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    24 hours down and nothing to play?

    Check it out, I love games, so when the mmo report said something about dungeon fighter online coming to america, I gave it a shot. Great game, now it doesn't replace wow at all in my opinion, but its certainly something very fun for me and my friends to do when we wanna do something different, and especially for that sorry down time we all loath on tuesdays. Check it out. http://dungeonfighter.nexon.net/ And yes, its free to play.
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    I played DFO for a few days. It is a F2P sidescrolling fighting game w/ like 16 bit graphics. The graphics weren't my problem with this game, nor was the sidescrolling. My problem with the game is that in order to make your character look AT ALL different from 50 million other people you have to buy shit from their online store, and you think to yourself "Ok, well I don't mind spending $5 to get this cool ass outfit" but wait! Your outfit only lasts 7 days, then you need to buy it again AND on top of that you can't customize your character even if you wanted to until level 20 (or 30, can't remember).

    IMO if you really need a fix during downtime try out Dungeons & Dragons Online. It is by far the best F2P MMO on the market, and it has enough of the WoW feel to get you into the game, but not so much that feels like a bad clone. It has an online store as well, but doesn't force it down you throat with massive "members only" areas and items. Even if you were to buy EVERYTHING from the online store it costs you LESS than 10 months of WoW, and it lasts for life.
    People that have experience with the pen and paper D&D will find the character customization that they know, and people that have never played before have an option to pick a package that will setup all the standard skill points and feats for them to make a cookie cutter character. It is a very easy game to pick up and play for short periods of time and feels like you have gotten something done with the time you spent. Most of the game is instanced into small dungeons that you can solo, or get a group together to do.(rewards increase based on the difficulty you choose)
    I'm not saying it doesn't have it's flaws. It feels more of like a Hack n Slash game than a true MMO, you have to left click every time you want to swing your weapon, and right click to select a target. The dungeons and quests are setup in a way that you kind of have to go through the same small dungeons and do the same quests 2 or 3 times increasing the difficulty each time in order to level. But on the other hand there are ALOT of the small dungeons, so you could go through and start from 1 end of the city and pickup 20 quests, and do all the dungeons and start over.
    It's free, and the download takes less time than WoW servers are down for(on average), so even if you don't like it all you have wasted is bandwidth that you could have been using to watch stupid videos on Youtube, and troll the forums... and some harddrive space.

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