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    request for buff bar, and auto mail open

    hello i have a request for 2 addons. here is my ui so you can see what i am lacking

    in another pack(that i just deleted) i had 2 good addons that were not in this pack.

    one of them was one that had a single button to open every mail i have, and when i walked away, it told me how much gold i collected.

    the other was one that let me change the blizzard buff auras and icons.

    if anyone could give me suggestionsn that is nice

    thank u

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    Postal is the mail add on you were looking for. and maybe ButtonFacade for the other?

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    Indeed Postal does offer both of the mail features you described.
    Satrina Buff Frames can do what you want for the buff icons, just depending on the extent of the changes you want, it may not be the most user friendly for just basic visual tweaks.

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    Postal and Elkano's Buff Bars

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    Elkano's Buff Bars is all well and good, but I feel that due to display in a bars form, when you start getting substantial numbers of buffs particularly in a raid setting it does take up far too much room.
    An icon display will be far more compact, and for most buffs you do not need to see any name on them, even an abbreviated one.
    PowerAuras amongst other addons provides a more appropriate display should you really need highlighting or awareness of specific ones.

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    thx u all are fast and useful

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