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    WoW Tap Chat, Cataclym Screenshots, Blue Posts

    Cataclysm Screenshots of the Day
    Today we have another screenshot of the Southern Barrens and a fairly interesting view of the Abyssal Maw, featuring a Faceless One caster.

    World of Warcraft "Tap Chat" Pedal by Creative
    Earlier today, an announcement was posted on the official site about a new "Tap Chat" pedal, it was removed a few minutes later but it looks like Creative plans to release it very soon. The announcement is gone from all Blizzard website but the Tap Chat seems to be available on Creative UK Website
    [blizzquote="Blizzard;]You can now add even more functionality to the award-winning Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Headset with the new Tap Chat foot pedal accessory. By mapping your push-to-talk key or favorite macro to this foot control pedal, you can keep your hands totally free to control the game. As a bonus, the Tap Chat pedal will also come with an exclusive set of World of Warcraft logo lenses to further customize the look of your headset.[/blizzquote"]

    Cataclysm Beta - European Guild Contest (28th of June to 23rd of July, 2010)
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    What are you waiting for? All you need to do is take a screenshot of you and your guild showing off your creativity in terms of breath-taking landscapes, lighting, impressive camera angles and epic poses. The only requirement is that the word “Cataclysm!” is displayed in a chat bubble together with your character and guild names! Please remember that submissions missing the chat bubble and guild name tags will be ineligible to win.

    The Guildmaster will then proceed to send us the screenshot and their selection of 10 account e-mail addresses using the dedicated webform.

    Here is some advice to help you with your submissions:

    • Use the environment to your advantage! Points of interest, dungeons, even bosses are there to help you.
    • Pimp your screenshot by setting the in-game graphics settings to the max! There is no need to worry about your frame rate since the submission is a still image.
    • We strongly encourage you to disable your addons while taking the screenshot. Keep the default interface on and capture your picture of awesomeness!
    • Don't forget to read the contest rules.

    Blue posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Cloth Itemization in Cataclysm
    Yes. If it has +hit on it, it might be attractive to a mage, lock or Shadow priest. If it has +Spirit on it, it will be more attractive to healing priests. If it has neither stat on it, then it might be attractive to any cloth wearer. (Source)

    Spirit in Cataclysm
    You'll need enough Spirit to have good regen. That probably doesn't mean you're going to pass on every item without Spirit.

    Spirit is a weird stat that is technically primary but has more in common with stats like crit and haste. What I mean is that if you found an item without Intellect, you'd almost certainly pass on it because that likely means the item has Agi or Strength instead. But if you find an item with Int but no Spirit, it might be a good upgrade. (Source)

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    I wonder if this pedal will only work with their headset.

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    wooooooooo! Beta coontest in EU! that means the beta is only 2 years away!

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    Foot pedal seems like a good idea.

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    I'm a huge faggot, so I'll be buying that foot pedal.

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    This is a really good idea.

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    im happy with my control key..i DO like the headset though..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Th00r View Post
    I wonder if this pedal will only work with their headset.
    mapping your push-to-talk key or favorite macro to this foot control pedal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lathi View Post
    Foot pedal seems like a good idea.
    Ya don't need the over-priced official headset. Lots of HID foot pedals, which use generic drivers, will work great. I found one from ixbay for 15 bucks:

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    If the NDA isn't lifted soon...

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    Cataclysm Beta - European Guild Contest (28th of June to 23rd of July, 2010)

    what the fuuuuck?! So beta is comming like in august? im starting to doubt cata will be released this year. Very dissapointing after seeing path of the titans scrapped!!!

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    Just for your info my fellow dutch guild masters, the netherlands is once again excluded from this contest. So if you want to participate make sure you have your guild master status moved to a guy from like the UK or w/e.

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    This foot pedal looks exactly like something from a sewing machine, probably the same technology too.

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    great, our guild is form czech republic so i guess we cant even participate. jesus... give beta already

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    Foot pedal :O I want it NAOOOOOOOO

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    The tap chat is available on the US creative site now as well

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    The foot pedal is available from the US site for $30.

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    I might be able to attack Guitar Hero's Drum Pedal to Push-to-talk then too?


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    @ Tap chat

    Or you can use skype.

    seriously, is it that hard to press a button?
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    With the pedal, does this mean I can use it to do tailoring and get a more realistic feel?

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