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    Ursolgan The Grey

    Name: Ursolgan (Formerly Breaan Wildpelt, renamed himself in reverence of the great bear twins, Ursol and Ursoc.)
    Race: Shu'halo (Tauren)
    Age: 57
    Class: Druid

    Born in Thunder Bluff, Breean Wildpelt lived his childhood as any other Tauren did, learning the ways of the Earthmother, the rites of the Great Hunt, and eventually began the path of a Druid, under the watchful (but distant) eye of Hamuul Runetotem. Breean quickly outgrew his regular tutors and their teachings; after learning what he could of Cenarius from them, he made for the haven of Moonglade, to learn the way of the Claw. Breaan felt at home with the animals and lush scenery of the place, which made the verdant plains of Mulgore look almost barren in comparison. He learned fast; within days of teaching and counsel with the Great Bear Spirit, Breaan has mastered the art of taking a bear form. Not any bear form, however; Breaans form was always the largest of his peers, his hide stronger than that of his fellow student druids. Breaan began to remain in the form for long periods, leaving the other druids to walk with the spirits of beasts, aswell as those that were still living.

    Before long, he trained himself to walk upright as a bear, much to the amazement of his tutors; at first he was slow and unbalanced, but with practice he could walk as calmly as any, towering over his fellow druids. His form also gradually changed, with his lengthy useage of it; his walking on his hind legs meant his forelegs were used more for fighting and other things, and they grew more akin to a persons arms than a bears. Still, he remained in this 'bear' form for long periods, weeks sometimes, sometimes months at a time. One day, he left Moonglade, his learning (in his eyes) complete.

    He wandered Kalimdor for years, living with the beasts and creatures that inhabited it, fighting off those that would hurt them or use them for their own gain. As time passed, he began to forget his life as a tauren, of Mulgore's wide mesas and Moonglades lush grass. He was with the animals now, protector of those he loved most. Yet more years passed, and news of a bear, almost 12 foot tall on it's hind legs, that walked as a man would and fought those that hunted or poached. It wasn't long before Breaan (or Ursolgan, as he now, in his mind, referred to himself) was the prey that hunters had in mind. Cornered by his own kind, Ursolgan cowered in fear, believing this to be his end. However, this was not his time. Fortune shined on the savagekin.

    Ursolgan opened his eyes to find and shimmering silhouette of a huge bear mercilessly striking down his attackers, a second bear in the distance doing the same. The first bear turned to him, and moved to him on it's ethereal paws. It too then picked itself up on it's hind legs, and with what Ursolgan could only define as a smirk, placed one of its paws on his chest. The two bears then dissapeared.
    Ursolgan glared down at his furry chest. The bear had left a pawprint on his fur, and it glowed a shimmering white, just like they had. He looked up again, and as he did his memories flooded back to him. Mulgore, Moonglade, the Shu'halo... everything. Conflicted, he attempted to return to his tauren form, but to no avail. The cost of this life and the memories of old had been that life.

    To this day, he continues his life as natures protector, while remaining concious of his people and the night elves; splitting his time between the wilderness and the druids he left behind years ago.

    ((Gonna try and get atleast a picture or something here too.
    Also, I forgot to work it into the bio but the mark on his chest is his Mark Of Ursol, and allows him to remain in his savagekin-like state while being fully concious as a tauren. It also extends his natural lifespan immensely, but only as far as ageing is concerned.))
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    As Tauren die from around 100-120, if Ursolgan was 274 yet was training as a druid whilst Hamuul Runetotem was already a powerful druid... Hamuul was a childhood friend to Cairne, and Cairne wasn't born over 200 years ago, so neither was Hamuul. So theres a problem with timeline there. Secondly, Mulgore is not devoid of life at all. Its a giant verdant grassy plain abundant with a variety of life, and was a prime hunting ground for Night Elves pre-sundering, and now for the Tauren.

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    I'll edit it some.

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