in the manual and...... Azeroth... hmmmzzz so I ditched the game until about 2 months later when I got my own account and started what would become my main for 4 and a half years, a Druid called Alencia.
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    Spoiler: The reason Garrosh is defeated is because, just when he's being attacked, Malchezaar pops out of a portal, yells "yoink!", and takes his weapon away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warod View Post
    Attacking trogs with Heroic strike on my Dwarf Pally
    Travelling in Wetlands on my mage.

    Attacking trogs with Heroic strike on my Dwarf Pally

    Heroic strike on my Dwarf Pally
    Wait, what?

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    Stayed up real late when I was getting the trial because it took forever to download. It was like midnight or something and it was a really hot night, but the moon and stars were out so I had my windows open. Anyway I got on and rolled human.

    I always get nostalgic feels from listening to the elywnn music. I could hear the crickets and the moon was out, just running through elwynn down to goldshire. So beautiful. I was checking out the tavern, loved the music. Then a night elf asked me to suck his cock for 15s.

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    My first memory is rolling a Nelf Warrior, and wondering why everybody else was rolling Nelfs. (I had seen Make Love Not Warcraft the day before) so I knew the jist of the game.

    Another early memory, is taking boat to Wetlands, and getting WTFPWNED at level 5 by the murlocs outside of Menethil. I was Awestuck

    Also, I remember buying more stable space on him too.

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    My earliest memory is that I just got to the barrens as a tauren warrior when i got bored so i decided to explore. I ended up way out there in Desolace. I went thru Thousand Needles and Feralas. Some undead lock kept asking me if i was lost. I told him "Nope! I'm explorin"

    Edit: I was like lvl 14 at the time
    lol, that happened to me once. I was in Duskwood, and I happened to venture into Deadwind Pass. The feel of the place was cool, and I walked in slowly. At level 20odd. All of a sudden, a 70 toon on a mount came up behind me, stopped, and said, If I were you I would turn back now. This place is very dangerous. I high tailed it out of there.
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    That said, I'm going to bed. Having a conversation in this context with someone with an avatar alluding to heroine use is just odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntingbear_grimbatol View Post
    yeah i also fell off the teldrassil edge in vanilla and had to swim a long way, good times.

    My first memory were from a friend farming herbs on his undead priest then getting raped by a rogue. i laughed so hard.
    I don't post much on MMO, but decided to post on this forum cause so many memories started flowing as I read this. One of my first memories before I started was watching my neighbor raid MC and get gifts at X-mas in IF. That's who/what got me into the game. And I too fell of the edge of Teldrassil, thats why I quoted your post. It took me quit a long time to realise I was suppose to run back to my body to res. I spent a good hour or 2 trying to find out how to res, on the edge of tedressil. Then finally my neighbor came over and helped me, LOL. At level 33 I quit the rogue and rerolled a mage. Who know has atiesh and 8/9 T3 While my neighbor (still my neighbor too), quit at 60 with full T2 when he got a girlfriend . I actually wish he would come play again. Anyways, I felt like posting my thoughts, hope you guys enjoy reading this !

    Edit: Buying stable slot's on a rogue was another stupid thing I did when I first started, and now that I'm thinking again. at level 28ish I bought TBC (the day it came out) and corpse hopped / stealthed to the Dark Portal on my 1 hour lunch break only to discover I needed to be level 58 to go through it. What a waste of time that was. Lol.
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    I'm gonna divide mine into 2 parts, the first being when my friend showed me the game before I started playing and the second when I actually started playing the game.

    So, the first part, when my friend first showed me the game I find to be quite amusing now. He was running around showing me all this different stuff. But, the only thing that I remember now, 3-4 years later, is him standing on a pier by some body of water and showing me how fishing worked. I thought it was SOOO cool at the time. Now, after having played the game for several years, I don't find it to be all that cool anymore. It's very redundant and boring, especially since I have maxed fishing on my main.

    The second part was when I actually started playing. The first ever toon that I created was a Night Elf Druid, and it's still my main today. (Feral all the way, baby! ... well except for that BRIEF attempt at balance...) Anyway, I log on and show up in Teldrassil and it was SOOO epic. My friend and his wife (YES! His wife plays too.) show up on their higher level toons while I'm still in the starting area. This was back in vanilla. I don't know if they were 60 or not. Well, I know his wife's hunter wasn't, but I don't remember if his rogue was. They show up on their mounts and with armor that at the time was great looking to me, having not seen any real armor from the game.

    Ah, to be able to go back and be a noob again when even the simple things were so awesome and awe inspiring...

    EDIT: Even with new expansions and new content, it just NEVER lives up to that epic feeling that the game had back when I first started. Cataclysm should be interesting, but still can't match that feeling. =(
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    I remember the day when I first started. My ex had just gotten me on the game, and I level'd to like three, then decided I didn't like warrior, and saw her casting and killing shit from far away, and so I was like, "omg, how do I kill shit from far away?" And she told me about the range classes, I was like ew dots, so no locks or priests, then ew to huntards, and so I was like, eh, mage, COOL! So I level'd to like 5 that night, then she explained a buncha other stuff.

    Couple nights later, she was on her dad's toon, "He's a mage." I love swords, I dunno why, but I thought they're awesome. She explained mages can use swords, so I went and bought sword training, and she bought me the melee sword - Sword of Corruption, yes, a melee sword -facepalm- And so from whenever I got it all the way through Gnomeregan, I was running around hitting shit with a sword as a mage. After I realized I was one of the biggest dumb asses on the face of the earth, i asked her why she did that, and she was like, "It was so adorable!"

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    First memory is from vanilla closed Beta , I had a human paladin , when I was going to make the quest for the hammer in SFK I encountered some horde players (UD) near southshore . Needless to say the result was crazy , the paladin back then was especially made to fight undeads , I could fear/exorcism/stun them , after a few kills they were running like scared rabbits.... damn , the paladin was OP since vanilla beta .

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    When I installed WoW and I clicked play, got an EPIC cinema then I was like really into the game and couldn't wait to play it, I made a Orc Warrior, pwned the hell out of a mage I was like YEA IM THE BEST after lvl 14 I did not really liked to play a warrior, So I made a Human Rogue, I. LOVED. IT. It was amazing I still play that Rogue.

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    Making a human, leveling him to 10 and then remaking him and leveling him to 10 again.

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    the Final beta 2004 when i was creating my Dwarf Hunter and was venturing around, i came to a big city ( whch ofc was ironforge ) and there was alot of people on goats (Rams :P) and people who were shooting magic stuff everywhere, so awesome.

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