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    Red face @ My Hardcore Friends

    I'd like to introduce you to a wonderful game called:

    Demon's Souls

    Demon's Souls is an RPG for the Playstation 3, although it is an RPG, it feels more of a 'hack-n-slash' due to limited interaction with NPC's.

    Before I go on I would like to say; to those who do play Demon's Souls, I know this game isn't NEW, but with that being said, it isn't as popular as it deserves to be.

    Demon's Souls is an amazing game for the hardcore player, this isn't your sit down and play some console game, this game will make you cry, will make you slap yourself, and it will make you cry tears of joy when you defeat a boss.

    IGN Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xd5u_LrqmPo
    gamespot Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kUDZYfBugA

    This game has AMAZING online interaction, it's very unique and it is explained briefly in those reviews.

    The PVP is possibly the most intense PVP I have ever experienced, when you get invaded, you literally shit bricks.

    Demon's Souls Awards:

    gamespot: Overall Game of the Year / Best PS3 Game / Best Role-Playing Game / Best Original Game Mechanic for online integration

    Game Trailers: Best RPG / Best New intellectual property

    RPGFan: Best RPG for PS3 / Best Console Action-RPG

    IGN: Best RPG for PS3

    X-Play: awarded multiplayer with Best Gameplay Innovation

    PC World: Game of the Year

    RPGamer : RPG of the Year 2009 / Best Graphics / Best RPG for PS3

    Review Scores:

    Edge: 9/10

    Eurogamer: 9/10

    gamespot: 9/10

    GamesRader: 9/10

    Gametrailers: 8.9/10

    IGN: 9.4/10

    Dengeki: 9.5/8.5/8.5/8.5

    Official PS Magazine: 8/10

    GamePro: 4/5

    **Demon's Souls was only expected to sell less then 10,000 copies in Asia and with the massive uproar it sparked in the gamer community, it sold large in the US and is headed to Europe.

    With Demon's Souls 2 possibly on the horizon, you NEED to get your hands on this one.

    Trust me, check it out
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    Lol, that was actually pretty funny, OT though, I don't blame him, he's probably like 90% of the people on MMO that think WoTLK is hard :$

    So yeah, please read next time: @My HARDCORE Friends

    I'm not looking to reply to people that say

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    There is 'hard', and 'hard, but only because it's annoying'.

    I can make a game that seems hard by making you fight a boss that kills you if you don't jump, but you have to hit the button within .0001 second of his ability and then release it after exactly 1.3726 seconds.

    It would be 'hard', but not in a good way.

    For a game to be 'hard', imo, it has to be difficult, but possible without prior knowledge of one little area/actually take skill into effect, instead of luck.

    Demon's Souls is annoying hard.

    Wotlk, and WoW in general, is neither.

    Contra(For example) I would call actually hard.
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    Demon's Souls is not 'annoying hard'.

    I would call the incredibly steep learning curve, 'annoying hard'

    The game in general, no where near that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seam View Post
    Contra(For example) I would call actually hard.
    Really dude.. really?

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