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    Dabu - First Heroic Festergut 2 heal / 9 man


    To date we have yet to find any 10 man strict guild that has 9 manned and 2 healed Heroic Festergut. Enjoy!


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    Wow, I just took all my armor off, put on black mageweave pants and punched my way through stocks 1 mob at a time, world first!1!!

    Sorry but it seems like you are trying too hard to claim a world first for something that doesnt matter

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    Dude, news flash. My guild has 2 healed this for like 10 weeks
    EDIT: INB4 "proof plx, your a troll"
    2'healin this isn't even hard @[email protected]
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    My first raiding guild, way back in Vanilla WoW - Kaywarrior was our DPS warrior. After a billion Nef kills, Ashkandi finally dropped. He jerked off on vent. Literally jerked off while keyed in. Best moment ever.

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    but did u have only 9 people OoOo. lol

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    Lmao, I love how in the video you;re like "No...Seriously..." as if what you;re doing is something amazing. Heroic Icc10 is pretty consistently 2 healed, and the reason you haven't seen any 9 man videos is on account of most people are more concerned with killing stuff asap and getting out of ICC, than trying to do something dumb and trying to claim a world first.

    Come back 4 months ago and I might have been vaguely impressed.

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    You would think from all the other failed, trolled, and locked "first" threads that people would learn not to post these things. Yet, here we are, once again...
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    Heroic Festergut?
    One of the easiest heroic bosses in ICC?
    good for you, go solo heal Lootship and you'll really be pro.

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    0/10 if trolling, -5 points for gryffindor if not.

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    My strict 10 guild 9 manned LK with the 15% buff.

    World First?

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    The only reason this guys is even saying it was 9 man was because HE DIED IN THE FIRST MINUTES.

    If you start with 10 it's a 10 man.... you fail so hard. Someone lock this troll

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    We did HC BQL tonight with two people called Steve in the raid, does that count as world first cos I can't find any other guild with two Steves that did BQL tonight.

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    uhh been 2 healing heroic fester and rot for a long time.

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    Wait .. you need more than 1 person for ICC still?

    OT: inbe4 ban

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    This is just like last year, everyone put world first in front of their thread title to increase revenue

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    This thread is bad and you should feel bad. Not anything impressive

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    Hey guys I just killed a level 50 mob in Plaguelands as holy, this must be a world first!

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    i just solo'd hogger on a level one, world first?

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    We did 25 marrowgar with 18 paladins 2 dks and 5 mages. WURLD FURST!!!!!!!!!

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    there are guilds that 1healed him so you fail

    and ye you try way to hard to get a worlds first

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    This isn't exactly trolling...I guess he really thinks that his guild is the first to 2heal Festergut Heroic.

    Sadly for you OP this is not the reality. Your guild is more like #13485 to 2heal him.
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